The 2013 World Weightlifting Championships: The Men

The 2013 World Weightlifting Championships

Wroclaw, Poland

October 19 – 27, 2013

Andrew Charniga, Jr.

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The Men

56 kg class







  • OM Yun Chol






  • LONG Qingquan






  • THACH Kim Tuan







This class featured two Olympic champions: OM Yun Chol (PRK) the 2012 gold medalist from London and recent world record holder of the clean and jerk @169 kg. LONG Qingquan (CHN) and the 2008 Olympic champion, who did not even make the Chinese team for London, won the Chinese National Games five weeks earlier where he made 130 + 166 = 296. The two Vietnamese lifters THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) and TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) would fight it out for third.

TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) hopped backward, sat low, with his 122 1st as it drifted too far back. TRAN took 122 again and this time controlled the weight in the deep squat for an easy lift. OM Yun Chol (PRK) was out for 124. His arms are relatively short such that the heel of his hand is about 2 cm inside the snatch markings of the bar. OM hopped back as he sat very low, very fast for a single movement lift.

THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) and LONG Qingquan (CHN). Charniga photos.

TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) hopped back a little with his, settling into a very low squat before recovering with his  3rd at 125. THACH Kim Tuan (VIE), who has the best leverage for the snatch with his long arms, came in at 126 kg. He hopped back, started to lose it backwards, then shifted the barbell forward until he almost lost it before recovering for a good lift. LONG Qingquan (CHN) made a smooth no foot movement lift with the same 126 kg.

OM Yun Chol (PRK), knowing he would have to stay close to LONG in the snatch went, to 127 kg. OM hopped back sinking to maximum depth in the squat with a very fast, single motion lift. THACH Kim Tuan (VIE), next up with 130, hauled it overhead with a hop back and losing it as the barbell tilted to his right. LONG Qingquan (CHN) made a solid small foot movement lift with 130 to move three kilos up on OM.


OM Yun Chol (PRK) pulled hard and tried to sneak under 130 with a hop forward lift, but without success. Pulling slow, sitting low slowly, THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) briefly had 131 up before it dropped forward. Coming off a battle at the Chinese national Games five weeks earlier, LONG Qingquan (CHN) took a conservative jump to 132. He pulled and sat without sufficient effort, so he just retained his three kilo lead plus bodyweight on OM.

THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) was the first of the leaders out in the clean and jerk with 152. He cleaned this weight with a slight hop back, accentuating the split to make a good jerk.  TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) followed his teammate with 153 with an almost no foot movement clean and adjusting his hand spacing wider, TRAN split wide under the barbell for a good lift. THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) made a conservative move to 155. He struggled a little at the top of the recovery, jerked forward and leaned forward; he was fortunate to succeed.

OM Yun Chol (PRK). Charniga photos.

LONG Qingquan (CHN) inexplicably hauled 157 up to his chest and his feet seemed glued to the floor; he dumped the barbell in front. TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE) took the same 157 on his 2nd.  It looked like a ton as pulled it in with no power to recover. LONG Qingquan (CHN) hauled the 157 to his chest like it was his maximum; he struggled to stand, took a step forward, jerking forward; it was a very shaky lift.

THACH Kim Tuan (VIE) pulled 157 in smoothly, struggling less to recover, jerked forward, stumbling around a little, before getting it under control. TRAN Le Quoc Toan (VIE), who was unable to recover with his 2nd at 157, jumped to 159 to catch THACH. This weight looked like it was 10 kg more than the 157 as he barely got it to his chest before dropping it. OM Yun Chol (PRK) opened with 162 which was surely enough to win based on LONG’s last effort. A slow pull followed by a fast drop under a barbell at a low height; an easy recovery was followed by an explosive scissoring of the legs for what turned out to be the winning lift. LONG Qingquan (CHN), who had chosen to wait for OM’s first attempt, was forced to take 163 for his third. LONG got his act together on this clean, which was not too difficult, but he simply did not have the power to jerk the 163.

