Europe vs Asia 2

Europe vs Asia 2

69 kg Men

69 kg M

Ismailov Daniyar (TUR) Charniga photos


Although the best lifter from Europe Ismayilov (TUR) made an excellent 155 snatch and a near miss with 161; overall the quality of lifting was poor. Most of the lifters of this class looked like they trained for snatch doing mostly high pulls. Consequently, there were a lot of misses especially since in most cases the athletes had plenty of power to lift the weight.  Few made an effort to sit low balance and the barbell system before standing. Ismayilov and Petrov were the exceptions: both lifters dropped fast and low with the modern technique.


In contrast to the European 69s; virtually all the Asian lifters sat low in the squat, balancing body and barbell before standing: consequentially, there was a  proportionally greater success rate. The top two lifters in the snatch Artykov (KGZ) and YUAN (CHN) made five of their allotted six attempts.

77 kg


Martirosyan Tigran ARM made 160 before losing 165 forward. Karapetyan (ARM) hopped forward fast 165 on his first and a very fast hop forward fast drop under 170 on his second. He pulled slow on his close approach to the world record with 174; unable to get it to straight arms.


Karapetyan Andranik (ARM). Karapetyan (ARM)

Karapetyan (ARM) cleaned 192 slow;jerking slow. Martirosyan ARM cleaned 192 fast; hopping forward to squat jerk it. Karapetyan (ARM) cleaned faster; then jerked it back for a good 197. Martirosyan ARM dumped 197 forward in the clean twice. Karapetyan (ARM) moved to 200 for an easy clean but started to black out.


77 kg

Miri ALi (IRI) and Shi Zhiyong (CHN). Charniga photos


This class had a lot in common with Europe. Three guys bunched together: Shi Zhiyong (CHN), Chinnawong Chatuphum (THA), Lobsi Pomchai (THA); with the exception there was a fairly high success rate. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) like the other Chinese had lifted within the last ten days at their nationals. He power cleaned and pushed jerked his opener with 183. By contrast the two Thai lifters; sporting bodybuilder physiques were slow and mechanical, especially in the clean and jerk. Lobsi Pomchai (THA) made 190 in three mechanical stages of the pull, the squat under and the jerk. Shi Zhiyong (CHN), needing 191 for 1st dropped into a full squat to clean; but lost the weight forward in the squat jerk. Repeating with this weight he almost power cleaned it then managed to keep his balance in the low squat position of the squat jerk to win the gold.

85 kg


85 kg

Sincraian Gabriel (ROU) and Kuptsov Georgi (RUS). Charniga photos.

Former World Champion Benjamin Hennequin (FRA) zeroed in the snatch; this class never recovered after that. Sincraian Gabriel (ROU) who managed two good lifts led after the snatch with 169 to Pielieshenko Oleksandr ’s 168. With four zeros in this class, 197 kg (231% of body weight) seemed to be the beginning of ‘I am clueless’ in the jerk from the chest weight. There were miss after miss. Pielieshenko Oleksandr struggled to control his 1st with 200 and was lucky to get two whites. He wasn’t close to jerking 204. Likewise, he looked he like he was trying to re – invent the wheel to jerk his third with the same weight; which was also a questionable success. By contrast Sincraian Gabriel (ROU) who lifts with high speed and coordination of body movement, cleaned 205 with ease. Unfortunately, he rushed to jerk send the barbell way forward. As a result he was relegated to second.



Ulyanov Denis (KAZ). Charniga photos

The rising star of this class was Ulyanov Denis (KAZ). His last name Ulyanov was Vladimir Lenin’s real name. He made a fast without bottoming out 160 while SU Ling (CHN) made a slow plodding lift with the same weight. Ulyanov Denis (KAZ) sat low but struggled to get his balance as he recovered with 165. SU Ling (CHN) pulled slow, dropped slow for a miss at the same weight. He squatted under a little faster to make this on his 3rd. Ulyanov Denis (KAZ) sat low and fast; but struggled again to balance the weight and recover with 168.

SU Ling (CHN) opened with a slow 180 in the jerk. He jumped 10 kg to for another slow clean and wide split jerk. His 195 clean was the slowest of the lot; the jerk was not close. The two Koreans in this class were representative of the rest of the Korean males: good at pulling and squatting, but poor at jerking and balancing weights overhead in the snatch.

