2019 World Championships Part II

2019 World Championships Part II

Andrew Charniga

The Men

55 kg

OM Yun Chol (PRK) 294 (535%); Son Igor (KAZ) 266 (484%); Al Saleem Mansaour (KSA) 265 (482%)

Asterisk or no, Om results in this class were highlight of the entire competition. 

Al Saleem Mansaour (KSA) pulled 118 high; but it was all pull as his attempt to fix the weight was uncoordinated. He hopped forward making a much better effort to fix the same weight. Son Igor (KAZ) made an uncoordinated effort to fix 119; to no avail. He pulled straight; sitting fast with almost no movement of feet. Starting from a low squat, OM Yun Chol (PRK) was under 121 in a flash. Al Saleem Mansaour (KSA) pulled 121 in easily without hitting bottom only to lose it coming out of the squat.  OM Yun Chol (PRK) dropped under 126 extremely fast making it look much easier than his opener. OM made another excellent extremely fast drop into the squat lift with 128.

OM Yun Chol (PRK). Charniga photo

Son Igor (KAZ) hopped back with 142; jerking with elbows low and bent rear knee. He sat back with 146; struggling to stand he jerked with a very fast scissoring.  Al Saleem Mansaour (KSA) hopped forward with his 2nd at 147; struggling to jerk it and hold the weight overhead. He had to repeat with this weight; jerking with elbows down he split very fast using the favorable leverage of his long arms to fix the weight overhead. OM Yun Chol (PRK) made his opener with 155 easily enough to settle 1rst place in the total. Pulling slow with such a huge weight of 163 he dropped under very fast. He pushed up in the jerk; not even close to locking it out.

OM then jumped to the triple bodyweight 166 for the jerk and total records.  The greatest clean and jerk artist in the history of the sport dragged the weight to his chest; dropping extremely fast. This time the accentuation was on moving the feet fast into a wide split and not on pushing up to jerk it. He struggled to recover from the split while keeping the oscillating barbell under control. The recovery from the split and holding the weight at arms length for the down signal were the hardest parts for OM; as these segments of the lift would be for anyone lifting 300%.

Since first making the 300% at the 2012 Olympics OM has accomplished the feat 8 times; this feat accomplished under the growing sophistication of the testing technology over this span:

(56) 168 – 300% 2012 OG

(56) 169 – 2013 Asian Interclub

(56) 170 – 2014 Asian Games

(56) 168 – 2015 World Senior Chps.

(56) 171 – 2015 IWF Grand Prix

(56) 171 – 2015 IWF WWC

(56) 169 – 2016 OG

(55) 166 – 2019 IWF WWC

61 kg

LI Fabin (CHN) 320 (526%); Irawan Yuli (INA) 306 (502%); Mosquera Antonio (COL) 302 (495%)

Mosquera Antonio (COL) just pulled and sat without accentuating fixing 135. His repeat with the same weight looked simply too heavy to be even close. Irawan Yuli (INA) pulled slow, sitting slow with 136; also without accentuating fixing the weight overhead. He corrected this on his 2nd hopping back slightly.  LI Fabin (CHN) muscled 138 up with a lot of upper body, sitting slow. Irawan Yuli (INA) made his best effort with 140 dropping down slowly hitting a very low squat. LI Fabin (CHN) muscled 141 with a slight hop back also hitting a very low squat with the bar barely clearing his head. Speedy as a slow moving freight train Li dropped extremely low to fix 145 to take a commanding lead. The athletes in this ‘A’ session made less than 50% of their attempts uncharacteristic for an elite group. This disease continued in the clean and jerk.     

LI Fabin (CHN) Charniga photo.

Irawan Yuli (INA) took a very long time over 166 pulled and stood ok but his start position was slightly tilted forward which in turn resulted in the bar moving hopelessly forward. He cleaned the 166 easier; still jerking forward; but manageable. Mosquera Antonio (COL) cleaned 167 with a slight hop forward jerking it easily with a fast wide split.  LI Fabin (CHN) dragged 168 to his chest, tilting forward he struggled to stand and not fall forward in the effort. He jerked it surprisingly well thanks to a fast, wide split.  Mosquera Antonio (COL) pulled in 172 forward in the squat struggled to stand jerking it way forward without adjusting his balance backwards. He cleaned the same 172 much easier with his balance further backwards than his previous.  He jerked it with a fast wide split; well balanced.  LI Fabin (CHN) struggled to pull in and stand with 173; nevertheless, jerked splitting wide and fast.  Irawan Yuli (INA) sat backward in the squat with a clearly too heavy 175.   

