Misinformation Engineering

Essays and commentary on a variety of topics including textbooks on strength training, debunking myths of strength training, and the like.

Arthur Jones: Angry Agnotological Angel of Strength

If you are training in such a fashion that your muscles don’t hurt doing the exercise, don’t bother. Quit.” (with a rising emote of anger, assertiveness). Arthur Jones.
Super – charged  release of energy critical for dynamic sport, is neither cultivated with machines, nor training muscles until they “hurt”. Jones’ claim, training with barbell exercises are deficient; obscures the fact the human body is designed to generate power beyond intrinsic properties of muscles.

The ‘Derivatives’ Myth

The smaller amplitude of movement in strength exercises involve less coordination, muscle relaxation skills; exercises which the derivative devotees promote: “… may provide a training stimulus that is as good as, if not better than, weightlifting movements that include the catch phase”;(1).

There is no basis for this in fact or fantasy.

Team China’s Secret Part 2

The last place one should look for knowledge, for expertise in dynamic sport is in the classroom.
The most disingenuous remark of video 2 is “Our athletes rarely train bodybuilding”