The 2018 World Weightlifting Championships: Part 2 the men

The 2018 World Weightlifting Championships: Part 2 the men

Andrew Charniga

55 kg

1st OM Yun Chol (PRK) 282  2nd Chotney Arli (KAZ) 258  3rd Scarantino Mirco (ITA) 252

Lifting in the new 55 kg class OM Yun Choi (PRK) was not in the same top form he was at the 2018 Asian Games in August; where he jerked 172 kg only to lose it forward. However, in this competition with 1 kg less bodyweight he still managed a 162 kg clean and jerk which at 295% of bodyweight made him the best kg for kg lifter at this event.

OM Yun Chol (PRK) Charniga Photo.

When you take into account the records of the pre – 1988 period; the varying state of the testing protocols, the number of times OM jerked triple bodyweight or more, he really deserves to be recognized as the best clean and jerker in the history of the sport.   

61 kg

1st Irawan Yuli (INA) 317 2nd LI Fabin (CHN) 310 3rd QIN Fulin (CHN) 308

Unlike the Asian championships in August; the champion of that event Irawan Yuli (INA), had two Chinese to contend with in Ashgabat. Of the leaders LI Fabin (CHN) opened first with minimal foot movement; struggling to balance 133. QIN Fulin (CHN) pulled slow and sat slow with 135 unable to lock the weight out. He repeated with the same weight this time hopping back and dropping under very fast. Irawan Yuli (INA) hopped back smooth as silk lifting 137. LI Fabin (CHN) hopped back dropping very fast and low under 138. QIN Fulin (CHN) struggled for some seconds at the bottom with 139 before making a successful recovery.

Irawan Yuli (INA) Charniga photo.

Pulling and dropping fast, Irawan Yuli (INA) lifted 141 with no discernable strain. LI Fabin (CHN) squatted very low under 142 to move into first. Irawan Yuli (INA) sank very low under 143; started to lose his balance backward; but shifted forward for a good lift.

LI Fabin (CHN) hopped forward with 160; standing easily, he jerk with a fast wide split. Irawan Yuli (INA) hopped back with 165 and jerked forward, but still under control. QIN Fulin (CHN) muscled up 165 in the clean; then an excellent wide split in the jerk. LI Fabin (CHN) struggled with a forward 165 clean a forward jerk; still able to control it. He hopped forward under 168 making a stronger clean and a fast jerk.

Once again QIN Fulin (CHN) muscled the clean with 169; then a fast very dynamic jerk. Irawan Yuli (INA) displayed the first signs from him of struggling with 170; jerking forward, to step under to control it. QIN Fulin (CHN) made a no foot movement clean with 172; his jerk lacked the necessary effort to fix the weight. Irawan Yuli (INA) cleaned 174 easier; standing slightly forward he sent the barbell forward in the jerk; nonetheless, stepping under it for a six for six performance.

67 kg

1st CHEN Lijun (CHN) 332 2nd HUANG Minhao (CHN) 323 3rd Mayora Rubin  (VEN) 322

Mayora Rubin  (VEN) dropped fast sitting very low with 144. CHEN Lijun (CHN) hopped back a good 6 cm with his easy opener of 145. Mayora Rubin (VEN) made a shaky 147 for his 2nd. HUANG Minhao (CHN) jumped back with 148 without hitting bottom. CHEN Lijun (CHN) slowly pulled and slowly dropped under 150. Mayora Rubin  (VEN) dropped so fast and low under 152 he was unable to control it overhead. HUANG Minhao (CHN) pulled fast and descended fast without hitting bottom with 152. CHEN Lijun (CHN) had 153 up; was called for press out. HUANG Minhao (CHN) got 154 overhead; tried to sink to a low squat as he lost it behind.

CHEN Lijun (CHN) Charniga photo.

HUANG Minhao (CHN) made a slow sit back awkward clean with 166 and an awkward jerk. A coordination bug seemed to have bitten some of the guys in this session as jerk after jerk were missed. HUANG Minhao (CHN) cleaned 171 better than his 1st; was lucky to save a forward jerk. Mayora Rubin  (VEN) was turned down with a barely controllable 176. After his best clean of the night he then missed a no chance in h..ll, bent back knee jerk with 176.