With the gold in hand, OM Yun Chol (PRK) decided to break his own world record of 169 with his 2nd attempt 170 kg.


The heaviest weight ever lifted within the bodyweight range of 56 – 59 kg was Neno Terzissky’s (BUL) 171 kg established in 1987 at 56 kg. Here we are 26 years later with an exceptional athlete trying to lift one kilo less.


OM made a slow pull and flew down under the barbell which was raised, relatively speaking, to a low height, followed by a strong recovery. He snapped the weight to arms length overhead; his rear foot turned significantly to the outside. He strained his elbow trying to shift the barbell backwards. Unfortunately, the injured champion fell to the floor.  

62 kg class







  • CHEN Lijun






  • Kim Un Guk






  • Figeuroa Oscar







This class featured the Olympic gold medalist Kim Un Guk (PRK) and the bronze medalist form London Figeuroa Oscar (COL); new to the world championships was CHEN Lijun (CHN).

Figeuroa Oscar (COL) was the first to open in the snatch with 135; a fast pull, two steps forward was an easy lift. Hristov Valentin (AZE), the 2013 Junior world champion and junior world record holder in the clean and jerk, was up with 136. His attempt was a fast pull with a lightening fast descent under the bar. CHEN Lijun (CHN), like most of the male Chinese lifters who have fairly large muscle mass in the upper extremities, was next with 138. The pull and squat under the bar were slow; he flexed more at the hip than knee and ankle; so his feet were very wide in squat position. Figeuroa Oscar (COL) made a faster no foot movement lift with 139 which was easier than his first.

CHEN Lijun (CHN) and Figeuroa Oscar (COL). Charniga photos.

Hristov Valentin (AZE) was under 139 like a bolt of lightening for another good lift. Figeuroa Oscar (COL) made a modest increase to 141 for his 3rd. He pulled, sat without locking the bar overhead. Hristov Valentin (AZE) made another high speed descent, hop forward lift with 141. CHEN Lijun (CHN) hopped back with an ultra wide foot stance in the squat for another good lift at 143.


Kim Un Guk (PRK) opened with a slow pull, low squat 145. CHEN Lijun (CHN) pulled slow, squatted slow under 146 then twisted so much to his left in the squat position he should have been injured; nevertheless, he recovered for a good lift.

Kim Un Guk (PRK) and Hristov Valentin (AZE). Charniga photos.

Kim Un Guk (PRK) pulled slow and sat low, very low for another good lift at 150. He then jumped to a new world record 154 kg on his 3rd. He hopped forward with this weight, sank very low as the bar drifted too far backwards. After the snatch KIM was up 4 kilos plus bodyweight on the Chinese.


In third place after the snatch, Hristov Valentin (AZE) opened with 170. A fast clean was followed by a lean forward jerk with this weight. Kim Un Guk (PRK) bodybuilder’s upper body is the weak link in his lifting. He makes a mechanical clean with an easy stand up from the squat; however, he has to step under his jerks which are not very dynamic.

CHEN Lijun (CHN), down four kilos in the snatch, opened with 173 for a good clean; the jerk was not even close. KIM Un Guk (PRK) took a modest jump to 173 to regain his margin over CHEN. He made a faster clean but could not lock both arms as he hurried the jerk. CHEN Lijun (CHN) cleaned his 2nd with 173 all right but once again the jerk was not close to lock out. KIM Un Guk (PRK) cleaned 173 with the bar almost slipping off his chest; he paused briefly with his body shaking before jerking the weight forward to arms length, but he was unable to step forward enough to save it. Figeuroa Oscar (COL) made a no foot movement clean and a shaky jerk with 175.

Looking like a different lifter, CHEN Lijun (CHN) cleaned 175, jerking this weight explosively to move into first. Hristov Valentin (AZE), under his 2nd at 176 with blinding speed, only drove the weight about 7 cm off his chest. Repeating with the same weight, he made another fast hop forward clean, jerked the weight to arms length forward and was unable to save it.


