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Announcement of Ebooks compilation of Articles


The following articles have been switched to password protect on the Sportivnypress website because they are now available in ebook format; videos still inclusive. They can be found on the following platforms: Amazon Royalty, Nook Royalty, Itunes Royalty, Kobo Royalty, Google Play Royalty.

I will continue to write new articles which will appear on this site as usual. But over time some of those will be converted to ebook format as well. I am considering print on demand services as well but the video features will be lost. The videos serve to enhance the concepts presented in the articles.

Andrew Charniga


Book 1 There Is No System

/ “There is no System Part I”

/ “There is no System Part II: 1962”

/ “There is no System Part III”

/ “There is no System Part IV”

/ “There is no System Part V”

/ “There is no System Part VI”

/ “Distinctions Between Static (Powerlifting/Bodybuilding) and Dynamic (Weightlifting/Ballistic) Expressions in Strength Training”

Book 2. Injury Susceptibility in Sport

/ “Its all Connected”

/ “Its all Connected: Part II”

/ “Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism” (Its all Connected Part III)

/ “Achilles Tendon Rupture and the NFL”

/ “Practical Solutions to the Problem of Achilles Rupture and the Proliferation of Injuries to the Lower Extremities of Football Players”

/ “A Myth of Olympic Weightlifting”

/ “Reverse Engineering Injury Mechanism and the Consequences of Forward Engineering”

/ “Incidence of Valsalva Episodes and Competition Protocols in Weightlifting”

/ “Why Safe is Unsafe”

/ “Of Flat Tires & Brittle Basketball Players”

/ “Of Ankle Breakers and Glass – Ket – Ball”

Book 3. Weightlifting Training and Biomechanics

/ “More About the Jerk”

/ “Still More About the Jerk: The Press, the Snatch, the Clean and Jerk of Viktor Kurentsov”

/ “Why Weightlifting Shoes”

/ “Nicolai Luchkin to Alexander Lukashev”

/ “News and Views of Weightlifting: Part I”

/ “Motivation or Coordination”

/ “Can there be Such a Thing as an Asian Pull”

/ “Russian Training Part I”

/ “The Foot, the Ankle Joint and an Asian Pull”

/ “Russian Training Part II”

/ “Russian Training Part III”

/ “Russian Training Part IV”

/ “The relative Value of the Back Squat in the Training of Weightlifters”

/ “Concerning the Russian Squat Routine”

/ “Variations of the Jump Under the Barbell in the Snatch and the clean”

/ “Scaling of Body Mass in Weightlifting: What can Happen to the World’s Strongest Weightlifters”

/ “Traps, Bats and Calves: Considerations for the Hungarian Start”

/ “Power, Equilibrium and the Struggle with Horizontal Gravity”

/ “Equilibrium in Weightlifting” 

Book 4. The Female in Weightlifting

/ “De – masculinization of Strength”

/ “Comparison of Warm up Protocols of High Class Male and Female Weightlifters”

/ “Aesthetics of Strength”

/ “Shouldn’t Female Weightlifters be Injury Prone?”

/ Unanticipated Consequences of a Weaker Sex”

/ “Expression of Strength in Weightlifting”

/ “How the Female Weightlifter Out – Grew the Lady Bar”

/ “Why God Does Not Build in Straight Lines”

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