The 2017 European Championships: The Men

The 2017 European Championships: The Men

Andrew ‘Bud’ Charniga

56 kg

Scarantino Mirco (ITA) 266, Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) 261, Ciotoiu Constantin (ROU) 242

Ciotoiu Constantin (ROU) jumped forward about 8 cm to fix 108. He took another big hop forward to make 111 on his 2nd. Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) dropped fast under 114; before dropping it in front. Scarantino Mirco (ITA) dropped low and fast under 114. Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) hopped forward dropping very fast under 115. Ciotoiu Constantin wasn’t close with 115. Scarantino Mirco (ITA) hopped forward a little with 117; then had to step forward to get control. Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) just couldn’t fit under 118. Scarantino Mirco (ITA) saved his best for last with an excellent 120.

Ciotoiu Constantin (ROU) hopped forward dropping fast with 131. He jerked a little forward without fixing it. His right foot exploded forward into the split on his repeat with this weight for a very easy lift. A fast clean and fast wide split with his 1st attempt 135 for Dudoglo Yuri (MDA).

Scarantino Mirco (ITA) made fast hop forward clean and a fast wide split with 140. Ciotoiu Constantin (ROU) could not stand from the squat with 140. Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) made a very fast hop forward clean with 146 and a classic technique high speed wide split jerk. Hopping forward Scarantino Mirco (ITA) struggled at the top of the recovery; jerked wide and fast for a good lift. Dudoglo Yuri (MDA) dropped 152 on his legs in a failed bid to move into first.

62 kg

Atak Hursit (TUR) 290, Sezer Bunyami (TUR) 289, Khalibekov Felix (RUS) 285

Khalibekov Felix (RUS) hopped back without bottoming out with 125. Likewise, Atak Hursit (TUR) hopped back almost power snatching 125. On his second he had to struggle a little coming out of the squat with 128. Khalibekov Felix (RUS) hopped back jumping down low with 129. Always good in snatch, Sezer Bunyami (TUR) hopping back with 130 dropped it back. Atak Hursit (TUR) hopped back pressing out 130 slightly; still a good lift. Khalibekov Felix (RUS) became the second lifter in this session to go three for three with another hop back, sink low success with 131. Taking a small increment to 132 Sezer Bunyami (TUR) dragged 132 slowly; dropping extremely fast to move into first in the snatch. In the presence of a slow lift off the floor Sezer made another modern technique, extremely fast drop with 135 to become the third guy to hit three snatches.

Atak Hursit (TUR) Charniga photo

Khalibekov Felix (RUS) made a half effort try at jerking after struggling to clean 150. He split wide and very fast for an easy jerk with this same weight on his second. Sezer Bunyami (TUR) managed 151 despite a very sloppy jerk. Khalibekov Felix (RUS) made his last, the best attempt; he was especially fast in the jerk with 154. Opening with the biggest weight, Atak Hursit (TUR) hopped forward for an easy clean; a fast, but not the best jerk technique. He went to 165; cleaning with a hop forward he rushed the jerk; no chance. Atak Hursit (TUR) cleaned 170 on his third better than his second. He did not pause for balance; so his attempt to jerk was of no avail.

69 kg

Kingue Matam (FRA) 320, Chen Oleg (RUS) 319, Joachim Friedrich (GER) 317

Joachim Friedrich (GER) hauled 134 overhead with a hop forward for his first. He muscled up 138 in the same manner for his second. Kingue Matam (FRA)  hopped forward sitting very low with 140. Hopping forward with 141 Joachim Friedrich (GER) finally hit bottom to make three for three. Kingue Matam (FRA) was unable to fix 143 overhead on his second. He went to 144 on his third which not as close as the 143. In training videos Chen Oleg (RUS) can be seen doing 160 kg for two repetitions; could not fix his opener with 145. Taking it again he had to take three steps forward to get it under control. His third with 150 was even worse; just managing to stay on the platform for a good lift.

