The 2011 World Weightlifting CHampionships: The Men

 Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) snatches 181 kg. Charniga photo.

56 kg

ZHAO Chaojun (CHN) jerks 159 kg. Charniga photo.

The two Chinese entries  were the heavy favorites in this class: WU Jingbiao (CHN) and ZHAO Chaojun (CHN). The 2008 Olympic champion and 2009 World and Chinese National Games champion LONG Qingquan (CHN) who missed all three snatches with 130 kg at the Chinese tryouts the month before Paris was not entered. The fight for the bronze medal was up for grabs between the two Vietnamese entries and Valentin Hristov (AZE) the former Bulgarian teenage sensation now competing for Azerbaijan. The Azeris bought him so to speak, and his coach, the former Bulgarian world champion Zlatan Vanev to represent Azerbaijan.

WU Jingbao was the defending champion. Last year he made 132 + 160 = 292 and in 2009 he placed 2nd with 131 + 155 = 286; and, at the Chinese tryouts in September he did 133 + 161 = 294.

Of the leaders in the snatch TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) opened with a fast drop under the bar and deep squat with 121 kg. Hristov (AZE) followed with a jump forward 122 kg, over compensation, to lose the weight behind. He repeated with 122 and this time he wasn’t even close to getting it to arms length. Facing elimination, Hristov took a little more time over the bar, pulled it carefully; and jumped forward for a good 3rd attempt at 122 kg. TRAN made another very fast and deep squat success with his 2nd at 124 kg.  THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) was unable to fix his opener with 125 kg, likewise ZHAO Chaojun(CHN) who got the bar to arms length but immediately lost it behind.

Both men repeated with 125 kg, with the Vietnamese lifter making a very low squat and ZHAO a very fast and efficient lift. TRAN sat low over the bar a long time then made a near perfect snatch with his 3rd at 125 kg. ZHAO fixed 128 kg in a low squat, but sensing his balance was off sat even deeper to save the lift. WU Chaojun (CHN) came out for his first attempt with 129 kg. He is taller and very lean in comparison with ZHAO. He made a very efficient low snatch with this weight. THACH took 129 for his 3rd but it was just like his opener with 125 not even close to arms length.

WU looked to be too anxious to take a big lead with his 2nd at 133, did not get it to arms length. He repeated with this same weight and this time sat very low to secure the weight. He now had a 5 kg lead over ZHAO.

Of the leaders in the snatch THACH was first up with 149 kg. He dragged the weight to his chest then dropped it. TRAN the other Vietnamese entry made a very smooth easy clean with his opener 150 kg, paused for a relatively long time, then made a easy jerk. Hristov selected 150 kg for his first attempt. The teenager made an awkward looking big jump forward clean the jerked the weight by scissoring with a huge lean forward. THACH repeated his opening effort with 151 kg except this was even worse, barely getting it to his chest befroe dropping. THACH managed to at least attempt to rise with his final at 151, but it was just too heavy.

Om Yun Chol (PRK) is proof positive of the power of motivation. He struggled to clean then failed to jerk 152 on his 1st; was unable to rise from the squat on his 2nd, but came out and made a very good lift with 152 kg on his 3rd. TRAN cleaned his 2nd at 154 kg with rediculous ease then missed an awkward wide hand spacing jerk. Hristov taking the same weight on his 2nd made very fast big forward jump clean and a bigger than his 1st attempt lean to jerk the weight. This was a new Youth world record. Scissoring with the trunk leaning so far forward has to place a lot of unnecessary strain on the lower back.

TRAN took 154 again for his 3rd cleaned it harder; after spending some time to shift his hand spacing wider missed the jerk behind. WU Jingbao opened with 156 for a slight hop forward clean and a quick jerk with knees still flexed. ZHAO took the same but he had a harder clean and struggle in the jerk. Hristov went to 157 kg to better his own record but the clean was uncoordinated, his hop forward was too much and the barbell knocked him backward. WU Jingbao took a modest increment for his 2nd with 159 kg. He made a very smooth lift with this weight. ZHAO followed his teamate again by taking the same 159 kg. He cleaned it OK but his rear leg was bent in the jerk and his knee dropped to the floor. ZHAO followed himself with 159, made a hard clean but jerked the barbell forward for no lift.

With the victory in hand WU went to 161 kg for his final attempt. He jumped forward further in the clean this time, stuck his right foot a little forward of his left for the jerk, but the struggle to clean the weight took too much out of him, the jerk was just uncoordinated.

62 kg class

KIM Un Guk (PRK)) Charniga photo.

The favotites in this class were the defending world champion KIM Un Guk (PRK) and the Chinese ZHANG Jie (CHN). On paper, Irawan Eko Yuli (INA) and Oscar Figueroa (COL) would be expected to fight it out for the silver and bronze medals.

European Champion of 2011 Sezer Bunyamin (TUR) opened with 133 kg. Unlike most lifters the barbell seems to slow down after it passes his knees but he compensates with a very fast descent. Salazar Diego (COL) did a pull only with his 3rd at 133 kg. Irawan Eko Yuli (INA) made a very smooth jump back and very low squat with his 1st attempt with 135 kg. Oscar Figueroa (COL) opened with 135 kg as well for easy lift. Figueroa made another easy lift with his 2nd at 138 kg with no foot movment and not a very low squat under the bar. Irawan pulled too slow and was unable to fix his second with 139 kg. He corrected this mistake on his 3rd with 139 kg; jumping back and sitting very low to fix the weight.

