A Delusion of Illusion I: When More is Less

Those who are most susceptible; lacking capacity for critical thinking; are ones most likely to be impressed by university initials and certifications. The preeminent hazard to the health and well being of unsuspecting athletes emanates from the fact most of the recipients of initials and certification certificates practice a form of standardized ignorance.

A Too – Tall – For – Weightlifting -Female – Weightlifter

It has been established the relative results of female lifters drop significantly after 64 kg. More often than not, the extra mass does not facilitate the athlete’s (males as well as females) ability to qualitatively improve results. This is especially true of the female lifter’s results; due to an already disproportionate to men, fat mass; which can be exacerbated by  weight gain with disproportionately more fat mass added to fit into a heavier category.

Weightlifting Exercises Out of Sync

“Sometimes a lot of time is wasted developing muscles whose role in the performance of the snatch and the clean and jerk are very insignificant. The sportsman wastes time and effort in developing muscles which have little bearing on the competition exercises.