The 2015 Asian Weightlifting Championships

The 2015 Asian Weightlifting Championships

Andrew “Bud” Charniga

The 2015 Asian Weightlifting Championships originally scheduled for June in Nepal had to be re-located because of the earthquakes in that country. The Thai weightlifting federation stepped in to organize the competitions in the city of Phuket, September 6-12. Due to the last minute change of venue and the proximity to the upcoming world championships in November, the usual quantity of top lifters which would normally be present at these championships was not in attendance.

Nonetheless, there were some top level athletes and high level performances.
The venue was excellent. An air conditioned gymnasium sat atop the training facility situated in a parking garage. Although the training conditions were very Spartan in comparison to previous events, no one seemed to mind.

It is always of interest to relate the training experiences to the actual performances in competition. For instance, the Chinese male lifters and those countries with Chinese coaches all seem to have the same slow high pull and sit technique. Most these lifters are long on strength but tend to be short on speed. This is in no small measure due to the preponderance of heavy pulls in training. This is true to a certain extent even with the North Koreans. For instance, the 69 kg PRK lifter did pulls (until it became a deadlift) with a snatch hand spacing with up to 200 kg. In the competition he made only his opener with 152.

In many instances, the technique of the classic jerk from the chest seems to be a lost art. Some lifters try jerking with an abbreviated split, rear leg bent. However, cool that may look to the inexperienced observer, you only need to count the number of successful versus unsuccessful attempts to realize it is not a good idea to try jerking a heavy barbell in this manner following a hard clean. The lifter’s ability to balance the barbell overhead is compromised with an abbreviated split; it is further compounded by a weak link in the form of a bent rear knee (see pictures in the report).

Of course, this is all the more true for the squat jerk as its reliability is even more tenuous than a bent back leg jerk.

One of the female coaches from China was observed teaching an elite lifter to jerk an empty bar over and over again, so as to feel the pressure in the lateral thigh muscles in the half squat. There is nothing in the literature to indicate this is of any value. A rather low success rate in the jerk from the chest from the females on that team confirmed the idea of trying to think your way through the most complex and difficult part of the weightlifting exercises is not the way to go.


Another jerk from the chest variant, which some try, is to scissor the legs such that feet move to the side as they are shifted fore and aft. This is another “think while you jerk” idea which has a lower success rate. No one seems to realize that when you shift your feet in this manner, part of the forces generated are shifted horizontally so as not to be under the hands. Moreover, some of the lifters employing this technique torque the body at an angle relative to barbell.

The Women

48 kg
VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) 190 HUANG Yuezhen (CHN) 188 KHAMSRI Panida (THA) 187 PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) 186

As already noted, the depth in most of the weight classes was lacking, but this was one where the lifters were relatively bunched close together. KHAMSRI Panida (THA) briefly fixed 80 before her right elbow buckled. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) pulled 80 high dropping slow before dropping it. KHAMSRI Panida (THA) struggled for several seconds to keep her right elbow locked for a good 80. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) hopped back with 80, pausing before recovery. VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) muscled up 81 without pausing in the start. KHAMSRI Panida (THA) struggled again with 82 before giving up and dropping forward.
Yuezhen (CHN) had 83 up briefly before dropping it back.

VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) pulled back, hopping back for an easy 83 2nd. Yuezhen (CHN) made the correction for an easy 83 repeat attempt. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) did a high pull, hop back, slow squat for a miss at 83. VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) once again hopped back and dropped slow with a good 86. Yuezhen (CHN) tried to move into first with what looked like a very easy 87 until it dropped backward.


VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE). Charniga photos

VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) cleaned 100 well and jerking with a fast wide split. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) bounced several times in the clean with 100 before standing with open hands to jerk quickly. Yuezhen (CHN) cleaned 102 slowly, but she jerked quickly with a wide split. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) once again bounced several times in the clean before making another fast jerk with 103. VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) jerked quickly, struggling to hold her right arm locked with 104.

KHAMSRI Panida (THA) cleaned 105 well; she jerked horribly forward for no lift. Yuezhen (CHN) let 105 fall on her in the clean but recovered to jerk very quickly. KHAMSRI Panida (THA) cleaned 105 easily, jerking forward but managing to step under. PAEK Il Hwa (PRK) seemed to be buried with 106, yet managed to stand to make a fast picture perfect jerk. Even though she jumped only 2 kg, VUONG Thi Huyen (VIE) dumped 106 in front in the clean. KHAMSRI Panida (THA) had to bounce serval times with 107 but jerked well with a shallow split. Trying to move into first, Yuezhen (CHN) let 108 crash on her for no lift.

