Misinformation Engineering

Essays and commentary on a variety of topics including textbooks on strength training, debunking myths of strength training, and the like.

Hamstring Injury: Prophylaxis Fallacies

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com Various essays dealing with information ranging from the brazenly false to the half truth to facts distorted for conversion into  commercial enterprises have appeared under the subject heading “Misinformation Engineering” (at www.sportivnypress.com). In many cases the authors or subjects of these essays sport a list of initials after their names as if …

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Snake Oil: Enough Already

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com Pandemics can bring with them shortages of consumer goods such as toilet paper,  hand sanitizer, protective masks, ventilators and the like; but, in America, hucksters, charlatans and skilled purveyors of snake oil will always be in abundance. This truism is readily apparent; just find all manner of products for sale in the …

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Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism and the Consequences of Forward Engineering

Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism and the Consequences of Forward Engineering Andrew ‘Bud’ Charniga Sportivnypress.com Squatting under and receiving a heavy barbell at high speed without negative consequences; disproves the common myth ligaments and joints are susceptible to injury from fast, large range of motion exercises. Charniga photo. Five previous essays explored the possibility of a …

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A Myth of Olympic Weightlifting

A Myth of Olympic Weightlifting Andrew ‘Bud’ Charniga www.sportivnypress.com   Figure 1. Weightlifters are able to react in the event of unanticipated circumstances and avoid injury because of their dynamic training and elasticity. They develop injury avoidance mechanisms  from their training. The overwhelming majority of exercises are dynamic: fast contraction conjoined with rapid relaxation of …

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It’s All Connected: Part II

In this photo the leg spring mechanism of this female weightlifter as in the previous example, releases such that hip knee, ankle and feet bend to redistribute and dissipate the mechanical energy of the body and the barbell. Joints bend, muscles, tendons and ligaments elongate elastically. These same tissues absorb the force of the falling barbell, only to recoil so that the forces are not concentrated in the joints.

Its All Connected Part II Andrew Charniga, Jr. Sportivnypress.com© A logical critique of: “Rational and Implementation of Anterior Ligament Injury Prevention Warm – UP Programs in Female Athletes”, D. P. Bien, 2011 J Strength & Cond Research 25(1): 271 – 285, 2011 As has been already noted the central thesis of the article which inspired …

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