The two favorites appeared with 140 kg. ZHANG Jie (CHN)) made a no foot movement deep squat success with this weight. KIM Un Guk (PRK) made an easy lift at the same weight with a slight hop forward. Sezer made another slow pull above the knees, fast descent with a slight hop forward lift with 140. Figueroa was lucky to make his 3rd at 140 kg with his no foot movement lift which relies more on the upper body to fix the weight, because he had a slight press out. Sezer dragged 141 kg off the floor for slow pull, but a blindingly fast descent under the bar to temporatily go into the lead int he snatch. ZHANG, sitting low in the start then raising a little to begin the lift with 145 kg, was likewise lucky to make his 2nd because he also had a press out.

KIM followed with a very smooth efficient lift with 145 kg; no hint of an infraction. ZHANG could not muscle 147 kg with his no foot movement technique on his 3rd. KIM was now the final lifter in the snatch. He went to 150 kg. KIM sat slowly into a very deep squat with a slight hop forward and forced the weight well behind his head. He needed two steps forward to fix this, for him, a 100% weight, for a good lift; then left the stage clutching his right elbow, obviously strained from this maximum effort.

There were three Koreans in this class: two from the North and one from the South. A simple distinction between them: the ones from the North lift with an obvious expediency, they have to lift the weight. The Korean lifters from the South want to lift the weight, but it is not a life or death situation. KIM’s 150 kg was 100% of his ability on this day; he had to get the absolute maximum from his body or else.

Of the leaders, KIM was the first to appear in the clean and jerk with 161 kg. His right elbow was very red, from linement, apparently applied after the snatch. He lifted the 161 without any problem. Irawan Eko Yuli (INA) opened with 165 kg for an easy clean but a forward jerk which he had to take two steps forward to save. Oscar Figueroa (COL) cleaned his 1st with 170 with no foot movement. Unlike his teamate Salazar he does not adjust his grip wider for the jerk, nevertheless, he jerked the 170 kg Ok, but dropped it forward before receiveing the down signal. KIM struggled through the middle of his recovery with his 2nd at 170 kg but made a solid jerk to increase his lead. Figueroa repeated with 170 kg and this time shifted his feet to side in the clean and followed with a very solid jerk. In street clothes the 22 – year old Irawan could pass for a 15 year old. He sat very low with his 171 kg 2nd attempt, stood and jerked the weight forward, but manged to step forward under it for a good lift.

ZHANG made a no foot movement clean with 172 kg and a technically proficient jerk to total 317; three kilos behind the leader KIM. Irawan sat very low with his final attempt 173 kg but got only about half way before he dropped the weight. Looking determined to put the gold out of reach KIM cleaned 175 kg with a struggle, jerked it to arms length and even though it seemed to be secure he dropped the weight forward which opened the door for ZHANG. Figueroa made a good clean with 175 kg jerked it ok but seemed to be unable fully lock his left shoulder and down it came. Now the barbell was loaded to 176 kg for ZHANG’s 2nd attempt. He cleaned the weight with a struggle but the barbell did not even get to arm’s length in the jerk.


With the gold medal hanging in the balance ZHANG cleaned his 3rd with 176 kg, but this time he took more time to re – gather, to get balanced before jerking the weight. He then jerked the weight with a very wide split and overcame KIM’s 5 kg advantage for the gold medal.


69 kg men

Mete Binay (TUR) snatching 154 kg. Charniga photo

Last year’s champion LIU’s (CHN) suspension for doping left this class wide open to Mete Binay (TUR) TANG Deshang (CHN), WU Chao (CHN) and Russian newcomer Oleg Chen (RUS). Wu won the Chinese tryouts for the world team in September with 154 + 188 = 342. TANG failed on all six attempts with 155 snatch and 190 clean and jerk.

Of the leaders WU Chao (CHN) opened with 148 kg pulled it out in front and dropped it. He repeated with this weight. He sat in a deep squat with an almost vertical trunk for a few seconds before beginning to lift.

This time he mangaed to pull the weight back and fixed the barbell in a low squat for a good lift. Gripping the bar with what looks like a medium width hand spacing, Oleg Chen (RUS) made a very fast descent under the bar with his opener at 150 kg. TANG Deshang (CHN) followed with his 1st at 150 kg and made a slow lift with a deep squat; more strength than technique.  WU Chao (CHN) jumped only 2 kg to 150 for his 3rd. He fixed this weight in a low squat with a big effort to turn the bar over. One hundred fifty was a popular weight. The Azerbaijan lifter Hasanov Sardar looking and lifting like a Bulgarian missed this on his 2nd but came back to make a fast and explosive effort on his 3rd. The Iranian lifter Behrouzi Sajad also looking like a lifter produced in Bulgaria with a proportionally slight upper body development made a big jump forward to fix 150 kg briefly, then dropped it back.

Mete Binay (TUR), the guy who made a good try to break the long standing record of 165 kg in this class at last year’s championships opened with 154 kg. He pulled it in ok but had to pause mid recovery to get his balance for a good lift. TANG Deshang (CHN) jumped back with his 2nd at 153 kg and with a big effort squeezed under the weight into a deep squat. Oleg Chen (RUS) paused briefly in the deep squat after another high speed descent to make 156 kg for his 2nd. Mete Binay (TUR) made a slight hop forward with his 2nd at 157 kg, but it was a very smooth lift to move into 1st place. CHEN was unable to fix his 3rd attempt with 159 kg.

