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General announcements of changes to the site and/or additions of ebook conversion of some contents.

My Experiences with ‘Congestive Heart Failure’

Andrew Charniga In the winter of 2021, myself, a former competitive Olympic lifter and consistent weight trainer for more than 50 years; experienced swelling in the feet and ankles.  My personal physician of some 20 years had gotten into trouble from prescribing excessive opioids. He had been my primary care physician for some 20 …

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Misinformation engineering Returns

Andrew Charniga Misinformation Engineering returns after a long absence. However, instead of individual stand alone articles on a variety of subjects; a series of threads is planned with several articles, video and the like planned for the individual threads of commentary. For instance, several comments appear in the first thread drawn from Men’s Health …

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Announcement of Ebooks compilation of Articles & Books

09-08-2020 All articles on the are viewable without password protect for the foreseeable future. The following translations from the Russian Weightlifting Library are now available in ebook form. They can be found on the following platforms: Amazon Royalty, Nook Royalty, Itunes Royalty, Kobo Royalty, Google Play Royalty. The Snatch, the Clean and Jerk, by …

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