The 2015 World Weightlifting Championships Part II: The Men

The Men
56 kg
OM Yun Chol (PRK), WU Jingbiao (CHN), THACH KIM (VIE)

OM Yun Chol (PRK) dropped very low, very explosively; hopping forward with a very fast 127. THACH KIM (VIE) the junior world record holder did a high pull and drop; missing 130. Hopping back, dropping very fast and low he just managed to squeeze under 130. LONG Qingquan (CHN) just 18 when he won the gold in Beijing did a high pull and uncoordinated squat for a miss at 131. Hopping forward and hitting bottom with blinding speed OM Yun Chol (PRK) made his 2nd with 131.

LONG Qingquan (CHN) did another high pull accentuating his arms in turning over the bar with 131, without being close to success. His third attempt was pretty much the same. His career if not over is certainly on the downside even though he is only twenty – five; a lifter’s prime.


OM Yun Chol (PRK) Charniga photo

An important point most miss when copying Chinese training, exercises, techniques and so forth is that they are training with a lot of exercises, many low on specificity, heavy loading of repetition lifts and so forth; in our opinion, over time confuses the body. As a result, coordination deteriorates.

THACH KIM (VIE) did a slow pull and slow sit with a not even close 133. OM Yun Chol (PRK) hopped forward fast and very low but could not fix 133 to arms length. WU Jingbiao (CHN) pulled 135 high but dropped slow for no lift. Hopping back slightly and shifting his feet wide WU Jingbiao (CHN) made an excellent snatch with the same weight. Jumping to a new world record 139 WU dropped very fast with feet shifting wide apart; recovering in one motion.

Clearly not at his best, THACH KIM (VIE) struggled to clean 151; making a shaky jerk. He moved to 153 which was a better clean but lucky to save a forward jerk. He barely managed to drag 157 to his chest; recovering well before saving another very shaky jerk. Sitting on a huge 8 kg lead after the snatch WU Jingbiao (CHN), after a fairly hard clean; jerked 160 a little forward still a good lift. He selected a modest 3 kg jump to 163 to just keep piling it on. Another forward jerk saved; a more difficult mountain for OM to climb.


WU Jingbiao (CHN) Charniga photo

OM Yun Chol (PRK) appeared with 165. Hopping forward he had to struggle to recover from the split which made a big lift for the win look impractical. WU Jingbiao (CHN) left the door open when he jumped an unnecessary 3 kg to 166 and failed to recover from the squat.

OM Yun Chol (PRK) went to a “new” world record 171 to make up an 8 kilo deficit. A strong fast clean but a questionable recovery on straight arms from the split was nevertheless a good lift. This new world record equaled the 56 kg class 171 record set by Neno Terzissky (BUL) in 1987. This is the only record in the clean and jerk in place at the end of 1988 ever equaled. None have been exceeded in absolute or relative terms. It only took 29 years. Not finished OM went to 175 for relatively speaking easy clean; but no attempt to jerk it.

62 kg
CHEN Lijun (CHN), KIM Guk (PRK), Hristov Valentin (AZE), Mosquero Valencia (COL), Figueroa Oscar (COL)

Mosquero Valencia (COL) hopped back dropping low with wrists well turned back for an excellent 135 opener. Figueroa Oscar (COL) followed with a fast hop back lift with the same weight. Hristov Valentin (AZE) hopped forward dropping fast under 137. Mosquero Valencia (COL) made another excellent fast low squat with 140. Figueroa Oscar (COL) did a pull and sit for no lift at 140. He managed to squeeze under this weight on his third with a slight press out. Hristov Valentin (AZE) made another high speed, hop forward lift with 141.

Mosquero Valencia (COL) had 142 up in a very low squat with wrists turned back but the weight drifted behind. Hristov Valentin (AZE) wasn’t close with 143.

CHEN Lijun (CHN) hopped to the side; feet very wide for an easy 145. KIM Guk (PRK) responded with an easy hop forward 146. CHEN Lijun (CHN) performed another wide asymmetric shifting of his feet for another good lift at 150. KIM Guk (PRK) hopped forward turning wrist well back to re – take the lead with 151. CHEN Lijun (CHN) had 152 up but lost it when his right foot slipped on the platform which apparently was covered with chalk dust. KIM Guk (PRK) briefly locked a world record 155, but there was too much backward momentum.


