Misinformation Engineering

Essays and commentary on a variety of topics including textbooks on strength training, debunking myths of strength training, and the like.

Say it ain’t so Poe!

A cause and effect approach to problem solving is at best ineffective; and, at its worst an exercise of hopeless stumbling in the dark; if, one excludes, excuses oneself from at least being part of; if not at, a ground zero source of the problem.

A Velocity Based Training (VBT) Scam

velocity based training is the latest in a long line of commercial smoke screens obscuring a coach’s lack of experience and expertise in the training and conditioning of athletes for dynamic sports;

New Wave Insanity

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire. Figure 1. Female Olympic champion weightlifter; a super athlete of explosive sport which essentially did not exist prior to the 2000 Olympics; is a testimonial to the experiences of real world sport science; not textbook or university pseudo …

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Arthur Jones: Angry Agnotological Angel of Strength

If you are training in such a fashion that your muscles don’t hurt doing the exercise, don’t bother. Quit.” (with a rising emote of anger, assertiveness). Arthur Jones.
Super – charged  release of energy critical for dynamic sport, is neither cultivated with machines, nor training muscles until they “hurt”. Jones’ claim, training with barbell exercises are deficient; obscures the fact the human body is designed to generate power beyond intrinsic properties of muscles.