CHEN Lijun (CHN) opened with 178; a slow pull slow sit – down clean, ans shaky forward jerk. Mayora Rubin  (VEN) struggled to clean 178; dropped the weight without attempting to jerk. He cleaned 179 easier; however, after changing his grasp on the bar, made an utterly uncoordinated attempt to jerk. CHEN Lijun (CHN) mechanically cleaned 182 jerking fast; struggling to control it. He could not stand with 185 on his third.  

73 kg

1st  Shi Zhiyong (CHN) 360  2nd Won Jeongsik (KOR) 348 3rd Likharad Vadzim (BLR) 343

Hopping back, Likharad Vadzim (BLR) almost power snatched 156. Likewise, Shi Zhiyong (CHN) almost power snatched 158. Demonstrating the dangers of too many power snatches Likharad Vadzim (BLR) pulled 159 high but his descent was slowed (braking the system) so much he was out of position to balance the weight. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) blasted 161 up, hopping back, feet asymmetrical. The other Chinese in this session FENG Lyudong was all pull with 162; very poor, failed attempt to receive weight in the squat. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) ripped 164 up this time sinking a little lower; still not a full bottom.

Shi Zhiyong (CHI) Charniga photo. 

The misses in the jerk really started to pile up in this class when the weight reached 179 – 180 (240 – 247% of bodyweight).   

Likharad Vadzim (BLR) sat back awkwardly under 187; struggled to stand; execut ed a fast jerk. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) stopped 188 at parallel; stood very easy; then dropped below parallel into a squat jerk,. Rahimov Nijat (KAZ) the world record holder of the old 77 kg C&J managed a 190 here with the less bodyweight; with very sloppy jerk technique. Shi Zhiyong (CHN) blew up 196 much like he did 188 looking good for at least 200; then called it a day.

81 kg

1st LIU Xiaojun (CHN) 374 2nd Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) 373 3rd  LI Dayin (CHN) 372

Previous world championship medalist Markov Ivan (BUL), returning to competition in the new weight class unfortunately missed all three snatches with 161. LI Dayin (CHN) made a slow mechanical opening lift with 163. Last year’s champion Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) hopped forward slightly as he dropped fast under 165. Still in good form at 34, LIU Xiaojun (CHN) squatted very low with 165. LI Dayin (CHN) made another slow, muscle power snatch with 168. Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) pulled fast, dropping under very fast; pausing, to stand with 170. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) muscled up 170; expending too much effort getting it behind his head; lost the weight back.

Karapetyan Andranik (ARM) who suffered an elbow dislocation in RIO; missed three times with 171 at the heavier bodyweight. He seemed to be favoring the side previously injured. Unfortunate, because he snatched 168 two days later in the training hall. LI Dayin (CHN) tried to slowly muscle, 172 to no avail. Jumping 1 kg from his missed 2nd LIU Xiaojun (CHN) put the extra effort into fixing the weight, balancing, before standing. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) seemed to pull too long but nonetheless squatted very low with head down, trunk tilted forward for the gold medal lift with 173.

LI Dayin (CHN) Charniga photo

LI Dayin (CHN) jerked 193 without technique; a shallow bend push press with second knee bend. Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) struggled at the top of the recovery from the clean before jerking into a wide split. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) managed 197 on his first stopping in the squat jerk position at about parallel. LI Dayin (CHN) using muscle power and flexibility cleaned 198; push pressed 198 very shallow knee bend easily.  Lifting with a lot of superfluous motion from his head; Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) hopped forward under 200 then jerked fast with a wide split. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) cleaned 202 easier and faster than his first; without pausing immediately dropped to a just below parallel squat jerk. Cleaning again with superfluous motion, Mahmoud Ahmed (EGY) seemed to have the jerk with 203 in a wide split; but could not recover with it under control. 