67 kg

CHEN Lijun (CHN) 337 (503%); FENG Lyudong (CHN) 333 (497%); PAK Ju (PRK) 330 (493)

Preceded by a number of pull and sit misses PAK Ju (PRK), although not particularly fast, fixed 142 in a very low squat. CHEN Lijun (CHN) hopped back and low with a very smooth 145.

The athletes who should not be missing weights but do miss in snatch; probably do too many power snatches; the bad habit of stopping the weight high comes out on the platform with the 2nd and especially 3rd attempts. For instance, Mosquera (COL) is a good case in point. He power snatched 145 moving very fast especially dropping down. But twice he was unable to ‘coordinate’ a squat snatch with 151. Likewise his C& J. He power cleaned 181 unable to jerk it after struggling to stand against the oscillating barbell.

PAK Ju (PRK).  Charniga photo.

PAK Ju (PRK) pulled 146 too long; sitting slow and very low; only to drop it back. He made the same mistake on the repeat this time dropping it forward without fixing it. CHEN Lijun (CHN) jumped back further than the previous, slowly muscling 150. CHEN Lijun (CHN) was unable to slowly muscle 153. This is a fundamental flaw in the technique of a lot of the Chines men who do a lot of muscle mass work, especially on the upper body in training.

CHEN Lijun (CHN) dropped slowly hopping back under 178; jerked with very fast feet. PAK Ju (PRK) hopped back with 178 jerking with very wide and very fast split.   Another slow pull, slow squat with 184 for CHEN Lijun (CHN); then an extremely fast almost no pause jerk. PAK Ju (PRK) hopped back and stood well; paused for some seconds in the start before splitting very wide with good balance in the jerk.  CHEN Lijun (CHN) cleaned 187 slow without bottoming out; no pause jerked it with a struggle. PAK Ju (PRK) stopped at the bottom of the gold medal 188 clean; bounced several times struggling to stand; taking a long pause in the start he jerked with very fast split even bending the wrists well back to get the barbell well behind his head. 

73 kg

ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) 363 (497%); O Kang Chol (PRK) 347 (475%); Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) 346 (474%)

Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) hopped back dropping fast under 149. O Kang Chol (PRK) hopped forward under 150 without hitting bottom. Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) dropped fast turning the bar over very fast in a low squat with no hesitation to hit bottom with 154. O Kang Chol (PRK) dropped fast hitting bottom with 154 without moving feet. Andreev Bozhidar (BUL)  made the same hop back, hit bottom very fast lift with 157.  With left shoulder full of Chinese suction marks ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) snatched 160 without moving his feet and not hitting bottom from a wide foot spacing. His 163 was mirror of his 160 without hitting bottom. He hit a lower squat with a world record 166 with a little help from moving his left foot back further than his right. 

ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) Charniga photo.

Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) hopped forward slightly, stood fast and jerked 185 fast with wide split. O Kang Chol (PRK) hopped back slightly with the same weight jerking forward, stepping under it. Another hop forward clean with 189 for Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) and a fast feet in the split; jerked from the finger tips. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) feeling the urge to show off, power cleaned and push jerked 190; stopping at about parallel.  O Kang Chol (PRK) hopped back with 191 stood easy and jerked with a wide split. Andreev Bozhidar (BUL) tried to move into first in the jerk with 192; his finger – tip jerk was close, just not enough. O Kang Chol (PRK) had to bounce a couple of times at the bottom to stand; stretched under 193 with a very wide split. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) hopped back to about parallel with 197 dropping this time to about parallel in the squat jerk.  

