Announcement of Ebooks compilation of Articles & Books


The following translations from the Russian Weightlifting Library are now available in ebook form. They can be found on the following platforms: Amazon Royalty, Nook Royalty, Itunes Royalty, Kobo Royalty, Google Play Royalty.

The Snatch, the Clean and Jerk, by R.A. Roman

The Training of the Weightlifter, By R.A. Roman

Fundamentals of Special Strength Training in Sport, by Y. V. Verkhoshansky

Programming and Organization of Training, by Y. V. Verkhoshansky

Managing the Training of Weightlifters, N.P. Laputin, Valentin Oleshko

Weightlifting: Textbook for the Institutes of Sport of the USSR, Vorobeyev, A.N.

A De- Masculinization of Strength, Andrew Charniga

A System of Multi – Year Training in Weightlifting, A.S. Medvedyev

Weightlifting Training and Technique, I.P. Zhekov, A. Lukashev, and other authors


The following articles have been switched to password protect on the Sportivnypress website because they are now available in ebook format; videos still inclusive. They can be found on the following platforms: Amazon Royalty, Nook Royalty, Itunes Royalty, Kobo Royalty, Google Play Royalty.

I will continue to write new articles which will appear on this site as usual. But over time some of those will be converted to ebook format as well. I am considering print on demand services as well but the video features will be lost. The videos serve to enhance the concepts presented in the articles.

Andrew Charniga

Book 1 There Is No System

/ “There is no System Part I”

/ “There is no System Part II: 1962”

/ “There is no System Part III”

/ “There is no System Part IV”

/ “There is no System Part V”

/ “There is no System Part VI”

/ “Distinctions Between Static (Powerlifting/Bodybuilding) and Dynamic (Weightlifting/Ballistic) Expressions in Strength Training”

Book 2. Injury Susceptibility in Sport

/ “Its all Connected”

/ “Its all Connected: Part II”

/ “Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism” (Its all Connected Part III)

/ “Achilles Tendon Rupture and the NFL”

/ “Practical Solutions to the Problem of Achilles Rupture and the Proliferation of Injuries to the Lower Extremities of Football Players”

/ “A Myth of Olympic Weightlifting”

/ “Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism and the Consequences of Forward Engineering”

/ “Incidence of Valsalva Episodes and Competition Protocols in Weightlifting”

/ “Why Safe is Unsafe”

/ “Of Flat Tires & Brittle Basketball Players”

/ “Of Ankle Breakers and Glass – Ket – Ball”

Book 3. Weightlifting Training and Biomechanics

/ “More About the Jerk”

/ “Still More About the Jerk: The Press, the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk of Viktor Kurentsov”

/ “Why Weightlifting Shoes”

/ “Nicolai Luchkin to Alexander Lukashev”

/ “News and Views of Weightlifting: Part I”

/ “Motivation or Coordination”

/ “Can there be Such a Thing as an Asian Pull”

/ “Russian Training Part I”

/ “The Foot, the Ankle Joint and an Asian Pull”

/ “Russian Training Part II”

/ “Russian Training Part III”

/ “Russian Training Part IV”

/ “The relative Value of the Back Squat in the Training of Weightlifters”

/ “Concerning the Russian Squat Routine”

/ “Variations of the Jump Under the Barbell in the Snatch and the clean”

/ “Scaling of Body Mass in Weightlifting: What can Happen to the World’s Strongest Weightlifters”

/ “Traps, Bats and Calves: Considerations for the Hungarian Start”

/ “Power, Equilibrium and the Struggle with Horizontal Gravity”

/ “Equilibrium in Weightlifting” 

Book 4. The Female in Weightlifting

/ “De – masculinization of Strength”

/ “Comparison of Warm up Protocols of High Class Male and Female Weightlifters”

/ “Aesthetics of Strength”

/ “Shouldn’t Female Weightlifters be Injury Prone?”

/ Unanticipated Consequences of a Weaker Sex”

/ “Expression of Strength in Weightlifting”

/ “How the Female Weightlifter Out – Grew the Lady Bar”

/ “Why God Does Not Build in Straight Lines”

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