Now the barbell was loaded to a new world record 166 kg and Mete Binay (TUR) was the lifter. He seemed to fix the weight briefly at arms length but immediatley dropped it backwards. This was one of those cases where it looked closer to success than it actually was. However, had it not been a 9 kg jump from his second he may have had a good shot at making this weight.

Mete was soon back out in the clean and jerk with 173 kg. He cleaned it on his finger tips; then moved his hands out to take a wide grip then jerked it a little forward. Oleg Chen made a slow clean and jerk with his 175 kg opener. He was followed by Dabaya (FRA) with 175, the same guy was cleaning 195 just a few years ago. He cleaned it ok, waited a few seconds to shift his hands out wide then made a not so easy jerk. Hasanov Sardar repeated with 176 kg on his 2nd after making a miserable effort to jerk it on his 1st. He cleaned it with a slight jump forward, jerked it forward but managed to squeeze under it for a good lift.

Mete came out for 177 kg. He cleaned it ok but jerking from his finger tips with a wide hand spacing, he drove the bar forward for a miss. WU opened with a good 180 kg. Starting from a low squat he made a smooth clean; then stood for several seconds before making a rather mechanical jerk. Oleg Chen struggled to stand with 180 kg but without pausing make a good jerk. Dabaya made what appeared to be two half hearted efforts with this weight, neither were close.

TANG opened with 181 kg. He had to bounce 2 – 3 times to stand, but came through with a good jerk with a very wide split. Hasanov Sardar pulled in his 3rd at 181 which knocked his balance back a little; he managed to stand but jerked the bar forward. Next, there were three missed cleans with 182 kg two from the Iranian Behrouzi and one from Oleg Chen.

Only the two Chinese remained. WU made his 2nd with 183 kg with a hop forward in the clean and a wide split for the jerk. TANG took the same weight, made the same three bounces before recovering then scissoring deep to jerk the weight. WU made a better hop forward clean with 185, waited until his body was shifting forward before jerking the weight forward. He managed to lean forward and step under the weight to go into the lead in the clean and jerk. TANG saved his best efort for his 3rd lift with 186 kg. He cleaned it without pausing at the bottom then made wide split head down and looking at the floor jerk to secure the gold.

Although between the two of them the Chinese lifters made 11 of 12 attemtps, neither is particularly fast or has exemplary technique. A strong will makes up for some technical inefficiency.

77 kg

LU Xiaojun (CHN) 2nd attempt jerk with 205 kg. Charniga photo.

LU Xiaojun (CHN) the 2009 world champion, Su Dajin (CHN), Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) 2010 world champion and 2008 Olympic Champion SU jaehyouk (KOR) were the favorites in this class. LU easily won the Chinese tryouts with 170 + 205 = 375 which included a miss at the world record 211 kg.

Of the top four SU jaehyouk (KOR) appeared first with 157 kg. He pulled it well, but did not settle into the squat; dropping it without locking his arms. He repeated with this weight and this time made a very easy lift. Su Dajin (CHN) opened next with 160 kg. Rocking his hips up and down several times before beginning he made an easy jump back snatch with an awkward squat under. SU elevates his heels with additional material fastened to his shoes. His shins do not bend much so he kind of sits back and gets his balance with the extra heel elevation. Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) last year’s champion made a very good jump up jump down lift with 162 kg. He was followed by LU Xiaojun (CHN) with 165 kg. LU stopped just short of a deep squat and in so doing his right arm unlocked slightly; then , settling into a deep squat he managed to secure the weight for a good lift.

SU Jaehyouk (KOR) repeated his first attempt effort with his 3rd at 165; just a strong pull but not a deep squat to secure the weight at arms length. Su Dajin (CHN) made a very smooth lift with his 2nd at 166 kg. He had to tilt his trunk more than is normal to compensate for his lack of ankle flexibility. Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) countered with an explosive, jump back lift with the same weight. Su Dajin (CHN) briefly got 168 kg 3rd attempt to arms length but the weight slowly bent his arms and down it came. At this point SU and Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) were basically fighting for the silver medal. Martirosyan took the same 168 kg. This time he jumped back, sat very low and seemed to have it; but, it was in front and even though he tried to run under the barbell it did not work.

The last lifter int he snatch LU Xiaojun (CHN) seemed to rush his 2nd with 170 kg and lost the weight backwards. He did not make the same mistake on his 3rd and made a very smooth lift with 170 kg to move inot first place.

Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) came out first int he clean and jerk. He made an extremely easy clean with 190 kg but had to stumble forward to fix the weight in the jerk with his half squat style technique. SU Jaehyouk (KOR) cleaned his 1st with 196 kg with rediculous ease. He jerked it ok but he has trouble locking his left elbow and difficulty getting the barbell behind his head. LU Xiaojun (CHN) cleaned 200 kg with no foot moevement then jerked it in a squat style to about parallel in the squat before recovering easily. Taking a 10 kg jump from 1st to 2nd Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) cleaned 200 kg pretty easy but jerked it forward in his 1/4 bend push jerk style and could not run under the weight to save the lift.

With blood steaking down his left shin Su Dajin (CHN) made the heaviest start at 201 kg. After an easy clean he stopped at parallel in his squat jerk before recovering to fix the weight. Tirgan Martirosyan (ARM) pulled in 202 kg but it knocked him backward and he lost it. SU Jaehyouk (KOR) made another rediculously easy clean with 203 but a shaky jerk with his left elbow almost unlocking. LU Xiaojun (CHN) waited a few seconds for the clock to wind won before approaching his 2nd at 205 kg. He did another no foot movment clean, jerked it from his finger tips into a just below parallel squat to move into first place in the jerk and comfortably ahead in the total. Su Dajin (CHN) pulled 206 kg forward, had to stop in the squat before standing, but he made a good jerk; descending to about parallel and forcing the weight well behind his head to counterbalance it.