Figeuroa Oscar (COL) cleaned 177 with a little struggle, adjusted his grip out to make another shaky jerk for third place. Figeuroa asked for a new world record 183 kg. The current record of 182 was set in 2002 which was 182.5 before rounding off the half kilo. So, it is eleven years old; yet it is still remote when compared to Naim Suleymongolu’s 190 kg at 60 kg bodyweight set in 1988. Suffice to say, neither of those records were in jeopardy.

69 kg class







  • LIAO Hui






  • Oleg Chen






  • Guliyev Firidun







This class featured 2008 Olympic champion LIAO Hui (CHN) who had finished serving out a two year suspension for doping. The out of competition positive just prior to the 2010 World championships nullified his performance at this competition including his 198 world record in the clean and jerk.

It is interesting to note that the world record of 200.5 kg for the 67.5 kg class (i.e., 1.5 kg less body mass than today’s 69 kg) was established in 1987. It has never been threatened already after 26 years.


This was a very competitive class with Oleg Chen (RUS), KIM Myong Hyok (PRK), and junior Guliyev Firidun (AZE).


Guliyev Firidun (AZE) hopped back considerably with 140 for a routine opening attempt. He hopped back again with 143 on his 2nd but did not sink low to fix it overhead. Following himself for the same 143, Guliyev hopped back, sank low in the squat and recovered without pausing for a good lift.


In an interesting contrast of Asian weightlifting preparation, Behrouzi Jaber (IRI), with relatively slight muscle development, especially in the upper body, sank low with a hop forward to fix his 144 1st attempt. LIANG Chenxi (CHN), with a heavily muscled upper body, muscled 145 briefly overhead; he was unable to fix the weight in an about parallel squat position. KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) slid back, sinking low in the squat for a good 145 1st.  LIANG Chenxi (CHN) tried muscling 145 again to no avail. LIANG Chenxi (CHN) finally dropped low enough on his 3rd to make 145.

LIAO Hui (CHN), who won the Chinese national games five weeks earlier, opened with 155. He hauled this weight up with more muscle power than technique. Oleg Chen (RUS) barely managed to wedge himself under his 2nd with 156. LIAO Hui (CHN) raised his 2nd with 160 with a faster lower drop under the weight, less muscle power, and more technique.

Oleg Chen (RUS) wedged himself under 160 with a very low, fast squat under to move into first by bodyweight. LIAO Hui (CHN) jumped six kilos for a new world record in an effort to break one of the oldest of the post 1992 records on the books.


Georgie Markov snatched 165 at the 2000 Olympics, a weight no one has really approached in 13 years. The old record of the 67.5 kg class was 160 kg, established in 1989; this was not equaled until 1996 when it became 162.5 for the 70 kg class. In 1998 the record became 160 kg for the 69 kg class, moved to 162.5 in 1999; then Markov made 165 in 2000. LIAO tried hauling 166 kg overhead in almost slow motion; suffice to say, it was not close.

KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) and Guliyev Firidun (AZE). Charniga photos.

Not particularly strong in the jerk, Oleg Chen (RUS) opened with 175 for a good lift. KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) hopped back to clean 180 then jerked it explosively for his first attempt. Oleg Chen (RUS) hopped forward, struggled to stand with 180 but scissored wide for a good jerk. Oleg Chen (RUS) could not stand with his 3rd at 184.


Lifting with a shoulder width hand spacing, Guliyev Firidun (AZE) hopped back then jerked 185 with a shallow split for his 1st. With his long arms making good leverage for the jerk, KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) made another easy lift with 185.  LIAO Hui (CHN) opened with 186 to secure the gold for a very easy stand up in the clean but a shallow split for the jerk. In an effort to overtake Oleg Chen, KIM Myong Hyok (PRK) went to 190. He pulled the weight in, sat low, but he paused a couple of seconds before standing. Consequently, he had nothing left for the jerk.


