Misinformation engineering Returns

Andrew Charniga


Misinformation Engineering returns after a long absence. However, instead of individual stand alone articles on a variety of subjects; a series of threads is planned with several articles, video and the like planned for the individual threads of commentary.

For instance, several comments appear in the first thread drawn from Men’s Health magazine. The date of each comment will separate each commentary in the thread and so forth. In most cases the individual commentaries will cover the same or nearly the same topics. Overlap and repetition are unavoidable; then again, so is the overlap and repetition of the same themes of ignorance which appear over and over. No matter the argument put forth there seems no end to snake oil salesmen, charlatans and hucksters. Consequently, the need to repeat the same things over and over: full squats are not bad for knees; there is no such thing as a Bulgarian squat and so forth.

Where appropriate a slide index of the article’s or research paper’s snake oiliness will be assigned with a rating of 1 to 5; five being the most slippery.