LI Dayin (CHN) cleaned with no foot movement then push jerked 204;  an unusual three good lifts for a push jerker.

89 kg

1st Okulov Artem (RUS) 372  2nd Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) 371  3rd Davitadze Revaz (GEO) 371

Okulov Artem (RUS) the 2105 world champion at 85 kg opened with 161. Dropping very low he hit bottom extremely fast. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) slow getting under 163; had to step forward to get his balance. Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) like Okulov hopped back and hit a very low squat, very fast. Okulov Artem (RUS) dragged 166 off the floor fixing it at arms – length at the very bottom of a deep squat; with seemingly no room to spare. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopped forward descending not particularly fast lost 167 forward. Once again hitting bottom extremely fast, Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) had 168 locked briefly only to lose complete control dropping the barbell forward.

Okulov Artem (RUS) Charniga photo.

Mendez Arly (CHI) last year’s champion in the 85 kg class missed an uncoordinated 168 on his 2nd. Okulov Artem (RUS) suddenly slowed down; tried to no avail to muscle 168. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopping forward, squatting very low slowly, nonetheless managed to fix 168. Jumping one kilo to 169 Mendez Arly (CHI) dropped very fast and low, pausing briefly for balance to go into 1st.  Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) hopped back and down very fast, paused shaking at the bottom before standing with 169.

At this juncture, Mendez, last year’s champion, was in the driver’s seat sitting in first after the snatch; whereas, Okulov Artem (RUS) the 2015 world champion was buried in 8th. Mendez Arly (CHI) cleaned 190 with effort and jerked well; still 31 kg less than he just missed in Anaheim. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) hopped forward under 194; a poor effort to jerk with a bent back leg wasn’t close. Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) hopped back squatting very fast under 194; jerking it with wide split. Davitadze Revaz (GEO) repeated with 194; this time barely moving his feet and taking more time to jerk the weight with bent knee. Hopping back a good 6 cm to clean 198, Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) jerked slightly forward; the wide split saved it.   

Mendez Arly (CHI) struggled to standup with 200 again; jerking fast without a pause. Okulov Artem (RUS) hopping forward slightly to clean 202, split very wide to fix it over head. Once again taking a huge hop backwards to clean 202, Khadasevich Pavel (BLR) paused for some seconds before splitting fast and wide. Slowly hopping forward to slowly clean 203, Davitadze Revaz (GEO) managed to run forward under the weight. Struggling to clean 206, Okulov Artem (RUS)  jerked with a signature very wide split to move into 1st. Mendez Arly (CHI) struggled at the top of his clean with 210; the fatigue from which caused him to bend twice for the jerk; dropping him to fifth place. 

96 kg

1st Moradi Sohrab (IRI) 416  2nd TIAN Tao (CHN) 407 3rd Onica Nicolae (ROU) 391

Onica Nicolae (ROU) hopped back sinking low with 170. TIAN Tao (CHN) hopped back with an asymmetrical placement of feet under 175. Moradi Sohrab (IRI) won the Asian Games champion in August setting the world record in the snatch with 189. Lifting from a low start he muscled 181 barely moving his feet; without hitting bottom in the squat.

Moradi Sohrab (IRI) Charniga photo

TIAN Tao (CHN) tried crawling under 181 without success. Using more upper body muscle than technique; he managed to fix this weight on his third. Onica Nicolae (ROU) flew under 182 without amortizing his body into a low squat; unable to fix the weight at arm length. Moradi Sohrab (IRI) sat in the low squat for a few moments with 186 giving the officials more time to see a press out.  He accelerated the same weight much better on his third; hopping back and dropping relatively fast.

TIAN Tao (CHN) stopped 215 at parallel in the clean; jerked with a one quarter bend and asymmetrical squat style. Onica Nicolae (ROU) dropped under 215 very fast; on the brink of passing out he paused several seconds before splitting wide and fast to jerk. He went to 222 on his second; again nearly passing out; he jerked forward unable to step far enough under to control it. Problems with the jerk in this class began with around 211 (220% of bodyweight).