Guliyev Firidun (AZE) selected 194 to move into third and eclipse the junior world record. He pulled this weight to his chest, started to recover,but he dumped it half way up. Taking it again, he managed to stand with the weight and jerked it forward, stayed with it, straining to get his balance and finally falling over backward after dropping the weight; nevertheless, it was a new junior world record.

LIAO Hui (CHN). Charniga photos.

LIAO Hui (CHN) cleaned 195 with a little struggle, jerked it sloppy with a small press out but was not called for it. He selected 198 to equal the same weight he made in 2010 which was nullified by a positive test. This was a better clean followed by a step forward and a forward leaning jerk without press out and LIAO successfully repeated his previously nullified record and added a new total record of 358 kg. 

77 kg class







  • LIU Xiaojun






  • KIM Kwang Song






  • Alimov Ulugbek







LIU Xiaojun (CHN), KIM Kwang Song (PRK), Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) and Taghian Rasoul (IRI) were expected to be the top four in this class. LIU the 2012 Olympic champion was coming off a victory at the Chinese national games only five weeks prior to this competition.

Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) was the first up with 155 kg. This was up but dropped forward.  KIM Kwang Song (PRK) made a fast pull, a fast drop with a hop forward good lift. Alimov Ulugbek (UZB), not particularly fast, hopped forward sinking low on his repeat with 155. Taghian Rasoul (IRI) pulled 158 overhead without locking his arms.  Repeating with this weight for his 2nd attempt, he made this with a slight hop forward.

Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) and KIM Kwang Song (PRK). Charniga photos.

Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) pulled in 158 on his 3rd with a slight hop forward without pause in the low squat. KIM Kwang Song (PRK) went to 161 for a smooth pull and low squat. Taghian Rasoul (IRI) pulled 162 forward, hopped forward, sinking low enough to fix the weight.  KIM Kwang Song (PRK) pulled fast and sank very low to secure his 3rd with 163.


On hundred sixty five brought out the Olympic champion LIU Xiaojun (CHN) for a very smooth pull with a low squat. His next with 170 was almost identical, except with a little forward shift of the barbell from the floor. LIU jumped six kilos to break his own world record. Another strong, shift forward at the start, pull, and he got the weight to arms  length, but the bar had drifted backwards. LIU almost lost it but pulled it back into place for a new world record. 

This was actually a real world record relative to the world records established by 1992 when the weight classes were changed. The world record in the snatch of 170 kg (226.7% of bodyweight) for the 75 kg class was established in 1987. In relative terms this lift of 176 kg at 77 kg is equal to 228.6% of bodyweight, some 26 years after the 170 lift.


KIM Kwang Song (PRK) opened the clean and jerk with 187 kg. He cleaned this weight with a slight hop forward then jerked with a fast scissors, nothing fancy, no wide hand spacing, no change of hand spacing but  just enough to get the job done. On his next with 193, he sat low, paused a second before standing then shifted one foot slightly in front of the other before making a strong scissoring to complete the lift.


Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) opened with 195 for a fast clean and shallow split jerk. LIU Xiaojun (CHN) made a no foot movement with his opener 196 followed by a squat jerk to about parallel. Taghian Rasoul (IRI), who the Iranian press agent said was to attempt the world record in the clean and jerk, opened with a pull forward, awkward hop forward clean with 196; it was followed by a shaky jerk that was turned down for press out.


He repeated with this weight pulling forward quite a bit before dumping it.  By way of contrast, KIM Kwang Song’s 3rd at 196 was an excellent lift all around; it was a fast clean with an explosive jerk.

LIU Xiaojun (CHN). Charniga photos.