53 kg

DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) 214 KIM Su Ryon (PRK) 208 NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) 196 SUTANAN Kittima (THA) 196

NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) made a smooth hop back 1st with 82. SUTANAN Kittima (THA) countered with a slow pull and sit with 83. Jumping only 2 kg, NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) repeated her 1st effort. Her third with 86 was up and dropped backward. SUTANAN Kittima (THA) dropped 87 forward. DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) pulled 93 forward then dropped it back. KIM Su Ryon (PRK) slowly pulled 93 to sit several seconds before recovering. DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) hopped back sitting low with her 2nd at 93. KIM Su Ryon (PRK) pulled fast and paused at the bottom for balance. DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) pulled long and sat fast with 96.


DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI). Charniga photos

SUTANAN Kittima (THA) cleaned 105 without moving her feet then jerking with a shallow split. NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) cleaned 108 with a slight hop back jerking with a fast split. SUTANAN Kittima (THA) jerked 109 forward but managed to save it. DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) cleaned 112 with no foot movement and jerked with a fast powerful split. NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) jerked 112 forward but split wide to step under it. KIM Su Ryon (PRK) pulled 113 slowly, jerking with open hands and a fast wide split. SUTANAN Kittima (THA) could not stand with 113. NGUYEN Thi Thuy (VIE) could not stand with 115.

DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) executed another explosive jerk with 117. KIM Su Ryon (PRK) seemed to jerk 117 but just crumpled under it in the recovery. DIAZ Hidilyn Francisco (PHI) demonstrated the huge advantage of a good jerk from the chest when she jerked 118 explosively after a struggle to stand with it. Going for the gold in the jerk, KIM Su Ryon (PRK) cleaned 119 only to drop it off her chest.

58 kg
LI Ping (CHN) 226 SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) 225 SADYKOVA Assem (KAZ) 217

Former world and Chinese National Games champion LI Ping (CHN) was coaxed out of retirement to come back to the national team. She is still the 53 kg world record holder in the snatch at 103 kg. She pulled and sat with a miss at 100. Her 2nd with the same weight was a much better pull back hop back lift with 100. Taking a long time over the bar, SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) could have power snatched her opener with a no foot movement 101. SRISURAT began what turned out to be a common tactic at this competition which was to follow your competitor up with a 1 kg increment over her opener. The idea is to gain an early advantage and keep it throughout the competition.


LI Ping (CHN). Charniga photos.

LI Ping (CHN) moved to 103 to go ahead but dropped it back after easily pulling the weight overhead. SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) pulled 104 very high only to let it drift backwards. She made a very easy no foot movement snatch with her 3rd at 104 to move into a 4 kg lead.

SRISURAT Sukanya (THA) pulled 121 very high in a no foot movement clean, but the jerk was uncoordinated. She made another very easy clean with 121 this time barely saving another awkward jerk. On her third attempt SRISURAT struggled a little to clean 125; she chased the jerk around the platform until her back was to the officials before she finally dropped it. This opened the door for LI Ping (CHN) who cleaned 126 methodically only to inexplicably lose the jerk backwards. Jerking with more care, she fixed 126 to take gold in jerk and total. She managed to jerk 130 quickly and solidly, but the barbell seemed to whip which caused her arms to unlock.

63 kg
ZHOU Wenyu (CHN) 240 SIRIKAEW Pimsiri (THA) 233 SIVANBAYEVA Faina (KAZ) 229

SIRIKAEW Pimsiri (THA), the 2012 Olympic medalist, was not in top form and it showed when she struggled with her opener at 100. ZHOU Wenyu (CHN) almost power snatched her opener at 103. SIRIKAEW Pimsiri (THA) pulled and sat with 103 without locking the weight out. She managed to drop fast and low with her 3rd good lift of 103. ZHOU Wenyu (CHN) made another very easy pull back, hop back lift with 105. Already in first, she missed 108 more out of a lack of concentration.


ZHOU Wenyu (CHN) Charniga photos.

Failing to clean her 1st with 130 SIRIKAEW Pimsiri (THA) then lost the jerk behind on her 2nd. Facing elimination in front of live TV, SIRIKAEW Pimsiri (THA) methodically cleaned then mechanically jerked 130. ZHOU Wenyu (CHN) opened with 131 to capture the gold. She bounced to stand then jerked with a fast split. She had to bounce three times and almost lost the weight coming up, but she made another fast, explosive jerk with 135.