Chen Oleg (RUS) Charniga photo

One of the first out in the jerk Chen Oleg (RUS) made a easy opener with a 162 snatch weight. Joachim Friedrich (GER) hopped forward to clean; jerking with feet scissoring fore and aft; but slightly to each side. Chen Oleg (RUS) struggled to clean 168; with nothing left to jerk it. He managed to make a much better clean and a solid jerk on his third 169. Joachim Friedrich (GER) hauled 172 up to his chest followed by a shaky jerk. Kingue Matam (FRA) who dropped 178 kg on his extended ankle at last year’s championships, hopped forward to clean 174; jerking on bent arms with steps sideways to save it. Joachim Friedrich (GER) struggled to clean 176; jerking it forward, he took a couple of steps to save it. Kingue Matam (FRA) took then same weight he dropped the year before; this time having to take several side steps to save the jerk and win the gold.

77 kg

Captari Dumitru (ROU) 360, Martin Razvan (ROU) 348, Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) 348

The spectators, especially those tuning into the event live on EuroSport were deprived of a seeing all the top lifters in one session when the gold medalist lifted in the ‘B’ session. Captari Dumitru (ROU) near power snatched his 150 opener in the ‘B’ group. His squatted lower with his 2nd at 155; extremely easy. He finally had to work a little to fix his 3rd hop forward 160. He hopped forward to clean 190; hopping slightly forward again to squat jerk it. He made 195 with a better jerk; hopping forward about 4 cm and stopping at parallel. Captari’s final clean with 200 seemed to be easier than his previous two attempts. He hopped forward to squat jerk it again stopping at about parallel. It should be noted it is easier to make three with the squat jerk technique when you follow yourself and you are not being pressured.

Martin Razvan (ROU) Charniga photo

In the ‘A’ session Martin Razvan (ROU) power snatched his opener with 150. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) hopped back losing his balance briefly with 155. Lifting on bent arms Martin Razvan (ROU) power snatched 155 for his second. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) couldn’t fit under 158. Godelli Daniel (ALB) who was world champion briefly in 2014; missed both 156 and 158. Martin Razvan (ROU) splotted backwards with 158; this time managing to reach about parallel. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) hopped back with 158 and briefly had it overhead before dropping it backwards. Likharad Vadzim (BLR) was a perfect example of the danger of power snatching warmups and first attempts. He power snatched his opener; resisting dropping into a lower squat to fix 157 he barely made it and 159 was just to much to lift with that high pull settle into a squat technique. Godelli Daniel (ALB) jumped for the second time after two misses to 161 and finally made it to move into the lead in the snatch.

Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) Charniga photo

Martin Razvan (ROU) power cleaned 185 and split fast for an easy lift. Godelli Daniel (ALB) who cleaned 211 in Almaty at the 2014 WWC struggled a bit with 186; jerking with a fast split. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) hopped back and standing easy with 188; he unable to lock his arms in the jerk. Jumping five kg to 190 Martin Razvan (ROU) stopped at parallel; jerking with a very fast split. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) elected to move up after missing his first, failed to clean 190. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB) hopped back with 191 and without pausing to fix his balance jerked too far forward. Once again Godelli Daniel (ALB) went right to the jerk upon recovery from the squat; sending the barbell too far forward. Qerimaj Erkand (ALB), unlike his previous two attempts took more time to get balanced before jerking; which resulted in a good lift at 193. Martin Razvan (ROU) almost power cleaned 194; yet despite all that power, jerked way forward.

85 kg

Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) 386, Okulov Artem (RUS) 377, Zwarycz Krzysztof (POL) 358

Okulov Artem (RUS) Charniga photo

Zwarycz Krzysztof (POL) popped his feet to the side and back for an excellent 159 opener. His second with 164 was appreciably slower; although he lifted it, he was turned down for press out. Okulov Artem (RUS) hopped sideways dropping fast with 165. The 166 third for Zwarycz Krzysztof (POL) was just too heavy. Former world champion Markov Ivan (BUL) could not turn 168 over on his first. His 2nd with the same weight was closer; but, way in front; likewise, the 3rd. Markov looked rusty from his absence at big time competitions. Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) pulled fast with 170 but did not force himself low under it. Okulov Artem (RUS) pulled too long and dropped too slow to fix 170. Hopping back and accentuating the descent under the bar Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) flipped up 170 easily. Okulov Artem (RUS) did another high pull and drop under 170; which ended up knocking him backwards. Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) hopped back and dropped fast to make his 3rd with 175.

Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) Charniga photo

Zwarycz Krzysztof (POL) hopped forward cleaning 190 easy followed by a fast wide split jerk. He jumped to 195 on his 2nd; this time stopping the weight at parallel in the clean with another fast, wide split in the jerk. Okulov Artem (RUS) made an not so easy clean; hopping forward with 196; then a maximum width split for the jerk. Zwarycz Krzysztof (POL) made his 3rd almost power cleaned 199 with another fast split in the jerk. Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) hopped back without bottoming out in the clean with 202; making a fast jerk with a maximum width split.

Making a much easier hop forward clean with 203 than he did with 198, Okulov Artem (RUS) split wide and fast. Jumping 9 kilos for his second to 211, Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) cleaned the weight sticking at the top; he rushed the jerk letting it fall backwards. Unlike most of the other UKR team members who were stumbling around the platform doing the push jerk technique; Pielieshenko Oleksandr (UKR) managed this 211 on his third with a very wide, classic split; effectively counterbalancing the oscillating barbell.  Okulov Artem (RUS) moved to 212 for the gold in the jerk. He drove through the sticking point in the recovery; split fast and very wide; pausing briefly he brought his feet in line to prevent the barbell from vibrating out of control.

94 Kg

Maligov Adam (RUS) 388, Chumak Dmytro (UKR) 388, Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) 386

Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) Charniga photo

Chumak Dmytro (UKR) hopped forward not particularly fast with 170. Taking his time getting set Maligov Adam (RUS), hopped fast under 172. Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) hopped back and leaned forward a lot to  make 173. Pulling forward and hopping forward, Chumak Dmytro (UKR); nevertheless, managed to muscle up 174. Maligov Adam (RUS) exploded under 176 rising in one motion without hitting bottom. Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) hopped back about six centimeters popping his feet very wide to get low under 177. Pulling slow with bar shifting forward Chumak Dmytro (UKR) couldn’t muscle 178 to lockout.  The slow moving 180 kg 3rd attempt of Maligov Adam (RUS) gave the leverage to drop very fast and very low. Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) splotted backwards with very wide feet to win gold with 181.

Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) hopped back, power cleaning 205; jerking with a wide split on bowed arms. Chumak Dmytro (UKR) cleaned 207 with a slight hop forward and without bottoming out; jerked slow with arms bowed. Maligov Adam (RUS) hopped forward slightly as he dropped fast under 208; jerking deliberately with a fast, wide split. Chumak Dmytro (UKR) struggled with an oscillating barbell at the top of the clean; jerked forward but stretched under it in a wide split. Hopping forward slightly, Chumak Dmytro (UKR) stood shaking after a hard clean; jerked forward; compensating with a wide fast split to stretch under it. Maligov Adam (RUS) hopped forward dropping fast with 215. He seemed to bend slow in the half squat sending the barbell forward which he chased to no avail.  Didzbalis Aurimas (LTU) sat back 215; tried splitting very wide to fix it on bowed arms but it was too much. Already the gold medalist Maligov declined his 3rd attempt.

Maligov Adam (RUS) Charniga photo

105 Kg

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) 414, Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) 397, Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) 387

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) Charniga photo

Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) hopped back slightly without bottoming out with 170. Moving to 174 he had it aloft briefly before letting it drop behind. Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) grasping the bar with a collar to collar hand spacing; hopped forward slightly and hit a low squat with 175. Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) pulled too long an dropped too slow to fix 175. Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) pulling in a loop forward then back; hit a low squat with 180. Moving to 183 Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) looped the bar around his knees just a little too much to bring it back; losing the weight forward. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) began when everyone else finished with 184. His stance is so wide he actually moves his feet in slightly to fix the weight over head. His wide stance and wide hand spacing makes it harder to control the weight over head; hence, he dropped 190 behind. He tried to compensate by hopping way forward under 190 on his third; but, it was too far forcing him to drop it behind again.