SU Jaehyouk (KOR) was the first to try to beat the 11 year old world record of Oleg Perepechnov. SU cleaned the weight with ease, but just like his two previous attempts rushed to jerk the weight and did not fix it at arms length. LU Xiaojun (CHN) was next up with 211. He made another smooth no foot movement clean but he stood for the jerk obviously leaning very slightly forward. He sank deep in the squat to try to bring the weight under control behind his head but to no avail. Su Dajin (CHN) pulled the bar a little forward with the same 211 kg and as a result could not fixt it on his chest.

It is interesting that this record of 210 kg has stood so long. Having witnessed it in Trencin it was obvious neither of these three athletes are weaker than Perepechenov when he set the record. If anything at least two are stronger. The jerk from the chest is the part of the lift that is the most elusive. In fact most of the other guys in this class looked like they learned their jerk technique at a USA weightlifting coaching course.

Furthermore, it should be noted that the real world record is 217 kg set in the 1980s at a weight class limit of 75 kg, and it also unlikey that guy who set it was stronger than the three athletes who missed the 211 kg on this day.


85 kg

Rostami Kianoush (IRI) sits low with 173 kg. Charniga photo

The 85 kg class was the arguably the most competitive class of the 2010 world championships. Most of those guys were back in Paris. The start list included Olympic silver medalist Andrei Rybakov who went on to win the gold medal in the snatch from the ‘B’ session. The real contenders in this class were last year’s champion Adrian Zielinski (POL), Rostami Kianoush (IRI), Apti Aukadov (RUS), Rinat Kireev (RUS), LU Yong (CHN) and Benjamin Henniquin (FRA).

Yolemis Hernandez (CUB) the 2011 Pan American Champion started things off with with a nice power snatch wtih 155 kg. His right leg buckled as he tried to go deeper on his next with 160 kg. He tried to power the same weight on his 3rd but just could not drop below parallel; a lot of power went to waste. The first attempt of Benjamin Henniquin (FRA) was a smooth deep squat snatch with 162 kg. He was followed by Rinat Kireev (RUS) who made a fast jump forward snatch with 163 kg.

Benjamin Henniquin (FRA) pulled slightly forward but hopped slightly forward to make a very smooth 2nd lift with 167 kg. The weight on the bar went up to 168 kg for the first attempt of Apti Aukadov (RUS). Pulling straight up and a little in front he hopped under this weight; the technique was not very Russian. In contrast to the bodybuilding physique (upper body) of Henniquin, Rostami Kianoush’s (IRI) slight upper body musculature is a throw back to the Bulgarian lifters of the 1980s. He made a very fast very deep squat snatch with his 1st at 169 kg.

The 2008 Olympic and 2009 world champion LU Yong (CHN) opened with 170 kg and muscled this weight with no problem. Last year’s champion Adrian Zielinski (POL) took the same weight for his 1st for a powerful jump back almost power snatch, lift. Making a laborious, but fast jump forward, Rinat Kireev (RUS) succeeded with 170 kg on his 2nd. Lifting with a huge home town advantage Henniquin hopped forward under 170 kg; started to lose it, shifted the bar back behind his head, but still had to run under it as he stood up, for a good lift.

Apti Aukadov (RUS) laboriously made a big hop forward and low squat under 173 kg, but to no avail, the weight fell backwards. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) shouted a few choice phases while sitting in a low squat before lifting 173 kg on his 3rd. A picture perfect lift with a very fast and low descent under the barbell. Rinat Kireev (RUS) made an uncoordinated attempt at 173, which he did not even get to arms length. Apti Aukadov (RUS) repeated his mistake with 173 kg on his 3rd, jumping forward too much an leaving the weight too far behind. Adrian Zielinski (POL) made another nice lift with his 2nd 174, this time sitting a little lower in the squat. Looking slow and deliberate in his movements, LU Yong (CHN) tried to muscle 175 kg for his 2nd and 3rd and did not get the bar to lock out both times.

Rostami Kianoush (IRI) briefly had 176 kg up and locked out well on his 3rd but for some reason dropped it forward. Now Adrian Zielinski (POL) came out to repeat what he did last year by taking a comfortable lead in the snatch. Using a lot of back he started with the 176 kg weight further in front of his body and it stayed there until he went under it; but it was so far forward he no chance to fix it.

Both Rinat Kireev (RUS) and Adrian Zielinski (POL) made their openers with 202 in the clean and jerk but Zieleinski stood before jerking with the barbell a little forward and of course jerked it forward but stepped under for a good lift. LU Yong (CHN) opened with 205 kg. He stood with a struggle; split deep but lost the weight behind.

LU repeated with 205; this time he struggled to stand all the way through. Wasted from the clean he did not get the bar to arms length in the jerk. Now on the ropes from two misses LU made a better clean with 205, took a little longer to regather for the jerk, but split deep and stepped through too far for a third miss. Apti Aukadov (RUS) made a routine clean then a half hearted effort at the jerk with 208 for a miss. Adrian Zielinski (POL) cleaned his 2nd with 208 kg slightly rounding his shoulders, stood for a couple of seconds but jerked the weight too far forward, not even locking his arms. Benjamin Henniquin (FRA) cleaned his 2nd with 208 kg well, paused before making a very strong jerk. This moved him into first in both the total and the clean and jerk.