69 kg
XIE Hongli (CHN) 247 PAEK Un Hye (PRK) 241 FAIZULLAYEVA Maira (KAZ) 226

PAEK Un Hye (PRK) opened with a slight hop back 101. XIE Hongli (CHN) like most of the other Chinese women was entered to do just enough to win. She won the gold medal at the 2013 Chinese National Games with a 154 kg clean and jerk to beat the world champion XIANG Yanmei. She sat very low with a slight hop back with her 1st at 105. PAEK Un Hye (PRK) sat very low pressing out 106 before dropping it behind. PAEK Un Hye (PRK) managed to hold onto second with 106. XIE Hongli (CHN) made another hop back smooth lift with 107 to move ahead of PAEK. Her 3rd with 110 just lacked sufficient effort to fix it.

XI Hongli CHN

XIE Hongli (CHN) Charniga photos

PAEK Un Hye (PRK) cleaned 135 slowly but jerked fast and wide in the split. XIE Hongli (CHN) struggled to stand with 140 from a very low squat but jerked explosively with a wide split. Trying to move into first in the jerk PAEK Un Hye (PRK) struggled to stand with 141.She jerked the barbell forward and dropped it behind. She failed to jerk the same weight after a big struggle to clean it. XIE Hongli (CHN) was unable to rack 142 on her third.

75 kg
WANG Zhouyu (CHN) 250 YAO Chi-Ling (TPE) 227 KAMIYA Ayumi (JPN) 217

This class was particularly lacking in depth. Without a PRK lifter WANG Zhouyu (CHN) made two snatches before passing her third. In the clean and jerk she tried to power clean 135 but the weight drove her into a squat. The barbell began oscillating when she tried to stop its descent into a half squat. It continued oscillating as she dropped into a squat and struggled to recover. She managed to jerk this weight very easily but strained her lower back.


WANG Zhouyu (CHN) Charniga photos.

+75 kg
MENG Suping (CHN) 310 KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) 296 PULSABSAKUL Chitchanok (THA) 295

Twenty two year old KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK), the lightest of the top three in this class at 95 kg, made a shaky opener with 125. PULSABSAKUL Chitchanok (THA) countered with 125 managing to just save the lift as she stepped backwards. KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) pulled slowly and sat low for a solid 128. MENG Suping (CHN), who earlier this year equaled the world record in the clean and jerk when she succeeded with 193 at the Chinese nationals, pulled 130 back and hopped back to receive it.

PULSABSAKUL Chitchanok (THA) went to 131 to take first. She pulled back, hopping back for a good lift. KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) took the same 131; this time pulling very straight with only a little shaking. PULSABSAKUL Chitchanok (THA) pulled 135 back, hopped back for a solid lift. MENG Suping (CHN) could not fix 137 on her 2nd then let it drift behind on her third.


MENG Suping (CHN) Charniga photos

PULSABSAKUL Chitchanok (THA) sat down with her first at 160. On her second she cleaned it comfortably but jerked it forward. She jerked forward on her third with 160 but managed to save it. Like most everybody else at this championships, KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) opened with 1 kg more than her competitors to secure a higher placing in the jerk. Weighing only 95 KIM has an unusual physique for this weight class with huge hips and thighs and narrow waist. She pulled 161 quickly, stopped briefly in the squat and then jerked explosively to move into first in the jerk.

KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) pulled 165 quickly; then she made another explosive jerk. However, like some PRK lifters, she has difficulty fixing the weight overhead in the jerk with her short arms. MENG Suping (CHN), weighing a svelte 118 kg, the unofficial co-world record holder opened with 170. She pulled this in, stood and jerked with relative ease. Taking the minimum 1 kg increase to get the gold, KIM Kuk Hyang (PRK) pulled it in with effort but stood strong only to lose the jerk when she was unable to stabilize it. With all three golds in hand MENG Suping (CHN) pulled 180 barely high enough to get under but was up immediately to jerk even stronger than her first. She bounced several times after barely crawling under 190 but could not stand.


The Men

56 kg
COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) 274; TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) 272; KRUAITHONG Sinphet (THA) 268

Twenty three year old COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) pulled back, hopped back then he stepped back to save 120. KRUAITHONG Sinphet (THA) sort of power snatched 120 but rode it down into a full squat. Pulling 120 tilted to the left side, TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) failed to fix the weight. He pulled faster with his 2nd at the same weight but dropped it behind. TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) avoided elimination by finally holding his third with 120.