81 kg

LYU Xiaojun (CHN) 378 (467%); LI Dayin (CHN) 377 (465%); Rodallegas Santiago (COL) 363 (448%)

Rodallegas Santiago (COL) pulled 159 back sitting slow and low. LYU Xiaojun (CHN) struggled to pull 165 up and struggled for balance before dropping it forward. Rodallegas Santiago (COL) dropped fast and hopped back with 165, without fixing it. LYU Xiaojun (CHN) muscled up 165 with barely any foot movement. LI Dayin (CHN) hopped back; seemed to have power snatched 166 before dumping it in front. Lifting with a lot of strength at slow speed; he power caught 166 at parallel. Rodallegas Santiago (COL) dropped fast and very low with wrists turned well back struggling to get his balance before standing with 167. LYU Xiaojun (CHN) again muscled up 171 on his 3rd;  a slow good lift. LI Dayin (CHN) pulled long squatting below parallel with 171 with a lot of strength; not particularly very fast.

LYU Xiaojun (CHN) Charniga photo.

LYU Xiaojun (CHN) who seemed to be struggling with back a problem squat jerked 191 from the finger tips to just above parallel. Rodallegas Santiago (COL) hopped forward under 196 jerking with a very wide split and wrists well turned back. LI Dayin (CHN) hopped back, almost power cleaning 198; he had to walk forward several steps; jerked the weight in a slight quarter squat. Rodallegas Santiago (COL) pulled 202 very slow struggled to stand, then jerked way forward. His 3rd with 203 was a very hard clean with no chance to jerk.

LYU Xiaojun (CHN) finger tip jerked 205 dropping below parallel before hobbling off holding his back. Struggling to clean 206 LI Dayin (CHN) took several steps forward; he was unable to push press, one quarter squat jerk the weight. This technique does not lend itself very well to make up for a difficult clean. He repeated with this weight and made it with shear effort to muscle up the jerk. LYU Xiaojun (CHN) finger tip jerked 207 to move into first by one kg; one of the very few times he has ever made three for three in the jerk. Suddenly his back didn’t hurt.

89 kg

Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM) 375 (421%); Miri Ali (IRI) 374 (420%); Davitadze Revaz (GEO) 371 (417%)

Had the top two in this class competed in the 81 kg class they would have placed 3rd and 4th respectively. This is another indication 20 weight classes is unjustified; the available talent is watered down.

Miri Ali (IRI) hopped back and slightly sideways to fix 160. Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM) hopped back a lot, tilting forward to fix 163. Miri Ali (IRI) dropped very fast, very low; hopping sideways with 165. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopped forward and continued to run forward under 166. Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM)  hopped back and leaned way forward to fix 167. Miri Ali (IRI) hopping back and sideways dropped very fast and very low under 167. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopped forward under 169 needing only one step forward. Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM) pulled in 170; tried to loop it back and lean forward which would not work. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopped forward, leaned and ran forward barely staying on the platform with 172.

Miri Ali (IRI) Charniga photo.

Starting with only 22 kg more than he snatched, Davitadze Revaz (GEO) jerked 199 with bent rear leg. Miri Ali (IRI)  jerked the tilted 202 kg barbell  from the finger tips after shifting his grasp wider. The weak link in the chain – the bent rear knee in the split gave in with 203 for Davitadze Revaz (GEO). Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM) essentially power cleaned, catching 204 above parallel, squat jerking with a lot of forward lean.  Davitadze Revaz (GEO) jumped to 204 jumping 5 – 6 cm forward to clean; he jerked the weight way forward. Miri Ali (IRI) struggled to clean 207 without any foot movement jerked it forward; still manageable. Mkrtchyan Hakob (ARM) stopped 208 at about parallel dropping fast in a lean forward squat jerk. Miri Ali (IRI) deadlifted 210.  

96 kg

 TIAN Tao  (CHN) 410 (427%); Elbakh Fares (QAT) 402 (419%); Plesnoi Anton (GEO) 394 (410%)

With a new personal coach Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) made two snatches well below his best. The most obvious change is his motor patterns; only some of his speed of movement is still in tack. Plesnoi Anton (GEO) pulled slow; hopped back, squatting very low under 172. Elbakh Fares (QAT) hopped back hitting a low squat with feet slightly asymmetrical.  TIAN Tao  (CHN) pulled 175 high but did not squat low enough to fix it. He tried pulling harder instead of squatting lower on the next one with the same result. A testimonial to too much strength and not enough finesse. 