Adrian Zielinski (POL) this time cleaned his 3rd with 208 kg much easier but once again jerked the weight forward about as much as on his 202 but 208 was too much to step under and he could not repeat as champion. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) now made the highest start with 209 kg. The clean knocked his balance backward a little in the deep squat but he shifted forward and stood very vertical. He jerked the bar way in front but stepped under it and stumbled but managed to hold on, to move into first on the total.

Rinat Kireev (RUS) was up next with the same 209 kg. He cleaned the weight without even going all the way down in the squat, flipped the bar up a little to switch to a thumbless grip; but got no special benefit as he jerked the weight a little forward; it did not get to arms length. Repeating with this weight he pulled it so far forward he had no chance of cleaning it. The Romanian Sincraian tried 210 kg but after a fairly easy clean he jerked it forward. Yolemis Hernandez (CUB) stopped his descent at about parallel with the same weight and struggled to stand, but his jerk was not even close. Apti Aukadov (RUS) pulled in his 3rd with 210 kg. His elbows dropped almost letting the weight fall but he recovered, then stood without difficulty. He tried to press the weight behind his head and lock it out at the same time but he could not get the bar to arms length.

Now it was the home town hero’s chance to lift the biggest weight. Henniquin pulled in his 3rd with 210 kg, paused at the bottom before standing. He made a vain effort to jerk the bar behind his head but it would not go. Sincraian (ROM) made a bar below clavicle clean with 210 and a powerful effort at the jerk with a dep split but the barbell was just too far forward. Yolemis Hernandez (CUB) came back out for his 3rd at 210 kg. This time he made a much easier clean and seemed to have the jerk, but first his right elbow unlocked as he stumbled backwards, then the whole thing came crashing down.

The last  man standing was Rostami Kianoush (IRI), already the champion he went right to 219 kg for a new world record. Hopping forward a little he made a strong clean with the record weight. Standing in the starting position he seemed balanced but when he starting bending into the half squat the athlete and barbell drifted forward; consequently, the barbell went to arms length at an angle away from him and he could not slide forward under it. He came back for the same weight on his third. This time he pulled it in ok, but after he sat for moment he could not stand with it. The comeptition was over, a new world champion crowned.

94 kg

Eighteen year old Saied (IRI) is about as low as you can go in snatch with 181 kg. Charniga photo.


On paper this class was loaded with talanted lifters. The two Ivanovs: 2010 World champion Alexandr (RUS) and Artem (UKR); Olympic champion Ilya Ilyn (KAZ); KIM Min – Jae (KOR); Mohammad Saied (IRI) and 2011 European champion Andrei Demanov (RUS).

Andrei Demanov (RUS) opened with a easy jump forward snatch of 172 kg. He was followed by the eighteen year old Mohammad Saied (IRI). Bulgarian like he jumped back and sank low for a shaky but good lift with 173 kg. Anatoli Ciricu (MDA) was not close with his opener with 175 kg. Next came Ilya Ilyn (KAZ). Ilyn took his grip and immediately started to lift. The barbell first shifts forward a little, but Ilyn jumped down and back under the bar with blinding speed for a good lift. Ciricu (MDA) repeated his miss with 175 kg, but on a 3rd attempt he fixed it well to stay in the competition. Pulling long, hopping forward, but sitting very low, Demanov fixed his 2nd with 176. KIM Min – Jae (KOR) sat over the bar for long time before pulling 177 kg into a low squat and good first attempt. Ruslan Nurudinov (UZB) a muscleless wonder from Uzbekistan made a nice high pull and a passive squat with 177 for no lift. He repeated with this weight and this time fixed overhead but had to run forward several steps to finally save the lift.

Alexandr Ivanov(RUS) power snatched his opener with 178 kg.  Andrei Demanov (RUS) made a big but fast jump forward lift with 178 kg, his best effort of the night. Mohammad Saied (IRI) made another Bulgarian snatch with 179 kg, walking forward a few steps to get it under control. His slight upper body development seems not to be up to the task of holding the weight overhead but despite shaking he manages to keep the barbell fixed. Ruslan Nurudinov (UZB) got 180 to arms length but it was too far behind him. Artem Ivanov(UKR) made a slow but good lift with his 1st at 181 kg. Ilya Ilyn (KAZ), wasting no time over the bar, lifted his 2nd with 181 kg a mirror image of his 1st.

Mohammad Saied (IRI) made his 3rd snatch of the competition with a very low drop under the bar and a half a step to secure it overhead. KIM Min – Jae (KOR) made a very strong jump back snatch with his 2nd at 182 kg.  183 kg brought Alexandr Ivanov(RUS) out for his 2nd. He stopped this weight slightly below parallel for an almost power snatch. Taking a little more time before attacking the barbell Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) got under 184 kg with incredible speed; but, for what must have been an extremly slight arm bend was turned down.

Artem Ivanov(UKR) pulled slow and descended slow with 186 kg, had the weight locked, but slowly lost in behind. Alexandr Ivanov(RUS) made his 3rd successful lift with 186 kg stopping the weight again just below parallel. You wonder what this guy could do if he used flexibility like the Iranian and Ilyn. Artem Ivanov(UKR) repeated with 186 kg and this time forced himself down and waited before recovering to make sure he had it, to move into 2nd place in the snatch.

KIM Min – Jae (KOR) came out for the final attempt in the snatch to try to go into the lead with 187 kg. Waiting over bar a long time KIM made a nice pull but could not fix the weight in the squat.