Starting off the meet tactic of adding one kilo to move ahead even though it was only his 2nd attempt snatch, COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) had 121 up for several seconds before it slowly drifted backwards. His third with the same weight would have gone the same route, but he kept the weight from falling behind. Jumping only 2 kilos from his opener at 120 to move ahead of the Pilipino, KRUAITHONG Sinphet (THA) tried this meet tactic which failed him as he dropped it backwards. Repeating with this, he sat lower and paused before recovery to move into first.

Colona (PHI)

COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) Charniga photo

KRUAITHONG Sinphet (THA) cleaned 146 like a feather but jerked so far forward he could not walk under it. He made another incredibly easy clean with 146 before jerking the weight solidly behind the head. COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) pulled back, hopping back with 150 and then making a fast wide split in the jerk. Using a wide hand spacing, TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) jerked 150 with a small press out for a good lift.

KRUAITHONG Sinphet (THA) cleaned 150 very easyily and jerked well back but lost it trying to get his balance. TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) struggled to stand with 152 and, though he needed to take a step forward, he jerked it quickly and solidly. Adopting the meet tactic of a one kilo increase, COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) went to 153 for a harder clean but with a very fast and powerful jerk. TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) failed to stand with 154. Already emotional over his impending gold, COLONIA Nestor Landag (PHI) was unable to shoulder 155.

62 kg
DING Jianjun (CHN) 313; SIN Chol Bom (PRK) 297; ASKARI Majid (IRI) 296

ASKARI Majid (IRI) dropped very quickly with very little foot movement to fix 125. SIN Chol Bom (PRK) hopped back as he dropped very quickly under 128. ASKARI Majid (IRI) hopped back and dropped very quickly with 130, this time aligning his feet asymmetrically. SIN Chol Bom (PRK) dropped quickly with 133 but was so tense he was unable to stop pulling and begin receiving the weight. On his repeat with this weight he managed to get it to straight arms before letting it drift backwards. ASKARI Majid (IRI) dropped 134 behind on his 3rd. Beginning after everyone finished, DING Jianjun (CHN) sat low and fast with 135. His next with 140 was a slower pull but another fast, low squat under the weight. His third was exactly the same as his first and second; he demonstated the mark of a high level athlete who is able to replicate a precise coordination.


DING Jianjun (CHN) Charniga photos

ASKARI Majid (IRI) pulled 158 quickly but jerked slowly. DING Jianjun (CHN) started with 160 to clinch the gold in total; he made n easy clean with a fast powerful jerk. ASKARI Majid (IRI) went to 164. Bending slowly in the half squat with the weight sliding forward a little, he jerked it forward but lost it behind. He jumped to 166 and surprisingly corrected his faults enough to jerk the weight with a fast deep split. SIN Chol Bom (PRK) hopped back and drop quickly to clean 169; then he jerked squat style stopping at just above parallel. Moving to 170 for gold in the jerk, DING Jianjun (CHN) struggled at the top of the recovery in the clean before jerking very quickly. SIN Chol Bom (PRK) fell backward with 171. Struggling to stand with the same weight, he had no coordination to jerk it.

69 kg
KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) 338 LIN Qingfeng (CHN) 330 HUANG Wenwen (CHN) 329
HUANG Wenwen (CHN) Snatched 135 with a slight hop back but without a deep squat. His second with 141 mirrored his first, but he sank lower into the squat. LIN Qingfeng (CHN) pulled 145 high and sat low with a slight hop back. HUANG Wenwen (CHN) hit a low squat with a high pull and sit lift with 146. LIN Qingfeng (CHN) pulled long on 150 sending it too far back. On his 3rd with the same weight, he managed to control the weight better in the squat by pausing briefly to get his balance before standing.

KIM Myong Hyok (PRK, looking more dynamic than the rest of the field, pulled quickly, dropping very fast and very low with 152. His next with 156 was not fixed in the low squat. On his third he had the weight locked out briefly but it was too far forward.


KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) Charniga photos

HUANG Wenwen (CHN) pulled high, sat slow and jerked with rear leg flexed with 170. LIN Qingfeng (CHN) pulled 175 high, jerking without pausing from the clean recovery. HUANG Wenwen (CHN) pulled in 176 and stood very easy before jerking with a big lean forward. LIN Qingfeng (CHN) did a high pull, a front squat and then another bouncy jerk with 180. KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) pulled 182 quickly, sat very low and then made a wide split, explosive jerk. HUANG Wenwen (CHN) added 1 kg to get gold in the jerk with 183; this time he jerked without a big lean forward. KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) pulled 186 quickly; he had to sit and bounce a few times and step forward but jerked it too far forward. He made a better clean with the same weight then a fast powerful jerk to move back into first for the jerk. KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) high pulled 188 and stood but the bouncy jerk was too far forward.

77 kg
KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) 350 JON Myong Song (PRK) 350 CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) 349

CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) made a slow pull with a slight hop backwards with his 1st at 150. JON Myong Song (PRK) snatched 151 with a fast pull keeping his feet in the same line. KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) jumped fast and low under 151. JON Myong Song (PRK) dropped fast and very low with a hop backward, on his 1st at 155. KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) hopped forward, very fast and very low with 156.

CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) pulled fast hopping back to sit low with 158. Since these guys were bunched closely together the tactic was to move ahead by one kilo regardless of the weight increase between attempts. KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) hopped forward fast and very low but lost the weight behind. JON Myong Song (PRK) hopped back with a fast and very solid lift with 160. He had 163 briefly after a fast pull and low drop, but it drifted behind.

JON Myong Song (PRK) pulled 185 slowly, sat slowly but jerked fast with a wide split. KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) tried to jerk 185 with a bent rear leg but could not begin to fix it. He repeated with the same weight with an easier clean and with more attention to securing the weight at arms’ length in the jerk. Like most of the athletes in this group, CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) changed his opener by upping the weight 1 kilo so that he would be ahead from the first attempt. A straight pull necessitated a step forward which was followed by a shallow split in the jerk.

JON Myong Song (PRK) pulled 190 fast but jerking hopelessly forward. Repeating with this weight, JON Myong Song (PRK) made a deliberate effort to jerk the weight back behind his head for a good lift. Briefly stopping at the bottom of the squat with 191, KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) struggled to rise, jerking quickly with a straight rear leg. CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) fell over backwards with 191. CHINNAWONG Chatuphum (THA) recovered well from a struggle in the middle of the recovery to jerk 191 a little forward, but he stepped under it and saved the lift. KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) went to 194 for gold in jerk and total. He sat fast and low for a good clean, but he was unable to lock out his bent back leg in the jerk. He made another fast, low squat clean with 194.

Kazov KAZ

KAZOV Aidar (KAZ) Charniga photos

However, this time he made a “without thinking” straight back leg jerk for the win.

85 kg
OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) 364 SUN Wei (CHN) 363 LIM Young-chul (KOR) 359

The meet of one kilo tactic began before the first lifter appeared on the platform with five guys listing starts at 155; one by one they jumped one kilo and even two kilos so that the lifter takes the lead from the start. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) was the first of the 1 kilo jumpers out with 156. He made a slow hop forward lift. Next up, LIM Young-chul (KOR) power snatched 156. SUN Wei (CHN) hopped back with high pull and sit with 156. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) hopped forward and stood shaking with 161. LIM Young-chul (KOR) hopped back as he power snatched 161. SUN Wei (CHN) hopped back, slowly fixing 161. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) could not fix his third with 164.

Unable to adjust to a low squat from his previous power snatched lifts, LIM Young-chul (KOR) could not lock 164. SUN Wei (CHN) hauled 165 over head only to lose it behind.

LIM Young-chul (KOR) made a slow clean and slow jerk with 195. Continuing the 1 kilo ahead tactic, SUN Wei (CHN) hopped back with 197 then failed to hold a squat jerk as he sank below parallel. Following himself, SUN Wei (CHN) made an easier clean with 197. This time he stopped the descent into the squat to achieve a precarious balance in the jerk. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ), like his competitors, took one kilo more than the previous best with 198. He made an easy clean with a fast, wide split and straight back leg jerk.

Omirtay KAZ

OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) Charniga Photo

LIM Young-chul (KOR) made a slow clean and a slow jerk with 198. SUN Wei (CHN) struggled a little to stand with 202, but he managed to balance the weight in a full squat jerk. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) made another fast wide split jerk with 203 to go into the lead in the jerk and the total. LIM Young-chul (KOR) struggled to clean 203; then he rushed the jerk which was hopelessly forward. OMIRTAY Yermek (KAZ) was unable to shoulder 206.