A much weaker Plesnoi Anton (GEO) hopped back and easily pulled in 177. Elbakh Fares (QAT) who only managed 170 at the Asian championships hopped back and sat very low with 178. The Olympic champion Rostami Kianoush (IRI) was unfortunately victimized by the inability to get the right athlete on the platform in the right order. Having to wait for a prolonged period on the platform while officials argued over who was the current lifter caused him to miss his 1st with 180. He tried to run under the 2nd with 180 before running out of platform and tweeking his elbow in the process. With the championship hanging in the balance.

TIAN Tao (CHN) Charniga photo.

TIAN Tao  (CHN) summoned more strength after jumping to 180; this time sitting in a full squat. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) tried one more time to lift 180; collapsing to the platform grasping his elbow. He remained on the platform for some time berating the jury (justifiably so) for jeopardizing his chances in this competition. Plesnoi Anton (GEO) hopped back and dropped very fast and low under his 3rd good lift with 181. Elbakh Fares (QAT) hopped back and squatted very low; fixing 181 for an instant; before dumped it forward coming up.

Ilya Ilyn (KAZ) was unable to jerk 200 twice with bent back leg. His old technique was with straight back leg. Plesnoi Anton (GEO) hopped back with 203 jerking easily with the good leverage of long arms. Plesnoi Anton (GEO) struggled standing with 209 but jerked with no trouble. An easier clean with 213 Plesnoi Anton (GEO) made his sixth attempt of the night. 

Elbakh Fares (QAT) barely moved his feet forward to clean 217 very easy; jerking with a fast wide split. TIAN Tao  (CHN) stopped at about parallel to clean 218 then pushed jerked with one quarter bend; almost losing it forward.  Elbakh Fares (QAT) cleaned 224 with a lot of power; jerking with a wide fast split. TIAN Tao  (CHN) cleaned 225 without hitting bottom in the squat before losing the jerk in a shallow quarter squat.  Elbakh Fares (QAT) went to 230; but his elbows dropped in the clean; the effort to stand left nothing for him to jerk it. TIAN Tao  (CHN) pulling from a deep squat took longer concentrating over the bar; likewise took more time before jerking to a half squat with feet not in line, sitting back and leaning forward to secure gold with 230.

102 kg

Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) 398 (390%); Jin Yunseong (KOR) 397 (389%); Dehdar Reza (IRI) 394 (386%)

The winning total in this class was 12 kg less than the 96 kg class, i.e., with six kg more bodyweight.

Dehdar Reza (IRI) hopped forward slowly under his 1st with 167. He moved faster under the bar with his 2nd at 172; hitting a low squat, very fast. Dehdar Reza (IRI) hopped forward under 167 muscling it behind with arm power. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) dropped fast under 175 without hitting bottom. Dehdar Reza (IRI) saved his best effort for 175 with a fast slight hop forward, very fast drop. Jin Yunseong (KOR) pulled and dropped slow without hitting a low squat with 176. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) hopped back and sat back; yet still managed to fix 180. Jin Yunseong (KOR) slowly pulled 181 then proceeded to struggle for some seconds in the bottom before standing. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) swung 182 forward unable to fix it. Jin Yunseong (KOR) had 183 up briefly; before slowly losing it behind.

JIN Yunseong (KOR) Charniga photo.

Dehdar Reza (IRI) hopped forward under 208, moved his hands wider before making a shallow squat jerk. Jin Yunseong (KOR) hopped back; struggling to stand with 211; jerked with a shallow split. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) dropped fast; recovered fast; then jerked with barely a pause, which sent the bar forward out of control. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) made the same easy clean with 213 this time jerking it fast and straight. Jin Yunseong (KOR) struggled long to stand with 216; paused long then miraculously jerked with fast feet in the split.  Dehdar Reza (IRI) hopped forward under 217; he squat jerked from the finger tips into a lower  half squat. Tsikhantsou Yauheni (BLR) cleaned 218 very fast; jerking it fast with a shallow split.