Gospodinov Vasil (BUL)  Charniga photo

Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) hopped back cleaning 210 easy then split fast and wide to jerk. After a rough hop forward clean Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) split wide and fast with 212. Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) cleaned 217 with a struggle; jerked a little forward and was unable to lock his right elbow. Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) struggled to pull in and stand with 217; managing to jerk fast with a wide split. Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) made a stronger clean with his repeat at 217 then a fast solid jerk. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped forward to clean his 2nd at 220 then tilting his hips back slightly jerked with a wide split. Gospodinov Vasil (BUL) did a high pull with 225. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped forward to clean 230 easily; jerking it forward; he had to walk under it to save the lift.

+105 Kg

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) 467, Minasyan Gor (ARM) 446, Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) 434

Albegov Ruslan (RUS) who snatched 210 at 156  kg bodyweight in  the  214 world championships opened with a good 186 at 159 kg bodyweight. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) pulled 190 fast from the floor; but his bulk prevented him from fitting under it. Olympic medalist Turmanidze Irakli (GEO) hopped back almost power snatching 190. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) pulled fast and dropped fast to fix 190.  Albegov Ruslan (RUS) dropped fast hopping forward under 192. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) pulled just as fast on his 195 as his 190; but once again could not fit under it. Albegov Ruslan (RUS) made a third snatch with a rather modes for him 196. Turmanidze Irakli (GEO) hopped forward sitting lower this time with 197. Looking good for more Turmadize went to 201 for another smooth, fast lift. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) popped his feet to the side without bottoming out for and easy 203. 

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) Charniga photos

Minasyan Gor (ARM) employing a collar to collar hand spacing and with a very wide foot spacing hauled up 205 stopping at parallel. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) snatched 210 like it was still 203; barely pausing in the start position before pulling. Minasyan Gor (ARM) shaking and running forward just managed to stay on the platform with a two white 211; to move into first place. Now it was the world’s strongest man turn to go for the gold with a world record 217. He actually had to work harder;  sitting lower for an amazing lift considersing the current protocols. A heavier Antonio Krastev’s 216 was performed under less sophisticated protocols and with more effort than Talakhadze’s; whose physique simply belies the power to lift such a weight.

Albegov Ruslan (RUS) Charniga photo

Minasyan Gor (ARM) hopped forward barely breaking parallel to clean 235; jerking with a lot more strength than technique. Albegov Ruslan (RUS) hopped forward to clean 237 with a struggle; jerking with a lot of arm press. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) pulling with what seems a prolonged acceleration because of his height relative to the height of the barbell, popped his feet to the side to clean 238; jerking slow, nonetheless, effective to take a pretty much insurmountable lead. Using a ‘dive’ style technique at the start Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) cleaned 240 with ease; jerking with a lot of arm power; having to stumble about to get his balance. Minasyan Gor (ARM) muscled 240 to his chest only to have the barbell slide off. His 3rd attempt with the same weight met the same fate.

Minasyan Gor (ARM) Charniga photo

Albegov Ruslan (RUS) hopped forward; took a step backwards; then jerked 243 too far forward. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) dove for 244 for an easy clean and another stumbling around sloppy jerk. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) cleaned 245 fairly easy; jerked forward having to take several steps to get it under control. Albegov Ruslan (RUS) struggled at the top of the recovery with 245; seeming to have nothing left as the barbell did not even get to arms length in the jerk. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) who could not fit under 247 was lucky not to be injured. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) struggled through the oscillating barbell at the top of the recovery with 250 then jerked further forward than his previous attempts. He had to take several steps forward to get the barbell under control. So, this class ended on a very positive note with a ‘real’ world record 217 kg in the snatch eclipsing by 1 kg  a mark that had stood 31 years.