In the clean ane jerk Andrei Demanov (RUS) started with a good jump forward clean and easy jerk with 213 kg. He was followed by KIM Min – Jae (KOR) with 214 kg. Twisting a little to the left as he stood from the squat KIM made a deep split to fix the weight. Andrei Demanov (RUS) made an extremely easy clean with 215 then a shallow lean forward jerk. Anatoli Ciricu (MDA) took the same weight for a jump back clean then jerked the weight with both elbows unable to fully lock for a good lift. The man without muscles in this class Ruslan Nurudinov (UZB) made 215 look easy on his 1st attempt.

Mohammad Saied (IRI) cleaned 216 kg ok; but stood leaning forward slightly. As a result he jerked the weight forward and was lucky to step under it far enough to get the weight behind his head.

Artem Ivanov(UKR) made a slow clean with 216 kg then splotted his jerk; his left foot shifting to the side and forward a little. A crude technique for someone at such a high level in international competition. KIM Min – Jae (KOR) cleaned 216 kg well but his jerk was way forward and not even close. Andrei Demanov (RUS) came out for 7 kg increase to 220 kg. Jumping forward a little further this time he cleaned it well but almost pressed out the jerk, but still had a good lift. Andrei Ivanov (RUS) made another powerful, almost power clean with 220 kg followed by a pathetic jerk which was way forward and did not get close to arms length. Anatoli Ciricu (MDA) made a hard clean and another bent arm jerk for a good lift with 220 kg.

Without pausing over the bar Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) rushed out to make a fast deep squat clean 221 and with no visible pause jerked it. Ruslan Nurudinov (UZB) made another very easy clean with 221 kg, split low in the jerk, then carefully brought his feet in line for another good lift. Mohammad Saied (IRI) pulled in 221 kg but dumped it immediately. Artem Ivanov (UKR) made anothe good lift with his 2nd 221 kg. Saied (IRI) took 221 again and this time cleaned it, but standing with a slight lean forwad and bending with the same angle of lean, should have missed the jerk, but he stepped forward to save it. Andrei Demanov (RUS) struggled to stand with his third at 225 kg and did not have enough left over to jerk it. Anatoli Ciricu (MDA) pulled in 225 kg but it knocked him backward.

Ruslan Nurudinov (UZB)   struggled to clean his 3rd with 225 kg then rushed to jerk it but it barely passed his head. Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) russhed out for his 2nd at 226 kg. He made a fast, easy clean and without pausing jerked the weight. However, he had to walk forward several steps and never really became motionless; but the lift was passed. Artem Ivanov (UKR) jumping back and almost a little to the side cleaned the 227 kg he needed for 1st. He stood for some seconds to prepare for the jerk; but the barbell barely got to head height, his feet seemed to stick on the platform in his splot technique. It is peculiar to say the least that a talented young man like Ivanov’s who has trained his body to generate such great power in the clean, with today’s modern training methodology; would try to rely on a technique out of 1924 to consummate a chamipnship. Already the champion Ilyn passed his 3rd attempt.

105 kg

Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) splotting to lift 229 kg. Charniga photo.


Unlike the previous two weight classes the Russian team finally looked as if they could win a men’s division. Former world champion Dmitry Klokov (RUS) and Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) looked to be the clear favorites with the UkranianTorokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) and Machavariani Gia (GEO) fighting for third place.

Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) opened with an extremely easy jump back 176 kg. It looked like he was just playing it safe to get the first lift in. After sitting for some seconds in a low squat for his start, Machavariani Gia (GEO) made a shaky opener with 180 kg; tilting to one side and almost unlocking his arm. Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) made another very easy lift with 181 kg on his second attempt; jumping back and descending under the bar extremly fast.

Machavariani Gia (GEO) came out with 184 on his 2nd and did another tilting to the right, but easier attempt than his 1st. Bartlomei Bonk (POL) made a perfect lift with his opener 185 kg, a single continuos motion from lift off to full recovery. Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) pulled his 3rd at 185 kg very smoothly and seemed to have the weight locked out briefly, but his arms unlocked.

The first of the two Russians to appear was Dmitry Klokov (RUS) with 187 kg. He sat in the low squat with trunk tilted slightly forward for several seconds before leaning back, then pulling from the low squat for a nice jump back lift.  Machavariani Gia (GEO) took the same 187 kg and made his best lift of the night. Bartlomei Bonk (POL) pulled 189 kg slow, dropped under the bar slow, then dropped it behind.

Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) made a fast jump forward lift with 190 kg; catching the bar at about parallel. Bartlomei Bonk (POL) jumped to 190 kg for his 3rd and made a slow pull with the bar shifting forward slightly. This time he could not lock his arms and it dropped in front. Dmitry Klokov (RUS) duplicated his 1st attempt with 192 kg for a fast pull and low squat to move into the lead. Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) responded with a very powerful 195 kg; again stopping at about parallel. Not to be outdone, Dmitry Klokov (RUS) made another near perfect lift with 196 kg. The top three guys had yet to miss an attempt. Screaming and throwing his head back in mid pull Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) had to drop lower under his final attempt with 198 kg, but it was still an easy lift.

Machavariani Gia (GEO) was the first of the leaders to appear in the clean and jerk with 212 kg. Sitting in a low squat to start the lift Gia made a very strong clean followed by a shaky jerk. Lifting with a classic shoulder width hand spacing, Bartlomei Bonk (POL) made a smooth, easy clean with 215, then a very strong jerk. Machavariani Gia (GEO) took a six kilo jump on his 2nd to 218 kg. He made a easy clean and another shaky jerk for his fifth straight success. Two hundred twenty kilos brought out Dmitry Klokov (RUS) for his first attempt. He bent over the bar for a fairly long time, then pulled the weight in with a hop forward. He cleaned the weight with a classic shoulder width hand spacing and jerked the weight without changing his grip.

Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) cleaned his opener with 220 kg like a feather then performed an awkward looking splot to jerk the weight. The Iranian lifter Barari Mohammedreza (IRI) did a high pull with 221 kg then dropped under the weight which came crashing down on him, only to fall off his chest. Bartlomei Bonk (POL) made an uncoordinated effort to clean 221 kg; the barbell knocked him backward. Barari Mohammedreza (IRI) came back out for 221 kg. This time he bent over the barbell a long time before pulling. The weight crashed on him again but he managed to stand up with it. After waiting a relatively long time in the starting position he performed a mechanical slow jerk, but held on for a good lift. Bartlomei Bonk (POL) made a better pull for his 3rd with 221 kg; stopped about 3/4 of the way up in the recovery, then fought through it. He stood there just long enough to catch his breath then made a slow, but good lift.

Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) opened with 222 kg. Like his snatches he stopped the weight at about parallel in the squat, recovered easlily then made a very explosive jerk with this weight. Machavariani Gia (GEO) made a smooth elastic clean with his 3rd at 222 kg; jerked it to arms’ length shaking, but held on to make his sixth consecutive lift. Then Gia bent down to touch the barbell and make the sign of the cross to signify he had divine assistance. Nasirshelal Navab (IRI) took 223 kg after correcting his opener with 211. He hopped forward to clean the weight then jerked it a little forward, but stepped under it for a good lift. The Korean lifter KIM Chul – Min (KOR) made the effort of the night with his 3rd at 224 kg. He pulled the weight in bounced five times before struggling through the mid point; almost dropping the weight off his chest in the process. He kept his composure, secured his balance, then jerked with a wide split to tmeporarily move into first place in the jerk.

Dmitry Klokov (RUS) selected 225 kg for his 2nd. He hopped forward, stood very strongly then jerked the weight easily with his shoulder width hand spacing. Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) replied with 228 kg. This time he dropped below parallel in the squat rounded his back a little in standing, then made another very powerful jerk. Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) pulled in 229 kg and lost his balance backwards as he recovered. He had to take a step backwards and re-adjust the barbell on his chest. But he was spent, his splot style jerk was not close. Torokhtiy Oleksiy (UKR) followed himself with 229 and this time managed to stand straight without having to take a step. He splotted the weight overhead with his trunk tilting forward quite a bit and held on for a good lift.

Why this guy and most of the Ukranian team would use a squat or even cruder splott jerk is mystery because this part of the former Soviet Union produced two famous biomechanists: Luchkin and Neprechenko, who must be rolling over in their graves. Dmitry Klokov (RUS) came out with 232 kg to take the gold in jerk and total. He made his strongest clean of the night then a decent wide split jerk to move into first. This is the same guy whose shallow split in the jerk cost him the gold medal at last year’s championships in Anatalya. Now the pressure was on Khadzhimurat Akkayev (RUS) who came out for the final lift with 232 kg. With a big jump forward and almost rounded back in the recovery he made a sloppy clean but another of his shallow split, explosive jerks to win all three gold medals.

This was a truly unusual class where three of the top four guys made six attempts. The first two place winners Akkayev and Klokov exemplified what weightlifting competition is all about: they displayed a high level of skill to make every attempt in ascending order of weight and psychological pressure.

+105 kg

Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) pulling on 201 kg with mysterious lump under t – shirt just above right elbow. Charniga photo.

In the absence of an aging Yevgeny Chigeshev (RUS), last year’s champion Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) looked to be a sure thing for the gold medal. AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) the 2009 champion and his teamate Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) have been inconsistent; Ukranian Schymechko Igor (UKR) is competitive in the snatch but not in jerk and new to the international stage Mogushkov Chingiz (RUS) would be fighting for medals, but not a threat for the gold in total.

Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) opened with a slow jump back 183 kg. He was followed by his teamate AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) with the same weight. He made a faster jump back lift with this weight. Mogushkov Chingiz (RUS) all 184 kg of him, opened with 8 kg over bodyweight. He pulled fast but the barbell had too much backward momentum and he lost it behind. Taking a long time over the bar in the start Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) made a fast pull and jump back lift with 192 kg, a better effort than his 1st. Nagy Peter (HUN) made a loop forward and around his knees with the same weight for good lift. Mogushkov Chingiz (RUS) was back out with 192 kg. He pulled this weight up easily and sat very low but his balance was forward. He ran forward a few steps trying to save the lift but ended up almost hitting himself in the head with the bar as he dropped it. On his final attempt Mogushkov made sure of this weight by sitting low and stopping to get his balance before standing. So, he was able to stay in the competition.

Anoushiravani Sajjad (IRI) took two attempts to make 193 kg, the first one was an uncoordinated pull and squat; the second was a much better effort, almost a power snatch. Pulling the weight arounds his knees slightly, Schymechko Igor (UKR) made a nice jump back lift with 195 kg. AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) jumped back far with an awkward looking 196 kg for his 2nd good lift. Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) tried to high pull his 3rd attempt with 196 kg with the result it was not even close. Nagy Peter’s (HUN) looping pull around his knees with 196 kg may have been the same in degree but with the bigger weight the deflection was magnified, he could not get the weight overhead.