Moradi Sohrab (IRI) the world record holder in the 94 kg class opened with a modest 223. Starting from a low start with a small hop forward he cleaned this weight easily; jerking forward, he was able to step under the barbell. TIAN Tao (CHN) also lifting from a low start; muscled 226 to about parallel; jerking it with a bend – stop – bend half squat drive; this time the weight pushed him down to just above parallel. About as physically imposing as a house painter, Onica Nicolae (ROU) seemingly ran out to the 227 kg barbell; began lifting without getting set; cleaned the weight well; still without balance to jerk the weight; it was way out front. Moradi Sohrab (IRI) performed another all leg clean with 230 and a slow forward, successful jerk.

TIAN Tao (CHN) used all leg to clean 231; squatting to just below parallel. He had to struggle for balance at the top; was unable to stop and control the weight at parallel in the jerk. Moradi Sohrab (IRI) all leg muscled 237 to his chest; with the bar sliding off he lifted it back to his clavicles before struggling to stand. He jerked the weight forward to arms’ length in a shallow split; with no hope of controlling it.  

102 kg

1st Hashemi Ali (IRI) 396 2nd Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) 393 3rd  Beiralvand Reza (IRI) 393

Beiralvand Reza (IRI) hopped back slightly with 166; without sitting very low. Hashemi Ali (IRI) the Asian Games champion in August of this year hopped back dropping very low, very fast with 171. Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) was slow hopping back and descending under 176; fixed the weight overhead well. Djuraev Akbar (UZB) a 19 year old with a bright future, hopped forward with 173. Beiralvand Reza (IRI) hopped back sinking low; not particularly fast with 175. Hashemi Ali (IRI) hit a very low squat, extremely fast with his 2nd 177.

Djuraev Akbar (UZB) Charniga photo

Djuraev Akbar (UZB hopped forward squatting slowly under 178. Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) tried sitting slow and muscling 179; was called for press out. Hashemi Ali (IRI) dropped under 179 extremely fast and low; jumping a good 6 – 7 cm backwards. Another slow hop forward and low bottom for Djuraev Akbar (UZB) with 180 moved him into first place.

Djuraev Akbar (UZB) curiously was faster in both clean and jerk than in snatch with his 200 opener. A weight of two hundred five, or, 201% of bodyweight, was the beginning of the coordination chaos in the jerk. Beiralvand Reza (IRI) jerked 207 forward;  dropping the weight before the signal.  The movements of Djuraev Akbar (UZB), pulling, squatting jerking were all faster with 207. Jumping one kilo to 208 Beiralvand Reza (IRI) hopped forward to clean; paused several seconds for balance; before jerking well.

Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) cleaned 210 while barely moving feet; jerking with bent back leg. Hopping forward instead of back in the clean,  Hashemi Ali (IRI) struggled to stand with 211; was able jerk with bent back leg. Djuraev Akbar (UZB) cleaned 212 faster squatting lower than either previous attempts; bending slow to jerk, splitting fast. Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) muscled 217 to his chest driving hard through the sticking point; jerked it with a lot of upper body and bent back leg. Hashemi Ali (IRI) seemed to be buried under 217; nonetheless stood and jerked with a little struggle for balance. Hopping back Beiralvand Reza (IRI) made a solid clean with 218; paused to jerk forward; stepping under enough for good lift. Chumak Dmyrto (UKR) tried to muscle 221 to no avail.    

109 kg

1st Martirosyan Simon (ARM) 435 2nd YANG Zhe (CHN) 419 3rd Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) 403

Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) muscled up 175; hopping back; pausing briefly before standing. He could not lock his arms with 179. He got the same 179 overhead ever so slowly; couldn’t hold it. Tall even for this weight class YANG Zhe (CHN) raised 186, slowly hopping back, descending slowly without hitting a low squat. Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB), unlike Moradi and Irawan Yuli, did not seemed to have returned to top form after winning the Asian championships. He was turned down for press out with 187. He jumped 2 kg to 189 which wasn’t even close; then lost his grip with his third at the same weight.

