Weightlifting Exercises Out of Sync: Part II: pulls to stick

The basic premise of this exercise: one is to learn the necessary height of lifting in the pull to lift a maximum weight in the classic exercise. The height of lifting needed to fix a weight in either the snatch or the clean is determined for a given athlete. For instance, this was considered to be about sternum height for the snatch.  

Elastic energy in the classic weightlifting exercises: a coupling of Physics & Physiology

there is little if anything in the literature concerning the affect of barbell oscillation/vibration on the weightlifter’s physiology; likewise, the skill to coordinate release of elastic energies from the barbell’s elastic recoil with those energies from the weightlifter’s bio – springs. The effects of barbell vibration/oscillation and deflection (bend) on weightlifting technique involves physics, physiology and the weightlifter’s skill to coordinate the two: the physics with physiology.  

The 2023 Grand Prix Tournament in Havana, Cuba

Often one will see lifters with huge muscle mass flounder in the clean and jerk. The fact of the matter is is not that difficult to muscle a fairly heavy snatch if you have a lot of muscle mass; and, clean a big weight. Unfortunately, it takes genuine skill to jerk a heavy weight;

A Delusion of Illusion I: When More is Less

Those who are most susceptible; lacking capacity for critical thinking; are ones most likely to be impressed by university initials and certifications. The preeminent hazard to the health and well being of unsuspecting athletes emanates from the fact most of the recipients of initials and certification certificates practice a form of standardized ignorance.