Motion With Movement 33 lbs


‘Move With {the}Motion Barbell Exercise’


‘Motion – With – Movement’ {MWM} discs have unique properties for Move with motion barbell exercises; stimulating a heightened kinesthetic awareness for developing complex motor skills.

All materials are certified non– toxic. ‘Move – With – Motion discs’ unique features of ultra – low shock, low noise and extreme durability.

‘Motion – With – Movement’ Discs are impact resistant rubber weights filled with demineralized water. All materials are certified non– toxic. Ultra – low shock and noise; extreme durability. The discs are full size: 450 mm in diameter and will fit any standard Olympic bar.

Skills of kinesthetic awareness are heightened by ‘moving with motion’, barbell exercises;Move with Motion’  barbell exercises develop coordination, balance, equilibrium through stimulation of the muscle, tendon and joint sensors.

Move – With – Motion’ barbell exercises

/ Develop Complex Balance Skills

/ Improve Coordination

/ Stimulate Muscle, Tendon and Joint Sensors

/ Stimulate & Heighten Kinesthetic Awareness

/  Increase Complexity with Less Weight