Ulyanov Denis (KAZ) made a fast easy clean and easy jerk with 200. He struggled a little to clean 205 before making a half heated effort to jerk it. The 3rd with 205 was better clean but a big struggle to balance the weight over head. He finished with 373 one kilo better than the best result of Europe. Eighteen year old Elbakh Fares Ibrahim AE H (QAT) clean and jerked 196 before missing the jerk with 200.

94 kg


Zielinski Tomas (POL) made three smooth as silk snatches up to 176. By contrast Stanulis Zymantis (LTU) muscled up 175 with a big hop forward; completely lacking in finesse. Grela Lukasz (POL) made agonizing slow high pulls and equally slow squat under to miss 178 twice. Zielinski Tomas (POL) made a smooth clean with 205 with a wide split in jerk. Both Zielinski and Klimonov (RUS) made 2nd attempts with 211; Zielinski hopped back and Klimonov hopped forward. Klimonov made a fast hop forward clean with 216 but could not get the weight to arm’s length in the jerk. Zielinski cleaned the 217 he thought would be needed for gold in the jerk but jerked it forward; unable to bring it under control.


Hashemi Ali (IRI) and Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) both opened with 165. Hashemi dropped close to the floor whereas Sedov practically power snatched his. Hashemi Ali (IRI) dropped very low and very fast under his 2nd with 170. Lifting and fixing the weight on bent arms Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) sat lower with his 2nd at 171 to move into the lead. Hashemi Ali (IRI) dropped extremely fast and low with his third 174 whereas Sedov calmly muscled up 175; but was lucky to hold it for the long enough for the down signal.


Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) and Hashemi Ali (IRI). Charniga photo

Hashemi Ali (IRI) who looks like and lifts like a heavier version Rostami cleaned 200 with a normal grip; shifted his hands wide for shallow split while leaning forward in jerk. Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) who likewise cleaned with a normal grip then shifted his hands wide for the jerk, opened with an easy 205. Hashemi Ali (IRI) fell backward in the squat with his 2nd at 206. His made the same mistake with his third with 208. Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) also fell over backwards in the squat with his 2nd at 211. He repeated with this weight. This time cleaning easy but struggling to hold the weight overhead with his wide hand spacing and bent elbows.


Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) tried floating under 175 without success. His 2nd with the same weight floated a little faster but not enough. Michalski Akadiusz (POL) pulled too long and sat too slow with 177. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) jumped to 177 to get more time. This time he pulled slow and dropped slow for a good lift. Michalski Akadiusz (POL) muscled 177 up and back on his 3rd for a good lift. Marirosyan Simon (ARM) did not have to bottom out with 182. He had 184 up briefly before dropping it behind and met the same fate with 185 on his third.

Michalski Akadiusz (POL) made a very easy clean with 215 with a shallow split for the jerk. Marirosyan Simon (ARM) took the same weight, jerking it very fast. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) opened with 217 jerking it a little forward. Marirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped forward to clean 220 before jerking forward; but, not enough to miss it. Michalski Akadiusz (POL) made another easy clean and fast jerk with 221. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) cleaned 222 without dropping all the way down in the squat then jerked it a little forward. Marirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped forward with 225, jerking with rear leg bent which gave way. Michalski Akadiusz (POL) made another smooth clean with 226 then a fast but shaky jerk to move into first with 403. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) took the same 226 cleaning it Ok, he managed to hold the jerk after a struggle.




Minasyan Gor (ARM) and Seim Mart (EST). Charniga photos

Seim Mart (EST) has plenty of power but his body just doesn’t fit under the barbell well in the snatch. His 191 3rd was pulled well but he could not squat low enough to fix it overhead. Minasyan Gor (ARM) taking a collar to collar grip on the bar coupled with a very wide foot spacing, power snatched his 1st at 195. The 2015 world champion Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) flipped 200 over head with ease; catching it at parallel. Minasyan Gor (ARM) powered 200 up; stopping at parallel. He did the same thing with 205 but because he did not sink lower than parallel he had to run forward to save it. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) snatched 207, seemingly effortless; almost stopping at parallel. His third with 212 was easy; obviously good for more.