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) Charniga photo.

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) made a slow no foot movement 190 opener. Lifting the weight off the floor with his back horizontal YANG Zhe (CHN) dropped slowly under 191. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) moved faster under his 2nd with 195; balancing it well in the low squat. As he did on his previous attempts YANG Zhe (CHN) used a lot of back to slowly pull and sit with 196 to move into first. Martirosyan Simon (ARM) received two reds for no apparent reason on his 3rd with 197.

Two thousand eight Olympic champion Aramnau Andrei (BLR) using a lot of back struggled to clean 210; likewise struggling to jerk it. Since he lifts in slow motion there is no need to watch a slow motion video of YANG Zhe (CHN) making a clean with a lot of back and a mechanical jerk with 215. Aramnau Andrei (BLR) struggled to clean 215 before jerking uncontrollably forward; on the verge of blacking out. His third with the same weight almost fell off his chest as he recovered from the clean; no attempt to jerk it. After another slow clean YANG Zhe (CHN) relaxed in the start, pausing for some seconds before muscling 220. Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) cleaned 221 with slight backward jump then jerked with wide split.

The jerk dilemma in this class started around 215 or 197% of bodyweight. This circumstance is the anticipated decline in the athlete’s coordination to jerk the weight; with the rise in body mass. Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) continued in the jerk with an easy finger – tip lift of 222. Another slow motion clean with 223 for YANG Zhe (CHN); long pause at the start; jerking slow, splitting wide. Barely moving his feet to clean Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) jerked 227 with a wide fast spilt. Michalski Arkadiusz (POL) struggled to stand with 228 with the bar almost slipping off his chest. However, he waited in the start to balance the barbell before jerking fast.

Martirosyan Simon (ARM) made his 230 1st attempt look like a warmup; both the clean and the jerk segments. Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) cleaned 238 with just enough effort to fatigue him for the jerk; nonetheless he seemed to have the weight locked out briefly before dropping it. Looking good for more, Martirosyan Simon (ARM) cleaned 240 with relative ease;  dropping relatively low in the split to fix the weight in the jerk.

+109 kg

1st Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) 474  2nd Minasyan Gor (ARM) 450 3rd Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) 447

Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) hopped forward; dropping very low for a man of his size. He hopped under his 2nd with 199; which seemed ok until he dropped it behind. Minasyan Gor (ARM) hopped back under 200; descending to about parallel in his unique almost all back technique.  Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) sat very low with 202; this time pausing a few seconds until balanced. Turmanidze Irakli (GEO) was in the running with three good fast lifts finishing at 203. However, was unable to continue in the clean and jerk. Minasyan Gor (ARM) stopped at parallel to snatch 205 virtually indistinguishable for his 200.

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) Charniga photo

Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) flipped 207 overhead without reaching a very low squat. Minasyan Gor (ARM) could not ‘power’ his 3rd with 211. Dropping a little lower, with a slight hop back, Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) moved into first with 212. His 3rd with 217 was fast; without pause in the low squat; looking like he could easily have exceeded his old record of 220.

Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) paused for some seconds with 235 after an easy clean before jerking with a fast split. Minasyan Gor (ARM) hopped forward; jerking 240 forward to muscle it back overhead. Although 240 is a big weight it was only 161% of his bodyweight which allowed him to jerk it out front yet still be able to fix the weight. Two hundred forty four dropped on Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) in the clean. He stood easily; bobbing back and forth in the start, jerked in front without a chance to fix the weight.

Way out in front after the snatch Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) opened with a safe 245 for the win; cleaning it effortlessly; jerking forward, but stepping under. Minasyan Gor (ARM) struggled to stand with 245; still had enough gas in the tank to muscle the weight overhead. Djangabaev Rustam (UZB) pulled 245 fast; standing right up; he jerked forward pushing the barbell back behind his head for a good lift. Cleaning 252 easier than his 245 Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) jerked very easy in a shallow split. He actually struggled a little coming up with 257! Despite this and the added distraction of one of his knee wraps unraveling, made