CHEN Lijun (CHN Charniga photo)

Mosquero Valencia (COL) was under 170 very fast; recovering well he split wide and fast. Hristov Valentin (AZE) hopped forward fast under 171 before shifting his hands to a very wide grip to jerk. After a slow hop forward clean KIM Guk (PRK) struggled to control a shaky jerk with 172. Figueroa Oscar (COL) cleaned 175 easy; widen his hand spacing for a fast jerk. CHEN Lijun (CHN) cleaned 175 easily but was lucky to save an awkward jerk. Mosquero Valencia (COL) struggled with a slow clean; but recovered nicely to make a fast wide split jerk with 175.

Hristov Valentin (AZE) made a harder clean and a fast snatch – hand – spacing jerk with 176. KIM Guk (PRK) cleaned 177 with a struggle; jerking the weight back in a fast split. Mosquero Valencia (COL) was unable to shoulder 177. CHEN Lijun (CHN) cleaned 179 well jerking without pause to recover awkwardly; still a good lift. KIM Guk (PRK) could not stand with 179. Figueroa Oscar (COL) cleaned 180 easily; jerking too far forward to have a chance. He just deadlifted his third. Hristov Valentin (AZE) dropped 181 in front standing up from the squat.

Already the champion CHEN Lijun (CHN) made his best clean of the night and his best effort in the jerk for a new world record.


CHEN Lijun (CHN) Charniga photo

The world standard for the clean and jerk for this weight class was 180; created January 1,1998. This was exceeded several times until 2002 when it became 182.5 kg. So, after thirteen years this record has finally been eclipsed. However, the record of 1988 for 60 kg was 190 kg, i.e., 7 kg more weight at 2 kg less body weight.

69 kg
ZHI Zhiyong (CHN), CHEN Oleg (RUS), Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR)

Employing a narrow hand spacing for the snatch CHEN Oleg (RUS) couldn’t crawl under his opener with 155. KIM Myong (PRK) hopped back with 155 pausing a few seconds in the squat before recovery. Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) shot under 155 squatting very low. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) hopped back shifting his feet very wide under his hands with 155. CHEN Oleg (RUS) dropped fast just managing to squeeze under 155 on his repeat with this weight. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) accelerated 158 better than his 1st with another wide shift of his feet in the squat. KIM Myong (PRK) did a pull and drop miss with 160. Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) made another hop forward fast lift with 160. CHEN Oleg (RUS) made a big effort to pull himself under and turn over his wrists; a good lift with 160. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) made a slow pull and slow sit miss with 161. KIM Myong (PRK) tried to drag 161 over-head to no avail. Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) was too slow getting under his miss with 163.



CHEN Oleg (RUS) and ZHI Zhiyong (CHN). Charniga photos


Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) Charniga photo

Opening with only 13 kg more than he attempted to snatch Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) jerked 176 in a shallow split. CHEN Oleg (RUS) pulled 177 high; splitting very fast to jerk. KIM Myong (PRK) split fast and wide with 183, but was lucky to bring the barbell under control. Jumping six kilos from his opener Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) jerked a shaky 183 with a slight press out. CHEN Oleg (RUS) cleaned 184 slow but jerked extremely fast in an fast split. ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) stopped 187 almost at parallel. He push – jerked this weight to a shaky parallel depth. KIM Myong (PRK) cleaned 187 easier than his first then a very fast wide split jerk for a good lift. CHEN Oleg (RUS) had 187 slide off his chest in the recovery. Ismayilov Daniyar (TUR) was turned down for press out for a sloppy jerk attempt of 188; after a very strong clean. A fast clean with 189 and what looked like another fast wide split jerk until KIM Myong (PRK) dropped it behind.

ZHI Zhiyong (CHN) struggled to clean 190 then jerked in a ¾ squat position for the jerk but there more weight on his right leg than his left and he could not recover. He managed to drop under this weight on his third with his balance evenly distributed on both legs recovering easily to win the gold in jerk and total.