Talakhadze Lasha (GEO). Charniga photos

Minasyan Gor (ARM) could not shoulder his opener with 231. He managed to muscle it up on his 2nd sort of push pressing the jerk and a slow scissors. Seim Mart (EST) hopped back and stood quickly with 235 then made a slow jerk, muscling it with his arms. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) hopped back and jerked fast with 235. Minasyan Gor (ARM) muscled 237 to his chest; struggled to stand then proceded to make an awkward see – sawing jerk. Seim Mart (EST) hopped back and recovered fast with 239 on his 2nd. He jerked it slowly, it was forward and shaky; but a good lift nonetheless. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) made another seemingly effortless hop back clean with 241 but the jerk was a little slow and shaky. Seim Mart (EST) hopped back with 250 unable to stand with it. The final 251 kg lift of the championships drove Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) lower in the squat; yet he managed to fight his way out of the bottom. With his long arms, the jerk was deceptively slow; good nonetheless.



The +105 class was the best of the entire competition in Asia as it was for Europe – except it was better than Europe.

Uzbekistan had two entries in this class: Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) and Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB). Nuridinov the 2013 105 kg world champion, weighed 110.00 in this class. So, he was competing at quite a disadvantage relative to the other big guys. He is was not just the home town hero, but the national hero. Reeking with confidence to the point of overflow; he was obviously enjoying the opportunity to show off for the nation. He arrived at the platform with just 14 seconds on the clock for his first attempt with 183. Starting from a full squat he hopped back and squatted low for an easy lift. Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) completed three good lifts ending with 184 for the home town crowd. Toychyyev Hojamuhammet (TRM) made easy lifts with 175 and 185 before moving to 190; sitting low and fas for such a big man. CHEN Shih – Chieh (TPE) likewise made easy attempts with 182 and 187 hitting a low squat each time.

With his confidence growing with each attempt Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB) almost power snatched his 2nd with 188. Moulai Bahador (IRI) the silver medalist of the 2013 world championships when he weighed 137 kg made only 180. He missed both 185 and 189; not for lack of strength; at 146.55 kg he lacks the mobility to get into a low stable squat. Conversely, the much taller Toychyyev Hojamuhammet (TRM) 144.50 kg dropped very low very fast to fix 190 kg. CHEN Shih – Chieh (TPE) moved ahead in the snatch with a fast low squat under 191 which he accomplished at 152.40 kg body weight. Now it was Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB) turn to regain the spotlight and take the gold in snatch; which he did with a fast low squat under 191; his feet shifting back and to the side such that they were about on the same vertical line as his elbows.

Toychyyev Hojamuhammet (TRM) and Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) both opend with easy lifts at 220 in the clean and jerk.  Starting from the low squat, Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB) cleaned 225 with a slight hop forward. He jerked from the finger tips into a wide split. Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) hopped forward with his 2nd at 225 then jerked it back with wrists flexing. Still favoring his previously injured right knee Moulai Bahador (IRI) hopped forward a little asymmetrically with 230, drawing blood on his right shin. He then jerked turning to his left for a good lift. Toychyyev Hojamuhammet (TRM) hopped forward squatting low and rising fast with 230. He jerked with arms flexing slightly but was given a good lift.

Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB) went to 230 hopping forward. He hd to step back as he rose from the squat. Once again jerking from the fingertips he split wide and fast. At this point the two Uzbeks had made all eight attempts. CHEN Shih – Chieh (TPE) cleaned 231 with no problem then jerked with a wide and fast split. Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) jerked 232 more explosively than his previous two attempts to finish six for six. Out came Nuridinov Ruslan (UZB) one last time to make the best clean of the night and another wide split off the fingertips jerk with 235. The two Uzbek lifters made all twelve lifts to the delight of the home town crowd. CHEN Shih – Chieh (TPE) struggled to clean 236 in the midst of boos from the audience; jerking very easy. Toychyyev Hojamuhammet (TRM) struggled coming out of the squat with his 3rd at 237 but managed to jerk it; before leaving in tears as he became the third guy in this class to make all six attempts.

Going for gold in the jerk Moulai Bahador (IRI) hopped forward to clean 240 with ease before jerking to the side. Shih – Chieh (TPE) sat very low under 241 and had to bounce several times to recover. He jerked the weight with a very wide split managing to get under control despite shaking. With this lift he became the fourth guy in this class to make all six. Needing only 242 for gold Moulai Bahador (IRI) selected 247. He had to sit in the low squat to shift the barbell onto his shoulders but recovered with plenty to spare. Pausing briefly to get his balance he made a powerful jerk with the 247 to get gold in jerk.

All in all even though the winning result of the Europeans was higher, this was a more impressive class as four big men made 24 lifts with big weights.