Response to Olympic Weightlifting by Will Cockrell: The Red Bulletin:July/August 2018: 42-50

Response to Olympic Weightlifting by Will Cockrell: The Red Bulletin:July/August 2018: 42-50

The referenced article for which I was interviewed features considerable mis-infomation ranging from misrepresentation to plain false hoods. Had I had any clue this is what the author had in mind to write about I would not have let him waste my time. For instance:

“There is an oddly empty database of stats relating to women and strength and even less research related to female Olympic lifters. Many trainers end up sort of making it up as they go along when it comes to coaching their female athletes. “There is almost no science on Olympic lifting in general, besides what Russia did in the ’80s,” explains Andy Galpin, a professor at Cal State Fullerton and the co-director of the university’s Center for Sport Performance. “And if you want to look at females specifically, the number is zero — nothing exists.”

Please see:

A De – Masculinization of Strength, Andrew Charniga;;


The EWF science journal:

To set the record straight, Soviet research into female weightlifiting started in the 80s and Russian research continues to this day. Besides the research compiled in the book referenced above there are dozens of sources including Chinese, Australian and many others.

Furthermore, research into females in power sports like Track and Field (a sister sport to weight lifting) predates the female weightlifter by many decades. This is not to mention books and articles by numerous feminist scholars as viable sources. So, the professor quoted in the article is simple too lazy to look or prefers lying. 

“While Galpin says the study will take two to five years, he is already seeing some surprising results.”

Where are these results? How many more attempts do lifters make in competition for instance?  Consider the value of American research in sport training. … “wait five years”; what do we do in the meantime?? There is a massive injury rate in American sport which persists and is growing with all of this research. Most of this research is lab knowledge sans actual experiences. Consider the following:






Andrew ‘Bud’ Charniga