77 kg

RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) pulled fast, hopping forward into a low squat with blinding speed. MAHMOUD Amed (EGY) pulled 157 fast; shifting his feet very wide in a low squat for a good lift. RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) dropped fast again with 160 without hitting bottom in the squat. KIM Kwang (PRK) hopped forward then had to take two steps to control his opener with 162. Going all out MAHMOUD Amed (EGY) flew under 162 with another wide shifting of his feet. RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) dropped fast, hit bottom in the squat very fast, with a perfect lift of 165. KIM Kwang (PRK) hopped back, sitting very fast and very low with 166. MAHMOUD Amed (EGY) pulled too long to wedge himself under 166. The 2012 Olympic champion LIU Xiaojun (CHN) slowly muscled up his opener with 170.


LIU Xiaojun (CHN) Charniga photos

KIM Kwang (PRK) pumped up and down a few times in the start to get every bit he could muster which worked well because he shot under a very impressive 171 3rd attempt. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) dropped low and fast to make 175 to move into first place in the snatch. He pulled a little too long on his 3rd with the world record 177. It was locked briefly before his right arm collapsed.

A fast pull and fast drop and an ultra – fast wide split in the jerk with 193 for MAHMOUD Amed (EGY). KIM Kwang (PRK) hopped forward quite a bit with 193; jerking with a wide split and shaky recovery. A fast pull, fast recovery then a fast wide split; a very easy 195 for RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ). A harder and slower clean with 197 but a wide fast split was good for MAHMOUD Amed (EGY). After cleaning a not particularly hard 201; starting from a bent knee position, LIU Xiaojun (CHN) dropped into a low squat without tilting his trunk to help counterbalance the weight. Consequently, the barbell drifted forward out of control.


RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) Charniga photo

Hopping forward to clean 201 KIM Kwang (PRK) recovered well; split wide and fast but lost his balance backwards in the recovery. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) cleaned his 2nd at 201 easier; seemed to have the weight under control briefly in the low squat but gradually lost balance forward for another missed jerk from the chest. MAHMOUD Amed (EGY) went all out cleaning 201, then did something most male lifters don’t do: he took plenty of time to re – gather his strength and balance for the jerk. MAHMOUD scissored fast and wide to complete an excellent jerk.

KIM Kwang (PRK) made a better clean than his previous attempt at 201 split fast and wide but took care not to rush his recovery for a good lift. LIU Xiaojun out for his final attempt at 201 to make a total cleaned the weight easy. He held the weight briefly in the low squat struggling to overcome the oscillating bar before dropping it forward for the third time.

Getts Victor (RUS) cleaned 202 easily; seemed to jerk it easy only to have his bent rear leg, the weak link in the chain, buckle. RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) cleaned 207 fast; jerked forward but stepped under enough for gold in jerk and total. Already the gold medalist RAHIMOV Nijat (KAZ) went to 211 for a new world record. He could not stand with this weight.

To put some perspective to the problem of the jerk from the chest, consider this. Of the approximate 15 attempts to break the 77 kg class jerk record of 210 established in 2001; beginning in 2004 only three lifters have failed to clean the weight. Of particular note, LIU Xiaojun, missed the jerk on all three of his tries at 211 over a span four years.

85 kg
Okulov Artem (RUS), Rostami Kianoush (IRI), Aukhadov Apti (RUS), TIAN Tao (CHN)

Hopping forward and shifting feet under the hands Okulov Artem (RUS) dropped extremely fast under 168. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) hopped forward and dropped fast but a little uncoordinated for a good 168. Moving to a 172 that lacked of sinc between feet and hands caused Aukhadov’s right arm to un-lock. TIAN Tao (CHN) over-pulled 173 almost losing his balance backward but saved for a good lift. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) began pulling without pause in the starting position; hopped forward shifting feet under his hands for an easy opener.


TIAN Tao (CHN) and Okulov Artem (RUS). Charniga photos

Aukhadov Apti (RUS) just did a high pull and sit with a not close 173. Accentuating the effort of dropping under the barbell and receiving it, Okulov Artem (RUS) hopped forward under a good 174. Okulov’s stayed in about the same line with only feet shifting under his hands for god tactical and technical lift with 176. TIAN Tao (CHN) muscled up 178 easy enough but let it drift too far backwards. Grasping the barbell and immediately lifting Rostami Kianoush (IRI) was uncoordinated; not even close at 173.