94 kg
SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) 383 JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) 376 HASHEMI Ali
(IRI) 376

SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) made smooth hop back lift with 163. He like OMIRTAY in the 85 kg weight class seems better built for the clean and jerk. JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) pulled 163 high, hopping back and dropped slowly. HASHEMI Ali (IRI) dropped fast and low hopping forward before having to step back with 165. SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) hopped back with 167 unable to lock the weight out. JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) hopped way back with 167 and seemed to have it until he lost balance in the recovery.

SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) pulled 167 quickly, dropping fast with a good lift despite a small press out. JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) hopped back with 167 this time walking forward to get his balance. HASHEMI Ali (IRI) dropped very low and very fast for an excellent 168. HASHEMI Ali (IRI) had 174 up but the barbell’s momentum backward was too much for him to control it.

HASHEMI Ali (IRI) sat very low, very fast with 202, jerking forward he managed to step under it. JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) pulled 203 high, recovering very easy before jerking without pausing in the start position. Maneuvering according to the meet tactic, SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) opened with 204 to be first in the jerk starting with his first attempt. He cleaned with hardly any foot movement before jerking a little forward. HASHEMI Ali (IRI) once again sat almost to the floor with 208 before making a shaky jerk.

JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) made another fast hop back clean with 209 with no pause in the start before jerking. SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) sat back and dumped 210. Sitting ultra low with 211, HASHEMI Ali (IRI) struggled to stand before waiting a long time to jerk it too far forward.


SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) Charniga photos

SYBAY Rustem (KAZ) took a big jump to 216 after his miss at 210. He pulled quickly sitting very fast with a hop back before jerking with a wide straight back leg split to move into first place on jerk and total. Illustrating the danger of a no pause start in the jerk, JUNG Hyeon Seop (KOR) struggled enough in the clean with 217 that he had to pause in the start for the jerk; this completely messed up his coordination.

105 kg
SEO Huiyeop (KOR) 381 JUGHELI Ahed (SYR) 363 TANAKA Taro (JAP) 346

This class was the least competitive of the entire championships. SEO Huiyeop (KOR), lifting alone, took only one snatch with 170. In the clean and jerk he made 211 after a missed jerk; then he missed the jerk behind with 221.

Moulai IRI

MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) Charniga photos

+105 kg
CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) 438 MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) 414 EFREMOV Ivan (UZB) 413

MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) returned this year after pulling out of the 2014 Asian Games with a knee injury. This competition was a test of his fitness to enter the world championships in Houston. Weighing 146 kg he made an easy opener with 178. EFREMOV Ivan (UZB) pulled 180 high hopping back slightly. CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) snatched 180 in almost one fast movement from start to recovery. MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) pulled 185 fast and high but could not fit under it. His 3rd with the same weight was closer but he still could not fit under it.

The advantage of gaining bodyweight to lift bigger weights has a downside. In the past Moulaei has weighed about 137 kg. A gain of almost 10 kg to 146 on someone of his stature has consequences. Typically the circumference of the athlete’s thighs increase along with the waist line. Consequently, the space between the belly and the thighs contract. The lifter has to either move his feet further apart so that his belly will drop inside his thighs or accept less mobility which means he has to raise the barbell higher.

CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE), who weighed in at 151.51 kg, made short work of 187. The svelte 113.0 kg EFREMOV Ivan (UZB) muscled 188 up slowly as he hopped back. CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) pulled quickly, squatting under low and fastas he fixed 193. EFREMOV Ivan (UZB) pulled 193 slowly, sat slowly but very low to move into first place in the snatch.

EFREMOV Ivan (UZB) pulled 210 to almost power clean height before jerking in a bent back leg split. He moved to 220 on his second with another easy clean and short bent back leg split. MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) hopped forward with an easy 226 clean and a wide split to compensate for a slightly forward jerk. CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) cleaned 230 with a low squat, jerkingquickly with a wide straight back leg split. Confronted with a very accessible 230 on his 3rd, EFREMOV’s bent back leg narrow split could not cope with what should have been a good lift. MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) slid forward under 236; he was unable to squat down particularly low. He jerked a little forward but his wide split compensated for this.

Efemov UZBEFREMOV Ivan (UZB) Charniga photos

CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) hopped back with 240 sitting fairly low for such a big man. His jerk was another fast, wide split with back leg straight. MOULAEI Bahador (IRI) went to 240 for gold in the jerk but did not make an effort to stand with it. He apparently reinjured his right knee. CHEN Shih-Chieh (TPE) hopped back with 245, had to bounce a couple of times to get up but finished with another fast wide split in the jerk.