Taghian Rasoul (IRI) finally got his act together on his 3rd with 196  by making a good hop forward clean and fast shallow split jerk, but this was a long way from 211 kg. Jumping only 2 kg, Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) hopped forward with 197 and jerked it with a fast shallow split. He pulled forward, paused in the squat to adjust the weight on his chest, but Alimov Ulugbek (UZB) had nothing left to jerk his last with 201. With the gold in hand, LIU Xiaojun (CHN) cleaned 204 with no foot movement, sat just below parallel to squat jerk it to set up a new world record in the total of 380.



Like virtually all men’s records, the clean and jerk record of 215.5 (287.3% of bodyweight) established in 1987 has been out of reach after 26 years. The current record of 210 (273% of bodyweight) set in 2001 has resisted all onslaughts. Of the at least four men who cleaned 211 kg, no one has been able to jerk it.  The total record of 382.5 (510% of bodyweight) was set in 1988. So, the new record of 380 is getting close, and this is from a guy of a country with 1.3 billion people.  

85 kg class







  • Aukhadov Apti






  • Markov Ivan






  • Okulov Artem







This class featured a rematch of the London Olympics battle between Aukhadov Apti (RUS), Olympic Champion Zielinski Adrian (POL), Markov Ivan (BUL) and Rybakau Andrei (BLR).

The 2103 Junior world champion Okulov Artem( RUS) opened with a 160 kg and a hop back descent with a low squat. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) made a very fast, hop forward, low squat lift with his 1st at 170 kg. Markov Ivan (BUL) made a good 170 kg without a very low squat.

Markov Ivan (BUL) and Georgie Markov. Charniga photos.

Okulov Artem( RUS) jumped 10 kg to 170 for another hop forward lift with a fast descent. Buried under the pressure of being the reigning Olympic champion, the hometown hero, Zielinski Adrian (POL) made a smooth, high hip start, hop back, without sinking low, lift with 171 to move ahead of Aukhadov. Okulov Artem( RUS) just managed to wedge himself under 172 with a low squat on his 3rd. Rybakau Andrei (BLR) pulled in 175 1st attempt without much foot movement to jump into the lead. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) made another very fast and low drop under 175 on his 2nd. Coached by his uncle the 2000 Olympic silver medalist Georgie Markov, Markov Ivan (BUL) pulled 175 high sat slow and dropped the weight forward.

Zielinski Adrian (POL) pulled well from a high hip start, without sinking low enough to fix 175. Markov Ivan (BUL) corrected his mistake on his 2nd and squatted low to fix his 3rd attempt with 175.


Zielinski Adrian (POL) hopped back and dropped fast with his 3rd at 175. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) tried to hop forward under 178 without success. Unlike the hop backward people, the hop forward people seem to lose descent speed as the weight increases. Beginning from a full squat start, Rybakau Andrei (BLR) hauled 179 overhead briefly in the squat position before letting go. He muscled the 179 up on his third to move into first place after the snatch.

Aukhadov Apti (RUS) and Zielinski Adrian (POL). Charniga photos.

Rybakau Andrei (BLR) dumped 194 forward in the clean on his 1st attempt, only 15 kg more than he snatched. He managed to clean this weight with a step forward and jerked it on his 2nd. Okulov Artem( RUS) cleaned 200 easily then jerked with a straight back knee and shallow split. Rybakau was called for time on his third with 200.

Markov Ivan (BUL) cleaned 203 with a small hop to the side then jerked with a shallow split. Zielinski Adrian (POL) cleaned 204 with a high hip start. He jerked the weight forward, trying to walk under it but to no avail. His repeat with this weight was the same except the jerk was way too far forward, not even close. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) made an extremely easy high hip pull with hop forward 205 clean, followed by a push press jerk into a half squat.


Zielinski Adrian (POL) jumped one kilo after his two misses with 204. The last was so bad, the outcome did not look good him. However, he cleaned well, then focused on a good effort to fix the weight in the jerk; after which he walked off pointing to his head because that was the source of his failed lifts.