TIAN’s effort with his third at 178 was commensurate to the task for a good lift. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) hopped too far forward under what should have been a very doable 178.

Okulov Artem (RUS) hopped forward to clean 205; split wide for the jerk with a deliberate recovery. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) hopped forward for a fast 205 clean; then push jerked it stopping at just above a parallel. By far the strongest man of this class TIAN Tao (CHN) cleaned 211 at parallel; the push jerk was forward with no chance of fixing it. Okulov Artem (RUS) capped another hop forward, solid clean with a solid, classic wide split jerk of 211. After another easy clean with 211 for TIAN Tao (CHN), the push jerk was insufficient to enable him to fix the weight behind his head in a half squat. He seemed to have the third jerk with 211; but, barbell oscillation, which may not affect someone lifting this weight in the traditional split style of jerk rattled the barbell out of his grasp.


Rostami Kianoush (IRI) Charniga photo 

Aukhadov Apti (RUS) managed to fix 212 in his push jerk style at about parallel after struggling to clean it. Rostami Kianoush (IRI) hopped forwarded to clean 214 before jerking with a wide fast split. Okulov Artem (RUS) had to pause for several seconds in the wide split position to gain enough traction to recover with the go ahead gold medal lift of 215. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) was unable to recover with 216. Now it was up to Rostami Kianoush (IRI) to make up the deficit in the snatch. He cleaned 218 to equal the world record jerking it without pausing but could not get the weight under control. He hopped forward quite a bit with the decisive 219; but was turned down for no apparent reason after shouldering the weight.

94 kg
Straltsou Vadzim (BLR), Uteshov Almas (KAZ), Kydyrbayev Zhassulan (KAZ)

Chumak Oleg (UKR) pulled 171 slow, squatting under slow. Starting from a low squat Uteshov Almas (KAZ) hopped back with 172. Zielinski Adrian (POL) hopped back but not particularly low under 173. Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) over pulled 175 and hand to adjust his balance in the low squat for a good lift. Chumak Oleg (UKR) hauled 175 overhead in what seemed to be a slow motion video. Zielinski Adrian (POL) hopped back recovering with a step forward good lift of 177. Kydyrbayev Zhassulan (KAZ) struggled to fix 178 in the low squat recovering with a step forward. Chumak Oleg (UKR) was just too slow to lift 178. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) pressed – out 180.

Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) who was probably distracted by a several minute wait on the platform for the jury to make a decision on the previous lift; failed at 180. Zielinski Adrian (POL) could have made the 180 easily he pulled high enough had he dropped lower in the squat. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) stumbled backwards trying to save another questionable lift with 180 to no avail.

Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) had 180 up but it slowly drifted too far back. Kydyrbayev Zhassulan (KAZ) had 183 up in a low squat but hopelessly out of position. His third with the same weight was pulled too long and not fixed.


Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) and Zielinski Adrian (POL) Charniga photos

Starting from a high hip position Chumak Oleg (UKR) slow cleaned and slow split under 201. Zielinski Adrian (POL) made a solid clean and a rather shallow split to jerk 208. Chumak Oleg (UKR) struggled at the top of the recovery with 210, jerked forward but saved it with a step under the weight. After a better clean than his first, Zielinski Adrian (POL) jerked 214 fast; stepping forward to get it under control. Chumak Oleg (UKR) could not stand with 217. Zielinski Adrian (POL) let 218 drop on him in the clean then jerked way too far forward.

Uteshov Almas (KAZ) cleaned 220 very easy jerking with a bent rear leg. Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) jerked 220 with a fast split from a very easy clean. A fast clean of 221 for Kydyrbayev Zhassulan (KAZ) and a fast wide split jerk. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) shouldered 230 almost tilting the babrell off his chest to the left; jerked it with another bent back leg form. Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) jerked 230 shaking and unlocking one arm but still got two whites. Kydyrbayev Zhassulan (KAZ) jumped 10 kilos, way more than he would have needed for first; only to miss the jerk when his rear knee buckled. He could not stand with his 3rd at this weight. Straltsou Vadzim (BLR) relatively speaking, cleaned the world record 234 very fast; but without taking time to get set; jerked the weight too far forward.