For second consecutive night the officials were confused who should be on the platform. This time it was another Iranian Dehdar Reza (IRI) who had to pace back and force while they sorted it out. Finally they decided he shouldn’t be the lifter and called the Korean. Jin Yunseong (KOR) was told after he got to barbell he wasn’t then he was the lifter. Somehow he cleaned the 219 easier than his 216; but the damage was done; he jerked the weight too far forward. Dehdar Reza (IRI) was finally called for his 219 which turned out to be his best lift of the night; squatting half way down to squat jerk.

109 kg

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) 429 (394%); Aramnau Andrei (BLR) 426 (391%); YANG Zhe (CHN) 420 (385%)

Of the 32 men entered in this class 10 were from countries formally part of the Soviet Union; including five of the top six in the total.

YANG Zhe (CHN) pulled slow and dropped slow under 187. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) dropped fast under 188 with almost no movement of the feet. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped back without hitting bottom with 190; needing a couple steps forward to save it. Starting with is back almost horizontal to floor with a collar to collar hand spacing,  YANG Zhe (CHN) muscled up 192 again slowly.  Aramnau Andrei (BLR) pulled 193 slow but dropped fast. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) hopped forward with 195 struggling for balance. With a lot of back YANG Zhe (CHN) slowly hopped back slightly and sat low with 197. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) slow pulled 198; dropping fast with slight forward hop. Not to be out done,  Martirosyan Simon (ARM) pulled fast and hopped forward fast to settle very low under 199.

Martirosyan SImon (ARM) Charniga photo.

YANG Zhe (CHN) bent arm, back pulled 217 to his chest jerking slow; with a wide scissoring. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) hopped back slightly with 220; splitting wide and fast in the jerk. YANG Zhe (CHN) slowly, bent arm, back pulled 221; jerking it forward; stepping under to save it. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) hopped forward under 225 jerked it forward struggling to control the oscillation. YANG Zhe (CHN) was unable to stand with 227. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) hopped forward cleaning 228 faster and jerking faster with better control. Curiously, this athlete went from 182 + 210 making only 3 attempts in Ashgabat; (only ten months since last year’s WWC) to 198 + 228 making all six attempts. Quite an improvement, considering there was no switch to a heavier weight class.

 Martirosyan Simon (ARM) secured gold with an easy hop forward clean and a wide split in the jerk with 230. He went to 241 to set jerk and total records but the recovery from the squat took too much out of him to attempt to jerk it. 

+109 kg

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) 484 (287%); Minasyan Gor (ARM) 460 (305%); Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) (437) (284%)

Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) threw 192 out in front. He took the same weight onhis 2nd briefly fixing it but the weight was still too far forward. Facing elimination Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) this time pulled the 192 back towards him far enough to fix over head; still with a step forward. With collar to collar grip and very wide foot spacing Minasyan Gor (ARM) power snatched 200. His 207 was a little lower; nonetheless another power snatch. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) made 208 look like a warm up. Stumbling forward to get 212 under control Minasyan Gor (ARM) stopped this weight at about parallel. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) pulled 215 fast and dropped fast with a slight hop back; without pausing in the low squat. With barely a sign of struggle Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) sank a little lower hopping back slightly with 220.

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) Charniga photo.

Minasyan Gor (ARM) stopped 237 at about parallel; muscling the jerk with a lot of arm strength. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) pulled fast and stood fast with 241; scissoring fast to jerk. Minasyan Gor (ARM) overpowered 243; again using more strength with a passive shuffling of the feet to jerk it. Aleksanyan Ruben (ARM) used the dive style (bending grasping and lifting without pausing in the start) to clean 245 easily; jerked with a lot of upper body effort, just shuffling his feet to scissors; shaking to get it under control.

Two hundred forty seven brought out Talakhadze Lasha (GEO); cleaning easily he struggled a little to lock his arms in the jerk having to take a couple of steps to get it under control. His shoulder width hand spacing allows him to bend the bar to lock out the weights more than what is usual in this division; as most big guys use a much wider hand spacing.  Minasyan Gor (ARM) muscled 248 in the clean and push pressed it with a shuffling of the feet. An impressive feet of brute strength. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) cleaned 255 easier this time locking the weight over head better with wrists turning back. He cleaned 264 with a discernible struggle; splitting fast and wider than the previous two lifts the jerk was easier than his previous.

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