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Wilson, W., Derse, E. editors, Doping in Elite Sport, , Champaign: Human Kinetics, PP88:119:2001
The following quotations were taken from a section of the above book. To state that the statements stray from the truth is an understatement. Hopefully our research, which is presented below, should set the record straight.
1. True.
“1988 At the Women’s World Weightlifting Championships, the Chinese dominate the event, winning every one of the nine bodyweight classes.

2. False.
“..all nine winners tested positive for anabolic steroids..”
3. Brazenly false.
“… the International Weightlifting Federation contacts the Chinese Weightlifting Federation … informs them that although the positives will not be made public, none of the Chinese lifters can be brought to the 1989 World Championships.”
4. Profoundly false.
“In those championships, none of the 1988 winners appear…”
5. Incredibly false.
“but once again a Chinese lifter wins every class.”

6. Incredulously false.
“What lends credence to the story of the International Weightlifting official report is that each one of the 1989 winners lifted the exactly the same weights as did the winners in 1988. The snatches were the same, the clean and jerks were the same, and, of course, the totals were the same.”
7. Pathetically false.
“Anyone experienced in weightlifting would argue that this was not the result of a coincidence.”

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Response to:
The following seven (7) Chinese lifters of the 1988 World Weightlifting championship team returned for the 1989 competition in Manchester, England:
Xing Fen {44 kg}
Huang Xiaoyu {48kg}
Peng Lipeng {52kg}
Ma Na {moved up from 56 kg to 60 kg}
Guo Qiuxiang {67.5 kg}
Li Hongling {moved up from 75 kg to 83 kg}
Han Chang Mei {+83 kg}
Their results are presented in table 1.
Table 1. A Comparison of the results of the 1988 {Jakarta}, 1989 {Manchester} Women’s World Weightlifting Championships: 1st Place Nat 1988 1st place Nat 1989
44 Xing Fen CHN 60.0 87.5 Xing Fen CHN 72.5 92.5
48 Huang Xiaoyu CHN 70.0 95.5 Huang Xiaoyu CHN 75.0 97.5
52 Peng Lipeng CHN 80.0 95.0 Peng Lipeng CHN 77.5 107.5
56 Ma Na CHN 75.0 105.0 Xing Liwei CHN 77.5 102.5
60 Yang Jing CHN 85.0 110.0 Ma Na CHN 87.5 115.0
67.5 Guo Qiuxiang CHN 95.0 115.0 Guo Qiuxiang CHN 97.5 122.5
75 Li Hongling CHN 90.0 122.5 Trendavilova M.¹ BUL 95.0 125.0
82.5 Li Yanxia CHN 97.5 117.5 Li Hongling CHN 102.5 137.5
+82.5 Han Chang Mei CHN 100.0 132.5 Han Chang Mei CHN 105.0 137.5
¹Zhang Xiaoli (CHN) placed 2nd with 90.0 + 125.0 = 215.0

The Chinese do not win all nine (9) weight classes; only eight in Manchester (table 1).
None, not one winning result, not even one lift of the 1988 gold medalists is the same in 1989 (table 1).
The authors are not experienced in weightlifting. Making the same result from one year to the next (which did not happen in the first place) proves nothing other than the lifters were possibly stagnant.
These authors are, at best, lazy and irresponsible to have written such trash. They obviously made no effort to research any of these bizzare claims.
The references cited were Terry Todd and John Hoberman, “China – Strongest and Smartest,” Austin American Statesman, 14 June 1992. So, to make up such an irresponsible, ridiculously racist yarn the author referenced himself by repeating a rumor from a newspaper article. The date this article (1992) was published would have allowed these irresponsible people more than sufficient time to obtain copies of the magazine reporting these events to lend any credence to their claims.
But, this self styled “journalist” was too lazy to make any effort to substantiate the rumors he said he heard. So, they were repeated in the book referenced above. No need to worry about telling lies as those athletes will never hear about them. Besides they can’t sue, can they?
World Weightlifting, Budapest, publisher: International Weightlifting Federation.
1:10 – 21: 1989;
Some quotes from World Weightlifting {1:17-22:1990}
“A Suleymanoglu among the women … Huang Xiaoyu {48} has ‘selfishly’ kept her title all the way until Manchester.”
“Another incumbent Peng Liping defended her title with ease.”