Translations of weightlifting research from the USSR and Russia covering training, technique, biomechanics, restoration, and so forth.

Weightlifting by A.N. Vorobeyev

Translated by Andrew Charniga From Weightlifting {Tiiazhelaya Atletika}, Vorobeyev, A.N., FIS, Moscow, 1977 Chapter VI Peculiarities of the weightlifter’s blood circulation Blood circulation plays an important role in the process of the organism’s accommodation to muscular activities. Of all the organs of the vegetative systems the organ of blood circulation is perhaps the most […]

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Reliability of the weightlifter’s performance in competition

Reliability of the Weightlifter’s Performance in Competition V. A. Polyakov, Moscow Tiazhelaya Atletika 67-70: 1977 Translated by Andrew Charniga, Jr. www.Sportivny In recent years there has been considerable interest in studying the sportsman’s reliability; his ability to utilize his physical potential to the maximum at important competitions. It is common knowledge that the psychological

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