Okulov Artem( RUS) cleaned 207 on his 2nd with a step forward then jerked it without shifting the barbell back. The weight was forward such that, try as he might, he could not run under it. Undeterred Okulov moved to 209 and cleaned it well, flipped the weight off his chest at the end of the recovery which made the barbell whiplash, almost falling of his chest. He recovered to jerk it solidly. Aukhadov Apti (RUS) starting with high hips, hopped forward, causing 212 to almost fall off his chest; yet he still push press, half squat, jerked the weight.


Markov Ivan (BUL) needed 212 to move into first on bodyweight. He cleaned this weight easier than Aukhadov, paused for few seconds to jerk it carefully. Unfortunately, the barbell shifted forward without reaching arms  length.  Aukhadov Apti (RUS) went to 219 to erase the fifteen year old jerk record. This looked like it weighed a ton as he could not even shoulder it. Compare this effort in the year 2013 to the 225 kg jerk record of the old 82.5 kg class set in 1986 and you can see the effect of out of competition and modern sophisticated testing.

94 kg class







  • Ivanov Alexandr






  • Uteshov Almas






  • Sedov Vladimir







Ivanov Alexandr (RUS), Sedov Vladimir (KAZ), Uteshov Almas (KAZ), Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) were the favorites in this class.


Twenty five year old Uteshov Almas (KAZ) made a slow hop back lift with 170. Makaranka Alexandr (BLR), sporting large tattoos on each arm, made a slow, hop forward snatch with his 1st at 170. Sedov Vladimir (KAZ), the 2009 world champion, hopped back, leaning forward to fix his opener at 175. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) pulled faster, squatting lower with his 2nd 175. Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) jumped six kilos on his 2nd to 176 with a hop forward, slow lift.

Ivanov Alexandr (RUS). Charniga photos.

Uteshov Almas (KAZ) had 178 overhead in a low squat; it was too far forward. Ivanov Alexandr (RUS), who could be seen doing multiple power snatches with 160 kg in training, opened with 180. However, power snatching 160 in training did not quite work for a 180 snatch in competition; it was not even fixed. Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) made another fast squat under, lean forward lift with 180 on his 2nd. Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) visibly resisted his own movements to descend to just below parallel on his repeat with 180. It looked much harder than it should have been. Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) hauled 180 overhead in a deep squat even using excellent wrist flexibility to turn the weight over for his third good lift.


Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) pulled fast on 184; it was overhead briefly, but his right arm does not lock; with less support on that side, the weight had to drop. Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) pulled way forward, without even trying to squat under his 3rd with 184. So, without the ability to descend into a low squat some of that tremendous pulling power went to waste.

Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) pulled 210 forward, stood up from the squat a little forward, but managed to adjust enough to jerk the barbell in a shallow split. Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) hopped back a little with 211, stood well; he adjusted his grip out, hurrying the jerk, the right elbow which does not lock, could not bear the weight. Sedov repeated with 211, cleaning it faster, then jerking with barely a pause, but this time he scissored his legs more forcefully, so the weight remained fixed.


The other Russian in this class may have accomplished a first when he succeeded in lifting 211 on his fourth attempt at this weight. The officials gave him another attempt after the Russians complained the platform was slippery. The finished surface of the platform was slippery, but it was slippery for everyone. 

Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) cleaned 215 with ridiculous ease, jerking in a shallow, lean forward split, with an obvious, slow pressing movement to fix the weight. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) cleaned 215 with a slight hop back, jerking with almost no pause in a shallow, bent back knee split. Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) tried dragging 215 to his chest to no avail. The next time Makaranka Alexandr (BLR) just hauled 215 to his chest with the barbell noticeably falling to his clavicles; he stood with  the weight sliding off his chest so he had to take a couple of steps to place it back on his clavicles. Thoroughly discombobulated after all that, the jerk was not close.


Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) cleaned 216 with a slight hop back. He flipped the weight into the air at the end of the recovery from the squat and, in a textbook study of creation and utilization of elastic energy, re – grasped the bar, flexing his knees as the weight dropped to his chest making the bar bend more which he effectively used to drive the weight to fixation overhead without compromising the right elbow.


Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) cleaned 220 on his 2nd like his 215, but the extra 5 kg was too much to lift with a lousy half split, half  splot press on the bar technique. Uteshov Almas (KAZ) pulled in 222, stopped at the bottom of the squat, then scissored wide and hard to make what he apparently thought was the gold medal lift. He foolishly lingered on the platform after the lift celebrating.

Sedov Vladimir (KAZ) and Uteshov Almas (KAZ). Charniga photos.

Judging from his 2nd attempt with 220, Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) would be lucky if he could take this same weight and lift it. Obviously invigorated by Utsheshov’s premature celebration, Ivanov Alexandr (RUS) selected 222 for his 3rd attempt. The clean was harder, but the focus to fix the bar overhead was much more intense than his previous two lifts, even with his sloppy technique. So, he moved into first place.  

Uteshov Almas (KAZ) needed to make up five kilos, plus bodyweight, so he went to 228. After his celebration on his 2nd attempt, his intensity gone, he just deadlifted the weight.

105 kg class







  • Nurudinov Ruslan






  • Bedzhanyan David






  • Bonk Bartlomiej







Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB), Bedzhanyan David (RUS), Dolega Marcin (POL) Bonk Bartlomiej (POL) were the guys to watch in this class. However, Nurudinov won the Asian Championships in June then the Universiade in July so he had the recent results and the momentum coming in.

Bedzhanyan David (RUS) was the first one out with 180 for his 1st attempt. He pulled the weight overhead sitting very low, seeming to have it, but the barbell drifted backwards. Repeating with this weight Bedzhanyan pulled faster, leaning forward a little in the low squat to secure the weight. Dolega Marcin (POL) did a pull and sit with his 185 opener which fell forward. Bonk Bartlomiej (POL) took the same weight pulled slow, hopped back into a low squat then recovered after pausing a few seconds.

Bedzhanyan David (RUS) and Dolega Marcin (POL). CHarniga photos.

Dolega Marcin (POL) pulled harder and faster with 185 2nd attempt, getting the weight to arms  length; he did not settle into a full squat to fix it. Bedzhanyan David (RUS), like Dolega before him, did a pull and sit with 185 with no chance for success. Dolega Marcin (POL) made the best effort of the three attempts with 185 but still could not fix the weight in the low squat. Bonk Bartlomiej (POL) hopped back with a sow pull on 188 sinking into a low squat for a good lift.

 Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) came out for his 1st at 190 in too big of a hurry. The weight was up but he lost it running forward out of the squat. His next attempt with the same weight was like his first, except he did not lose it running forward. Taking more care to lift with more precision with his third attempt 195, Nurudinov pulled the weight in, sinking into a low squat but the bar dropped forward.


Bonk Bartlomiej (POL) cleaned 212, jerked it a little forward with his shoulder width hand spacing while walking under for a good lift. Bonk Bartlomiej (POL) pulled 216 forward, struggled to recover leaning forward; then he managed to jerk the barbell back in a shallow split. Once again he hauled his 3rd at 218 forward; this time he could not recover from the squat. Bedzhanyan David (RUS) made an almost no foot movement clean with 220 then jerked with a quarter bend in a push jerk style. There was nothing special technique wise from him.

Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB). Charniga photos.

Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) hopped forward and had to take two steps forward with 225, jerking it with a very solid shallow split. Bedzhanyan David (RUS) cleaned 225 very easy on his 2nd, push jerked the weight slightly forward and was lucky to save it. Nurudinov Ruslan (UZB) made a solid clean with 230 then another shallow split jerk, starting with the bar on his fingertips. Following himself to 235 kg on his 3rd Nurudinov performed his best clean of the three attempts by jerking it with the same effort as his first lift 10 kilos lighter. Bedzhanyan David (RUS) went to 236 to win the gold in the jerk as Nurudinov was way out of reach. He struggled at the top of the recovery and that combined with the half squat jerk technique assured he had no chance to make the lift.

