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Essays covering a range of topics from weightlifting biomechanics; injury susceptibility in sport; weightlifting training; weightlifting sports science.

Typhoid Mary & The Three Point Play

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com “How can you have a sport now where you have so much more technology; so much more resources; less contact and more injuries.” Because everything is rubber bands, everything is resistance resistance, everything is cable. There are teams now in the nba that don’t even have a weight room.” Tim Grover, Kobe’s …

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Hamstring injury in Sport

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com   “All skilled movement involves controlling which muscles are tensed and which muscles are relaxed. This combining of muscles occurs throughout the body so that all body positions are achieved through the delicate balance of tension and relaxation in each pair of muscles.”  Nadori, L. “PHYSICAL PREPARATION OF WEIGHTLIFTERS” Proceedings of the …

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Speed in Weightlifting: an Optical Illusion

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com Speed in weightlifting, specifically in the performance of the classic snatch and the classic clean and jerk is an enigmatic topic of the weightlifting literature. Many Soviet era weightlifting sport scientists address this aspect of weightlifting biomechanics in articles, textbooks and the like. No one disputes the significance of speed of movement …

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A Stability/Instability Convexity

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com “There are some ideas so wrong that only a very intelligent person could believe in them.” George Orwell Various essays (Charniga 2015 – 2020) have dealt with injury susceptibility in female weightlifters; misinformation about the injury susceptibility of female athletes in American sports;  peculiarities of a ‘feminine expression of strength’ in weightlifting …

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Dropping Like Flies at a Barbecue

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com Figure 1. Major league pitcher tears Achilles tendon fielding a ground ball. A series of essays identified an aberrant rate of lower extremity injuries, especially non – contact afflictions; in American sports such as basketball, football and even baseball. A unique method of reverse engineering injury mechanism was devised to ascertain cause …

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