105 kg
Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ), Bedzhanian David (RUS), Plesnieks Arturs (LAT)

Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) hopped back, dropping low with little foot movement under 175. He moved to 179; a slow squat under for a good lift. Bedzhanian David (RUS) hopped forward under 180. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) went to 182 and did a slow high pull and sit. Bedzhanian David (RUS) high pulled then sat with a not even close 185. Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) hopped forward dropping fast with little foot movement under 186. Bedzhanian David (RUS) did a faster high pull and faster sit with 186 but not enough to snatch it. Pulling too long Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) was unable to hop forward under 191. He pulled fast, hopping forward faster, to make it on his third.


Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) Charniga photos

Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) hopped back with 217 splitting wide and fast for a good jerk. He cleaned 222 with about the same effort as his previous but struggled to hold the jerk. Bedzhanian David (RUS) hopped forward to clean 225 then push jerked it with a hop forward and an extra step to walk under it. Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) hopped forward to clean 225 almost letting the weight slide of his chest. He jerked the weight slightly forward but split wide underneath for a good lift. Plesnieks Arturs (LAT) jerked 226 with a wide fast split.


Bedzhanian David (RUS) Charniga photos

Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) made another hop forward clean with 230; jerking the weight forward but adjusting under it with wide split. Bedzhanian David (RUS) hopped forward to make an extremely easy clean with 231 for first in the jerk. He hopped forward to push jerk it but still had to take several steps to save the lift. Zaichikov Alexandr (KAZ) managed to stand after struggling at the top of the recovery with 233. However, this time his wide split could not compensate for a too far forward jerk. Bedzhanian David (RUS) went for the win and to tie the world record. This time his hop forward push jerk failed; as he sat at about parallel for a couple of very long seconds trying to bring the oscillating barbell under control; which of course ceded the win to Zaichekov.

+105 kg
Lovchev Alexsei (RUS), Talakhadze Lasha (GEO), Seim Mart (EST), Minasyan Gor (ARM)

Seim Mart (EST) pulled 185 slow, squatting slow, he was unable to fix it. He accelerated the barbell all the way through the lift for a success at the same weight. Once again accelerating all the way Seim fixed 190 with a step forward. With a collar to collar grip Minasyan Gor (ARM) caught 195 at about parallel. Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) pulled smoothly dropping fast under 200. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) pulled 200 easy enough but let the bar float too far forward. He made a much more active effort to turn the bar over and fix the 200 on his 2nd. Minasyan Gor (ARM) hopped back with 201 struggling to get it under control for a good lift. He caught 203 oh his third above parallel.


Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) and Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) Charniga photos

The most athletic guy in this class, Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) accelerated 206 well dropping fast for a good lift. Looking good for more Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) hopped forward, dropping fast under 207. Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) pulled long on 211, dropping and hitting bottom exceptionally fast for such a big man.

Minasyan Gor (ARM) cleaned 234 with a wide stance jerking very sloppy; a good lift. Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) cleaned 238 stopping almost at parallel then jerked it at the speed of a slow moving freight train. Minasyan Gor (ARM) hopped forward under 240 unable to fix it on his chest. He pulled harder and fast but with the same result on his third.

Accelerating 241 all the way through the lift Seim Mart (EST) was fortunate to hold a shaky jerk. Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) cleaned 242 very easy then jerking with open hands split wide for a good lift. Lifting 247 in rather slow mechanical stages, Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) jerked the weight almost like a beginner; was turned down for no good reason. Frustrated with the decision; nonetheless Talakhadze Lasha (GEO) returned with slightly more speed for a good lift.


Seim Mart (EST) Charniga photo.

Seim Mart (EST) lost his balance backwards coming up with 248. A very easy recovery from the squat and another classic Russian jerk for Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) with 248 to move into first. Seim Mart (EST) struggled to stand with 248 then stood shaking for several seconds. The jerk was so slow he could have been standing in a sand box; but it was good. Lovchev Alexsei (RUS) stood surprisingly fast with what will be a short lived 264 world record. He then split the widest and fastest of the night for a new record jerk and total.

To put this in perspective Leonid Taranenko (USSR) jerked 266 at a bodyweight of about 147.5 in 1988. This weight has never even been equaled even though guys like Andrei Tchermerkin weighed almost 180 kg. So, 28 years later this 264 is still 2 kg shy of that mark.