Misinformation Engineering

Essays and commentary on a variety of topics including textbooks on strength training, debunking myths of strength training, and the like.

A Delusion of Illusion of Control II

three aspects of exercise protocols stemming from instructions of conditioning coaches, therapists, personal trainers, academics, doctors and so forth; serve to show how unanticipated outcomes arise from inconsequential thinking. The following types of constraints: motor task, instructional and intentional; as defined by Latash and Zatsiorsky, 2016; are concepts whether consciously or unconsciously, are abused on a regular basis by conditioning coaches, various exercise hucksters, charlatans of misinformation, academics, therapists and others.

A Delusion of Illusion I: When More is Less

Those who are most susceptible; lacking capacity for critical thinking; are ones most likely to be impressed by university initials and certifications. The preeminent hazard to the health and well being of unsuspecting athletes emanates from the fact most of the recipients of initials and certification certificates practice a form of standardized ignorance.

Say it ain’t so Poe!

A cause and effect approach to problem solving is at best ineffective; and, at its worst an exercise of hopeless stumbling in the dark; if, one excludes, excuses oneself from at least being part of; if not at, a ground zero source of the problem.

A Velocity Based Training (VBT) Scam

velocity based training is the latest in a long line of commercial smoke screens obscuring a coach’s lack of experience and expertise in the training and conditioning of athletes for dynamic sports;

New Wave Insanity

Andrew Charniga www.sportivnypress.com “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.” ― Voltaire. Figure 1. Female Olympic champion weightlifter; a super athlete of explosive sport which essentially did not exist prior to the 2000 Olympics; is a testimonial to the experiences of real world sport science; not textbook or university pseudo …

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