Anoushiravani Sajjad (IRI) took 198 kg for his 3rd. He took a long time bending over the bar before pulling and made a very good almost power snatch with just a small foot moement backward and to the side. AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) pulled 198 kg around his knees, jumped back but the compensation to bring the bar towards his body caused it to keep going backwards and down it came. Schymechko Igor (UKR) was up with his 2nd with 200 kg. He pulled it around his knees a little, hopped backwards a little and sat very low for a good lift.

Two hundred one kilos brought out Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) for his first attempt. He was wearing a black lycra T – shirt under his singlet, in the right sleeve of which was an unusual bulge just above his right elbow. Shouting Ali, the Irananian lowered into the starting position and raised the barbell off the floor several centimeters, then imediately lowered back down. He then raised his hips up briefly then lowered them quickly to begin the lift. He almost power snatched the weight.

This preliminary movement, when the barbell leaves the floor, then is returned to the floor before the actual lifting is unusual at this level of competition. This preliminary action creates some brief strain energy in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, which is then released when the athlete quickly begins lifting after first lowering the weight to the floor, facilitating the lifting of the barbell.

Schymechko Igor (UKR) pulled his 3rd with 203 kg around his knees again but this time it was slow, followed by a slow drop under the bar for a miss. Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) now had two attempts left. He selected 209 kg and perfromed his initial lift off with this weight; but, first shouting Ali, he took a little longer to lower back into the start position and lifted this weight with ease; his feet staying in the same place.

The barbell was loaded to 214 kg a new world record (although the previous record of 216 kg set in 1987 had never been matched even though there has always been an unlimited class). Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) still lifting in his lumpy shirt, raised the weight a few centimeters, lowered it, screamed something unintelligible, then pulled the fast and dropped low to fix the weight. He had to take a big step forward to save it but it became the new world record.

The 2009 world champion AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) who clean and jerk 247 in Goyang two years ago opened with 222 kg. He made a slow pull, caught the weight above paralell then started to sit slow but the weight fell off his chest. AN Yong – Kwan (KOR) repeated with 222 kg and this time made a slow pull, a slow squat but an explosive jerk with a wide split for a good lift. Schymechko Igor (UKR) pulled in 223 kg slow and stopped just below parallel and recovered slow. He jerked the weight forward for a miss. Nagy Peter (HUN) performed a slow mechanical pull, made a big jump forward for a mechanical squat under, then a slow mechanical jerk, like he was connecting the dots on a puzzle.

Schymechko Igor (UKR) retunred for 223 kg. This time he pulled and squatted under the bar fast, stood for a seconds, then jerked the weight. Nagy Peter (HUN) made another mechanized clean with 226 kg then jerked it like his feet were in a sand box for no lift. Anoushiravani Sajjad (IRI) made a fast pull with 228, but only dropped under to parallel. He jerked it fast but in a shallow split. Schymechko Igor (UKR) made another fast clean with 230 kg, stood with his right foot shifted forward a little then made another careful lift in the jerk.

Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) made a fast clean with his opener with 232 kg, then a slow, muscled jerk for a good lift. Mogushkov Chingiz (RUS) opened with 233 kg for a fast clean and very low squat for 184 kg man squat. He sat there for few seconds then stood to jerk the weight easily but no lift. Anoushiravani Sajjad (IRI) made a quick big jump back clean with 233 then an explosive jerk. Mogushkov Chingiz (RUS) performed another very low squat clean with 233 kg but this time was carful to jerk the weight to arms length cleanly. The young Armenian Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) stood over 240 kg for a long time before performing the “dive”style of starting the weight. He cleaned ok but jerked forward and ended up dropping the weight off the platform.

Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) took 240 kg again this time making a fast explosive clean only to jerk it so far forward it dropped imediately. Now it was Mogushkov Chingiz’s (RUS) turn at 240 kg. He squatted under the weight very low and almost lost it when his left knee shifted forward, but he recovered his balance and stood up. Mogushkov then just mucled the weight up and back over his head for a good lift. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) pulled his 3rd lift with 240 kg to his chest but dropped it imediatley.

Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) selected 241 kg for his opener. He had changed to a white t – shirt under his singlet, under the right sleeve of which was a clearly visible small rectangular objet stapped to his arm. He made a fairly easy jump forward clean with this weight but almost pressed out the jerk with his slow shuffling split. Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) made the fastest, easiest heavy clean of the night with 241 followed by a springy jerk. Anoushiravani Sajjad (IRI) pulled 241 kg over his knees, almost paused before brushing his upper thighs then made a big slow jump backward to clean the weight. The jerk was almost a push press with a shuffling of the feet fore and aft but it was good.

When Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) came out for his 2nd at 250 kg his right sleeve was rolled up a little exposing the little black rectangular object strapped to his arm. He cleaned the 250 with a hop forward turned a litle to his right the made a ponderous sloppy scissoring jerk with it for his 5th straight good lift. Jeong Sang – Guen (KOR) pulled 254 kg fast then stuggled up from the squat with the bar sliding off his clavicles a little. He jerked it to arms length and briefly seemed to have it locked out but he let go and fell backward.

Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) came out for the fianl lift of the championships with 260 kg. The rectangual object he had worn all ight was missing. He stood for some seconds at the back of the platform saying some prayers, then approached the bar and began shouting ali. However, he only did a pull with this weight.

What was on Salimikordasiabi Behdad (IRI) arm? Apparently the TC told one one of the officials to look into this. It turned out to be a small copy of the Koran. But supposedly this is against the rules, so the Iranian had to lift without this assistive gear for his heaviest weight of the night.