Weightlifting news and views

Essays about various topics in weightlifting such as doping controls; political/social issues in the sport.

Sportivny Press 2015

Sportivny Press, now www.sportivnypress.com, of Livonia Michigan came into existence in 1982 with the publication of an English translation of the Russian text The Snatch the Clean and Jerk, by Robert Roman. When I met Roman for the first time in Moscow in 1983; I brought him two copies of the translation. He was terribly …

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Motivation or Coordination?

Motivation or Coordination? The world records of the 2014 Asian Games Weightlifting Andrew Charniga, Jr. Sportivny.press Zufila Chinshanlo (KAZ) attempting to lift 5 kg over new WR 132 with 137 kg at 2014 Asian Games. Charniga photo The highlights of the recent Asian Games weightlifting championships in Incheon, Korea from 09/19/14 to 09/26/14 showcased the …

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News and Views of Weightlifting 1

News and Views of Weightlifting 1 This section of Sportivnypress.com will be devoted to review of weightlifting news whether it be suitable, or otherwise, noteworthy online or print content. The first review of this section will be select articles from the Russian magazine “Olimp”, issue 2-3, 2012. This magazine is the brain child of publisher …

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