+105 kg class







  • Albegov Ruslan






  • Moulaei Bahador






  • Lovchev Alexei







This class promised to be an exciting rematch of the 2013 Univerisade between Olympic bronze medalist Albegov Ruslan (RUS) and Moulaei Bahador (IRI) with world championships newcomer Lovchev Alexei (RUS) rounding out the top three.

Lovchev Alexei (RUS) hopped back, pausing in the low squat briefly for a good 191 opening attempt. Former junior world champion and junior world record holder and Olympic medalist Udachin Artem (UKR) would have made a total if not for his belly. He looked like he had a beach ball growing out of his waist. His 1st with 193 bounced off the “ball” distorting the barbell path. The 2nd was better, but the beach ball bounce once again affected his ability to fix it. His 3rd with 195 met the same fate as his first two.


Moulaei Bahador (IRI), the young Iranian who clean end jerked 254 at the Universiade, opened with 195. He hopped back slightly shifting his feet to the side in a very wide squat; it was a very easy lift. Lovchev Alexei (RUS) made 196 a copy of his first with a hop back and pause in the low squat. Albegov Ruslan (RUS), who can be found on the internet snatching 205 from boxes for two repetitions per set, opened with a routine looking 197. Moulaei Bahador (IRI) dropped into a very low squat for a +105 athlete with a very wide shifting of his feet to the side with his 2nd at 200. Lovchev Alexei (RUS) sat low once again paused to get his balance for the best lift out of his three good attempts with 200. Moulaei Bahador (IRI) sat very low and very fast; his wide foot squat under technique was good  for another good lift at 203.


That left only Albegov Ruslan (RUS) who went to 205, a fast pull, hop backward, without bottoming out in the squat. His third at 209 was about the same except he had to take two steps forward coming out of the squat to save the lift. Albegov was now up six kilos on the Iranian.

Lovchev Alexei (RUS) and Moulaei Bahador (IRI). Charniga photos.

Lovchev Alexei (RUS), who looks to be 190+ cm in height, made a fast clean with 230 followed by a lean forward jerk. He jumped 10 kg to 240 for his second. This was another fast clean; unable to lock his left arm in his lean forward split, he dropped the weight, walking off holding his elbow. Lovchev retired after his 2nd attempt. Moulaei Bahador (IRI) cleaned his 1st with 241 extremely easy and jerked the weight after taking a step forward for balance. Albegov Ruslan (RUS) cleaned 242 easily taking a step backward, then leaned backward and made an easy, wide split jerk.


Moulaei Bahador (IRI) made another very easy clean with 255; turning a little to his left, he jerked it carefully stepping back out of the split; the huge mass oscillating, he stepped forward to bring his feet in line.

Albegov Ruslan (RUS), struggling to clean 255, jerked forward, unable to lock his arms. He cleaned the 255 easier on his next; carefully he drove the weight overhead with a wide and powerful scissors, re – taking the lead from Moulaei. He was obviously spent having to follow himself; unlike the elastic Iranian, his movements are not as energy efficient. Once again, he could be seen on his knees leaning on a chair to recover from such an effort (see report of 2013 Asian Championships)

Albegov Ruslan (RUS) watching Moulaei Bahador (IRI). Charniga photo.

In a déjà vu all over again, Albegov watched from a kneeling position as his competitor went to 261 kg for the gold. Moulaei Bahador (IRI) cleaned his third with 261 easier than Albegov had his 255; turning a little to his left, scissoring wide, he seemed to have the weight overhead easily, but he had walked too far under it and the barbell fell behind. Once again the difference between these two was the snatch, but the young Iranian has closed the gap a little.